WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 24 march 2019 (SPOILER WARNING!)


Wow, this is… darn. Real. So good. Worn out the first game, this one will probably kill me from the awesomeness of it all. The writing, the emotions… My poor character do need help, she is quite gentle and kind, really, and maybe hope is trying to pry its way back into her heart and mind… :scream: :heart:



Im bit confused are “tattoos”/markings just placed where we select or whole body covered with them?



Wow, that shrink scene - and this whole game and the first, was surprisingly powerful. I’m really excited to see the full release of this as well as the final chapter. This, surprisingly enough, has probably ended up being my favorite CYOA I’ve read on this website.



I think the tattoos were part or results of the experiment/torture we received by the government



Does he, I don’t remember reading a scene that says he uses make up? IF there



Yes there is! Sometime before you choose how you interact with the Rangers, this happens:

*if facial_scar
You’re confident that the makeup you use to disguise the scar on your face is waterproof, but you make sure not to try to wipe away the water. You were trained to change your appearance if need be, even if you never planned to use those skills like this. Lady Argent left you with a permanent reminder, and now you have to take care to mask it every time you leave your home. Perhaps you’ll fake an accident one day, but that would probably encourage Ortega to get even more invested in your well-being.



So, I played again with Ortega rlationship being 77 and puppet being 60 and it still shows me the break up scene.
I don’t what I’m doing wrong :sweat_smile:



I think maybe it’s everywhere? That the choice to look at your arm stomach chest is more for flavor?



Well the thing with the puppet and MC and Ortega, the fact is, no matter how good the relationship with Ortega the puppet has with her…if The MC shows even a hint of affection that is more then friendship then she will break up with the puppet



The thing is, my MC dis show romantic affection towards Ortega but the results are te same :disappointed:



Haven’t fixed any bugs, but added a little sneaky update with more Herald on the roof.

This is for you @poison_mara and @smuteczekbiczo, I will add more in the shrink scene later, just wanted to have this up there for now :wink:



Great I mean my character is going to Ranger quarters to hang out and flirt with Herald and she is friend with Steel But she gives a shit about Ortega moustache man. Like 37 percent like he is a old friend that she uses to seduce herald.
@malinryden I understand that maybe the focus is Ortega and the past but could in final game be less prominently thinking about Ortega It is like no important at all for my mc. But is a minor criticism as i know ortega is plot key for most people



As I have said many times before: This is an alpha. This is not the final content of the game. When I code I tend to code the spine first, to make sure that the events are in the right order, and the story flows (which is what the feedback is focused on now). THEN I add detail and flavor. Ortega is the default RO when I write scenes for the first time, then go back and add variance depending on people’s relationship stats and RO’s. I have not got to that part yet, will probably not get there before I reach the beta and go back through all the text again. Pointed noted though.



l know that is an alpha and is the default . It is logical as 90% people will romance Ortega. It was just a reminder That not Ortega team still here!



Your relationship with Ortega has to be lower than 75
Edit: I think You can’t do that right now, If You pick “it’s complicated” It goes to 75

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I have to say I fell in love with the first Fallen hero and have been play that and this demo several times, but one thing has been bugging me and I didn’t realize it til now;

when Ortega and the MC is on the beach I feel there is an option missing. The way my MC plays they are more unsure of themselves when it comes to Ortega. So I was wondering if there could be an option to give Ortega a more innocent kiss, or possibly one where Ortega surprises the MC with a kiss?



@malinryden Aaaaaaaaaaa I want to give some good and proper feedback but I can’t I died I’m so happy I feel so many things right now ashsgsbanshsvs??? I’m sorry I’m useless right now :joy: :joy:



At first I was like " nope, I’m not training this kiddo. Too much hate." but then I realised that this could be my way of preparing the sheep for slaughter.:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:. So I’m totally training him

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The Psychiatrist Doctor seems very nice , i am thinking whether she is Locus… [/spoiler] :-):thinking: was it the name of the [spoiler] missing Heroine in Book 1 ?

thanks @smuteczekbiczo … guess she made my mind Loco :-):sweat_smile:

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Locus xD

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