WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 24 march 2019 (SPOILER WARNING!)


This explenation is very basic:

Anti-Villain a person that pursues undeniably villainous goals, but employs arguably noble methods to achieve them.

Anti-hero pursues a noble goal, though often employs villainous means to reach it



On the regene thing. Just so I get this right:

so sidestep is a regene who had the puppet’s conscience ‘implanted’ causing the puppet to fall into a coma?



No… Lol

the puppet was already into coma long before sidestep escape , sidestep found the puppet laying in hospital if i am not mistaken … then sidestep consider it as an act of mercy to revive the puppet in order for the puppet to enjoy a life where he/she never has a chance to do so … well allowing the puppet’s physical body to operate actually ensure the body’s cells and metabolisme continue to live, and not regressing … ,

Hence sidestep actually doing a good deed for puppet :slight_smile:

@WeebIRL… yes you are correct, i would think Magneto and the actual Ronan the accuser are classical Anti-Villains

And Morgana in the latest King Arthur Legend of the Sword should be one Anti- Villain if the original plan of 6 movies is implemented :slight_smile:



Of course, from the POV of the puppet if and when they wake up, that’s debatable :wink:




If the puppet wake up… i hope to be given a choice of leaving the puppet from then on :wink:

My intention was wholly helping the original soul of the body to maintain the functionality of his/her home… if the owner comes back, surely i will return the ownership to him/her… i won’t even charge the body owner extra maintenance fees for all the hard work i done , not to mention i help sustain his/her social status and financial stability :-):grin:



Mhnnn i read the one nightmare as not taking place after Heartbreak, but when sidestep was still at the farm

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MC: Hey, I gave you a six pack, a nice house, friends you can rely on, and a social life! You don’t even have to go for physiotherapy anymore.

Puppet: :unamused:



Wait, but is it under the Puppet’s original name? Or is it under an assumed name the MC gave them to keep from people catching onto them?

I don’t remember if the narrative clarifies this, but for sure the Puppet never seems to use a surname, so I’m fairly certain their name is assumed. :thinking:



The beginning of the game talks about them being a John/Jane die coma patient if I remember it right. We chose the name for them.



ahhh, i remember that now. thank you!

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Hahaha yeah… talk about ungrateful buddy :-):stuck_out_tongue:

Perhaps the puppet will praise me like a true saviour … i mean i do answer his subconcious prayer… how else could i ever found him if he was not praying for my telepathy power to detect him :slight_smile:



No she/he won’t. At least I think so. puppet is hb as some people have pointed out. And I 200% agree. Once it wakes up we are Al screwed. This is as mentioned before is only futher evident when you start playing with the gender of the puppet. And a particular shrink scene that I think most people have discovered by now, that point to this theory being true.



What happens if we play with the gender of the puppet?
I remember that Heartbreak shares the gender of the puppet but the eye color of the MC. And for the shrink scene… you’re referring to the balloon scenes right? What do you think those mean for our puppet and MC?



I don’t remember any scene from the doctor, because i chose not to reveal anything … as for the puppet, well… i will just tell him not to be ungrateful and rude to me, his saviour :-):stuck_out_tongue:

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The demo only references hbs gender. No futher details. This is the scene I was referring to. My pupet is female. If male it said “him”.

I think a part of hb mind is still there, inside mcs head. Maybe Al of it. Hense the coma. But dormant and not yet awake. As this scene implies.

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Ahhh I see! That sounds plausible.

And that reference I mentioned was in book one. if you manage to shoot heartbreak, you get to take a look at who it is. You’ll find that their eyes will be the same color as Sidestep.



Ah! Thanks for the information



When you choose certain dialogue options in Book One, you get to see HB. As far as I remember, Heartbreak shares the puppet’s gender, but Sidestep’s eyes. If the puppet really was Heartbreak, then they should share the same eye color. But you choose that for them at the start.



Hmm. That makes some sense. I was thinking this scene referenced to the person you met in the Heartbreak Incident. I believe they share the same gender tag, at least as far as I have noticed. if you’re correct that means we need to be blocking our memories of the event otherwise we could recognize who the puppet really is. There is some delicious irony in possessing the body of the person who is living in our mind.



Looks like I got some replaying to do