WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 24 march 2019 (SPOILER WARNING!)


Hey guys, just a reminder Malin specifically requested continuity testing and testing transitional text and not grammar/typo errors! I just wanted to say this because it was mentioned in the first post (although it was near the bottom so it might have been missed). Anyways, just needed to point this out so we don’t get a spam of spelling/grammar comments in the thread. :slight_smile:



Has anyone managed to unlock this answer below? I tried several times, favouring pro-Ortega answers, never succeed.

Don’t know if spoiler tag works with images, if not: /!\ SPOILER warning /!\

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Just stay friends iirc and that should open

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Be friends, have secret crush, MAYBE(?) tell them you care. But definitely no kissing in the hospital. If I recall correctly.



pretty much what @smuteczekbiczo said . that reply is there if you choose ‘we are friend’’ .

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Pretty sure you can have ‘had a thing’ too



I’ve been able to get that option through choosing “had a thing” with Ortega. It will block out the first option though.

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I cry if I have to rip off that band aid

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Tbh personally I think choosing to be JUST friends hurts more. But maybe that’s just me ¯_(ツ)_/¯



I see that but from me it’s alwsys they are openly attracted so ripping the band aid off just hurts the most…because it’s obvious they love each other…and well…it will hurt



I know. I did all the options. It’s just they way it’s written… Idk, somehow friendship hurts more??

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Probably…especially if your Mc does actually love her…but you don’t want to take a chance lol



But what if you take a chance and you just know it’s gona end in tragedy :sob::sob::sob:. handkerchief here I come!



Srsly the people quedtioning Malyn over her forcing them to like dogs…

If you want a solution to your plight here’s one: follow the Steel romance up to the point where he tells you "give me a minute to check on dinner " and when he leaves you waiting in the living room to continue the date and a big big dog made of 100% real dog appears and licks your face without warning you say HELL NO I HATE DOGS and just ghost him outright or even tell Steel your breaking up because his dog is too big and dogish. Or stop reading right there and start a new replay. In fact if a dog appears at any point in the story, stop reading and start a new playtrhough. Act as if dog appearences where one of those “YOU HAVE DIED” bad endings other COG games have.



Oh lord whyyyyyy U dew that you evil person ;~;

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Hehe! Here I thought I could convert people to depression town but the oposite is true. Is that a light I see at end of the tunnel? No. Probably just an illusion. I’m seriously concidering if I should take my semi cannon Mc as cannon. He’s a controll
Freak Literally. Not in a bad way but more as a defence meckanism. As a Perticularly nosey shrink mentioned. Unlike my cannon crimeboss . A puppeteer, sidestep hateing, anarchist , former hero playing chess. He’s very family friendly with everybody. And to my shame even herald. Is in love with orteigra, and dosent kill people. He just wants to show the world the truth that deep down nothing is incourruptebale. And it all starts with those politicians.

. Oh Erebus, primordial god of darkness. I besige thee, what shall I do?:sob::sob::sob:

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Omg, @ReverseFlash what happened? Are you feeling good? Should we be concerned? :joy:




How did you get that outcome? Is this at the Ranger HQ?



2 out of 3 times the coin wanted me to trouge the path I already started but seeing one of the differnt paths available in the demo has INFECTED my perspective on things. And now I’m lost. I had a clear vision to controll everything. So that no one could stand in my way when I burned the world, burned orteiga. :sob::sob: I thought I could do this only by force and fear. Al things just seemed inevitable, so I kept on. Playing my part of the script.
But now there is another way. A “good” way?One in witch I’m already am In controll, free. Nobody can touch me anymore. And I’m powerful. And worst of Al loved, no more feelings of not belonging anywhere. A way in witch I can show the world the truth. Why burn it with fire when truth hurt the most. Maybe Im not suposed to kill them, but save them instead. Save them with the truth. A hero in the garb of a villian.



DO IT. Play this path! of course, I’m saying this because that sounds pretty similar to my main MC.

set scar - 100. :d

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