WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 24 march 2019 (SPOILER WARNING!)


You came a long, bloody way my friend. I am so very proud of you.



But will my ro acept me? No probably not. Maybe I’m not thinking this trough.
How goes the old saying " it is better to be feard than loved" love is the perfect cage. Inescappebale. If I chose this path I would only free myself from one cage, only to be caught in another. And this time their would be no escaping it.

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There’s also the saying, love liberates, fear imprisons. And with Ortega, anything is possible. I hope.

But no matter our choices, we will always be trapped by our past…



I’m allways in compotition with my past. I hate sidestep. In this path I didn’t blow up the museum. I blew up my past. And still it chases me

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I’m sure anthena would too.

Dear herald

But we can still be friends



Umm, I didn’t get that scene.



You have to chose you’re thinking about ortega/need to forget they’re your friend, and also not have Sidestep’s relationship as “ortega thinks you’re crushing” and puppet is dating or you go to puppet break up.



WAIT you can have “Ortega thinks you’re crushing”??? How? :v



It’s if you have Ortega as a friend, but have the “friend I had a crush on them”, and you raise your friendship with them but don’t kiss at the hospital, I think!



Well yeah, but when i told him that i care (but didn’t kiss him) i got it’s complicated??? Maybe i raised friendship TOO MUCH?? :thinking::thinking:

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After the fight with Argent, there should be options regarding your thoughts. I think you can choose, “I’ve been getting too close to Ortega, can’t get him/her out of my mind.” OR “I need to forget Ortega is my friend.” (<-- something along those lines). If you choose either of those, it should bring you to a flashback scene with Ortega. Also, make sure your relationship is more than just former allies, else you basically “rip the band-aid off.”

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Check out the version of Conqueror that I made in Hero Machine 3. :grin: I always envisioned a green palette for him.



Ooh, new Herald content! Can’t believe I missed that.

For my mc Ortega is the wrong gender and becoming a sidekick to female hero, instead of male is a deliberate choice my mc made back in the day as Sidestep exactly because with a female hero there would be much less chance of unwanted complications in the working relationship.
My mc does still like Ortega and they’re still old friends of a sort, inasmuch as my mc actually understands friendship, but he is not and in fact cannot ever be romantically attracted to her. Herald on the other hand is quite the unasked for, delightful and frustrating complication.

My mc will never, ever see a shrink much less talk to one of his own volition though.

Abrubt pronoun change in this sentence: “You wiped his mind to make sure that she wouldn’t remember. Perhaps it would have been safer killing her, but she really had tried her best.” So is that specialist meant to be male or female?



I sorta believe meeting with Ortega was a accident…or at least spending much time with her or him…I believe the original purpose was to get close with the previous marshal his name eludes me



So the shrink said my Charlie has derealization (which is how I’ve played him since the start, so yay for headcanon turned canon). He still believes there’s a creature from another dimension living inside of him, but I’m glad he now has a name for what’s happening to him.



Can someone explain to me what exactly a re-gen is? I’m sorta confused.



If i am not mistaken… Re-Genes are artificial “Humans” or “Beings” who were created via scientific means , and had been geneticaly manipulated into having super powers such as Telepathy , super human strength/speed/sight …

They are sort of Mutants in most comic story :slight_smile:



save for…

the difference that the regen in this story , are not mutant as in like the xmens . These are controlled , without a will , husk like being . And their abilities seem to be (as far as we saw for now) , related to body modifications . (speed , str and some claws ) .



Hmm… Is there any evidence that


points to Sidestep being more than the average human? Aside from your powerful telepathy, of course. I think the MC heals faster based on the scene after Psychopathor if you mess it up. Your body hurts, but you’re good as new a few days later.

I was just wondering if Re-genes, Sidestep in particular, were also engineered to be stronger, faster, and/or more attractive (despite hating the mirror) than the average human.



can you put that in spoiler…just to be on the safe side , plz .


[spoiler]no , as I understood . sidestep was made pretty generic looking . I got that from making my puppet looking identical (getting feedback that Jane was a better looking version of you ) . So by all account , sidestep was made to look generic…a face that can be forgotten in a crowd…to infiltrate .

the others regen (at least the one that are deployed on the field and we saw) seem to fit a certain mold . they look similar and have a role (each ones) . and they seem to be made to scare , intimidate…etc .[/spoiler]