WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 24 march 2019 (SPOILER WARNING!)


Update 20 october

Total words: 223464
Total with no code: 203924
Average Playthrough: 25412

  • fixed some continuity bugs
  • the shrink chapter is here!

Head too tired to deal with that bloody shrink chapter anymore, I’ll return to it when it’s time for the beta rewrite, the core is there even if some bits are a bit abrupt.

Remember to copy a small snippet of text when you find something messed up, otherwise I won’t be able to find it!



New update yess!! I’m addicted to the fallen hero series. Absolutely love being a emotional complicated villian (plus can’t wait for the Ro’s to find out I’m dating them all lol)

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What? No, of course I didn’t get emotional in the session. Really. Not at all :slightly_smiling_face:

internally losing our shit



Is the MC getting the tinniest bit more hopeful? Or is that due to the path my Sidestep chose to take?
It was mentioned before that Sidestep considered telling the truth the same as shooting herself in the head: a quick and horrible end. Maybe that will change soon?

The whole shrink scene is just intricate. It’s tailoring for each kind of Sidestep is almost telepathic. I never considered that my choices would have consequences in this particular way, but it makes so much sense.

Also, I was continuously torn between kinda sorta wanting my Sidestep to be honest and second guessing whether every word said can somehow be linked to the profile and behavior of the villain identity. It was… an experience.

I didn’t choose, somebody else did. That’s probably not supposed to be a stab at the fourth wall, so what is it…?

What is this about a broken conditioning ? A horde of theories on Re-Gene mentalities has just been spawn.

Is it really Sidestep that has the HB scar?

So many clues!

on a side note

This bug is still here
Statsetting page:
chapter 12:

Sorry to yap about this again, but it blocks off the friend paths in the Ortega flashback.



I love the new update ! It stab at familliar feeling!

Thank you @malinryden! plz take care of yourself!



I saw this: while talking to Argent after leaving the elevator.

“I’m your your enemy,” she says with a shrug. “You’re inconsequential.”

I think it should be “I’m not your enemy…”



Ah great update. My mc most likely felt like drinking the most vile vodka ever.

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Amazing update I have to say! It really hit home…I have a question though, not if it was answer in the past How can you achieve the last non selective choice
He’s always been good at keeping his balance. Both physically and emotionally. You’ve been waiting for him to slip up these last months, but so far he haven’t.
He keeps flirting with Yasmine, and he keeps flirting with you, what are his intentions?

  • And what’s more, what are yours?
  • Let Yasmine have her fun, I’ll make sure Ortega knows we are just friends.
  • A confused Ortega will be to my advantage, I’ll keep this up for as long as I can.
  • ’ll push Ortega to make a choice between us. I need to know how he feels.

EDIT: Apparently the spoilers don’t work, I don’t know why



I love the update and the therapy and how being positive and trying heal my character bring a text more hopeful what I really miss is choices to say my character thinks Herald is hot. Also my relationship with Ortega is 37 and Steel is 47 and Herald is 57 however text says how much i trust in Ortega and is the only ranger that miss me is not true. But so far text is super cool



I love how realistic, raw and emotional the shrink scene is. Especially love how very tailored it is to every MC, for every heartbreak scar.

Edit: @kitkat you’ll be able to choose that last option if your relationship with Ortega is “it’s complicated”.

Also, I think if you want the spoiler tags to go across different paragraphs/bulleted points, the spoiler tags will each have to start on a new line.



I found a bug. If you choose "I don't even know at this point." when you admit to being afraid during the shrink scene, and you haven’t killed anyone,

this happens.


edit: Also, Jane’s relationship with Dr. Mortum is frosty, so I shouldn’t have gotten the line And Dr. Mortum... you can't trust him but can Jane? Maybe. But is a trust built on deceit really trust at all? If he knew the truth, would he understand why you did what you did?






Yeah after seeing the new scene and the choices I made, my Sidestep MC is most likely going to die at the end of the series.



First of all, awesome update! Added a lot of depth to the MC’s inner mechanisms, and was honestly pretty heartbreaking. It was also scary how much I found I could relate to. I’LL ALWAYS LOVE YOU, SIDESTEP.

To my question-- in the shrink scene, my MC internally addresses the fact that she is a re-gene, but she never encountered that scene in the last update.

Continuity error, or have I missed something?



I chose the option you said but it leads to the break up scene between them (so painful :cry:) …what do I do wrong? :worried:



The problem is if you have a higher relationship with the puppet I think! Make sure the MCs relationship is higher instead!

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I kind of think this is weird, so if you get a scar during the fight with rangers. How come no one notices or comments on how Cyrus has a cut in the same place the villain got one?



the MC use make up to hide the scar , also depand on the MC . You can be an MC that visit rarely or often . Either way , if you visit the rangers often , you can use make up to hide it . If you visit rarely…it could have healed .



I might have found another bug. In the shrink scene, some of the options lead to this segment of the text:

You scratch your arm, the tattoos hidden underneath your clothes always itch when you’re stressed. These days you’re always stressed. That is why you don’t like wearing thin clothes, despite the heat, not only do you fear the bright orange marks being visible through the cloth, you can almost feel them through it. Slightly raised, as if to remind you of their existence.

However, not all MCs will have that on their arms right? I recall that we can choose to have those orange marks on our chest or stomach instead.

@kitkat Whether or not Ortega chooses you will depend on their relationship with the MC relative to that of the puppet. I think as long as the MC’s friendship score with Ortega is over 65, and is more than the puppet’s friendship score with Ortega, they will choose you instead of the puppet.


I've found some issues

After the bridge-fight with Argent, if you choose to reflect on her and say you enjoy fighting her, it says You’re having too much fun fighting her. Way too much fun. You should have ended this a long time ago, there’s no nostalgia there like with Ortega, or truths you want to find out, like with Steel. yet just before it says You wish you would have paid more attention to what she’s hiding, you did the mistake of thinking that the Rangers had done their job when they recruited her. But the more you fight her, the more you start to realize that there’s a lot more to her than the official story. Maybe even more than to the unofficial one.

More stuff

There was also one bit that I can’t find specifically where it says something along the lines of “You never learnt who was behind the nanostrike” but in Book 1 it says: Excerpt that sort of sounds like you know who did it?