WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 24 march 2019 (SPOILER WARNING!)


What @reverseflash means is, that part has been updated with a new scene with Herald.



It’s updated. There is a short scene after he takes you back to the ground.



Bugs should be fixed now! Thank you very much!!!

And yes, the tattoos cover the whole body except the exposed bits.



Yes…where herald asks MC to help them train.
Another thing I noticed is, Ortega was also limping slightly. MC stated that they didn’t cause the injury, so I am guessing that Ortega received that when they were busy with their little project called ‘hollow ground’.

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AHH… GIFs doesn’t work as profile picture.

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Wasn’t that part about him limping there all along tho? I could swear it’s been there since forever??? :v

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Well, yes…it was there forever. I just mentioned it now. I guess I didn’t think about it before.

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Something easy to miss:
“Maybe. Things have been tense since Sidestep showed up.” He gives you a quick glance. “You know who I mean. The impostor.” You can see the way he tenses up, you’ve certainly made an impression.

I really like that.



If the alpha is enough to put me near tears. The beta will destroy my soul



I think there’s either a weird bug or Steel is that damn good. Because I told herald I lost my powers I reaffirmed it. Then Steel says if I can want answers I can read his mind. I think he’s trying to catch me in a lie but my character just says he has his guard up not “oh yeah I’m pretending to be powerless.”

Quick question given my Puppet’s name is Emerald. Crazy random coincidence or something else?:

As the two of you swoops down towards one of the taller buildings, it takes a moment for you to realize that it’s Emerald Towers, one of the expensive apartment buildings downtown.



Found some typo. This is a dialog with Steel while waiting for Ortega.

And did you find anything?"

“Not you.”

“But you found some things.” That’s evident from the look on is face.

By the way, love this game! Always wanted to have a choice to play character who can’t stop from falling because it feels inevitable. My MC is drawn to the self-destruction just like moth to the flame.
Love the moment when you can try make Herald drop you, oh and the update is an amazing! Love this awkward situation then Mc sanity left him for mere moment, and that look of realization in the eyes of the shrink that this boy is 100% unfixable and dangerous…
Author you are amazing! I hope there would be an option to continue this line sacrifice yourself for your ideas, or just die bringing every Ranger down! :smiling_imp:
Though I admit that will be tough choice for me, poor puppy Herald…



SooooooooOOOOooooo people!!! What have I do gracefully missed these past…day? Oh lord more theories with my favorite series on the forums so far :grin:

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Lol… I also got that the first time I played after the update… so I replayed and went to psychitrist.

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I think I've found a problem with the code

When choosing where you live I think there’s an error with the code setting if you live in your base. Capture%201

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I think I’ve found a small error in the new update to Herald’s scene:

  #Oh no, he's hot.
    You almost stop in the middle of the road, a honking car the only thing that brings you back to reality enough to hurry across so you can have your panic attack in peace.

    No. Not panic. Not that kind of panic.

    The kind of panic where you realize that you're still thinking about Herald. About his smile. About the way he held you.
    *if heartbreak_scar = "suicidal"
      About how his mind felt when you tried to convince him to drop you.
    About how flustered you can make him just by being yourself.

But in the earlier scene, if we choose #Not now. I've got things to do first. Important things or #Is... that really what I want?, we will not convince him to drop us even if we have a suicidal heartbreak scar, so we will not have known how his mind felt.



@malinryden Political anarchist playthrough has a little typo error. Puppet agrees to steal mortuns device at the Auction

You could Chang it to
“Do you think we can trust them to stick to a plan?”

Maybe someone else has reported it but so far the little typo error hasn’t been squished. Squish it please

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I know setting up your character isn’t too important right now, but I’ll mention this anyway in case you still want this kind of troubleshooting. If you say you robbed the gala in the last book it automatically says you lost the money even if the fight was successful.

Also I would love a description of Dr. Finch added! I wasn’t sure what to picture for her so she stayed kind of a blank slate with a voice.

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I gave her a kind voice with A face that put forth motherly instinct all over her



@malinryden Blank space or mellanslag as they say in Sweden. Unless google translate is toying with me

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