WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 24 march 2019 (SPOILER WARNING!)


yeah on Sunday…

cose Sunday is the day for Laundry…

wash all that blood and Gore…:joy:



Yes!! That’s obviously how my MC and Ortega is for the love of god that’s beautiful xd



First time drawing Julia lol. I switched to Herald a while ago but damn, chargestep is still :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand: one does not simply stop loving Ortega



@smuteczekbiczo thanks for the mentall breakdown! That’s what she does, Orteiga. Lowers my defences, crawls inside my head! Makes things more regrettable, makes things more lonely, empty and sad😭. Why can’t I destroy her when I know I must !!!

@Eric_knight “A delusion is an odd belief that a person firmly insists is true despite evidence that it is not. Cultural beliefs that may seem odd, but are widely accepted do not fit the criteria for being a delusion. Two of the most common types of delusions are delusions of grandeur or persecutory delusions.”
Delusional disorder is characterized by irrational or intense belief(s) or suspicion(s) which a person believes to be true. These beliefs may seem outlandish and impossible (bizarre) or fit within the realm of what is possible (non-bizarre)." This is the kind of world I intend to create, through fear, intimidation and crime. Some will come to belive that they have no value in life. That the only thing left to do is to join my cause. Others will lose the value of love, kindness, mercy. Think that it’s Al a delusion. Become empty as me. Yet others will have their minds stripped away. Becoming husks for my crime syndicate. It is not a nice world but it’s how things should be. Might even make the warhammer 40k universe jelous😀



I aim to please lol :ok_hand::ok_hand: embrace the love my dude. See the light.




Here is a love poem that I found on the Internet. Oow how perfectly it suits my mc!:grinning::grinning::grinning:

“As I sit in my corner and think about your lies,
I have nothing else to do but break down and cry.
You knew it would end,
You knew it would die,
You knew one day we’d have to say goodbye.
You told me you loved me,
You told me you cared
But the rage inside had slowly flared.
The moments we shared replay in my head
Along with all the sweet lies you said.
You thought it was a game
You thought you’d win
But in the end you felt nothing within.
Deep down inside there was a big empty space
That I now realize you couldn’t replace.
Something about you helped me see
That without love I’m finally free.
Free from pain,
Free from lies,
Free from having tear filled eyes.
Without your love I finally see
All the horrid things you’ve come to be.”



“Trust in Faith with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.”
My rule is simple…
Obey my commandments, work hard, and trust in my plan. Sooner or later, everything will be okay.
Take example of Herald and the rangers, i beat them up because it was my plan to pull them out from their comfort zone … let them witness the extreme circumstances when someone possess the power as mighty as mine use it to perform evil deeds, they should all start improve themselves if they are to deserve the title “heroes” , for i am not their direct hero but their faith who lay a plan and guildance for their future survival… the Faith whom they trust is beyond Good and Evil, for i plan for the next phase of human evolution , an evolution that can help humans withstand the threat of mutants the way they endure the threat of viruses … :slight_smile:

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:sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:Well professor xavier I’d rather not go that path.

"Tears trace themselves across his face,
His eyes, unmoving, staring into space.

His heart feels dead inside him,
His heart turns cold and dim.

His heart that once flamed with passion,
Now, is grim and ashen.

His soul, though, still flames on,
And brings in him a new dawn.

A flame of rage ignites his soul,
And he discovers his newfound goal."

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Well… i would think Faith is male version of Contrary , founder and leader of Ultraforce …

If you search her history, you will find that she is a heroine/villainess who act like goddess in the Ultraforce universe :wink:



Fandom Wikia, grant thee knowledge !


"Contrary discovered the technology of the [Fire People]). She was allegedly Wetware Mary, a nurse who exposed various infant children to a wetware virus. Many of them became “ultras.”

Those poor children!
" Years later, Contrary tracked down several of these children for her Academy of the New Elite "

" Powers

Psychic Pleasure/Pain Inducement
Contrary can emit telepathic pulses on contact that affect the pleasure/pain centers in others’ brain. Her powers were most effective against men.


Familiar with technology. She is skilled at seducing men to distract or influence them"

Hm. If youre mc wanted argent to love you. Rest assure she would take you hook and sink. If you’re mc is remotely close to being this character.

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Haha… i am mostly thinking of her reasons for doing that, creating Ultras to save mankind… same as what i try to do :wink:
But her psychic power is similar to us though :-):grin:

In case you want to meet her



@Eric_knight my ow my. What a wonderful world.

Dont know if this has been discussed but Could this have something to do with hollow ground? You get this scene if you live in the luxury hotel.

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Don’t remember this scene …hmmmm , Herald is a she ?? :-):thinking:



How do you get the luxury building?



Eeeh how do you get anything expensive? Money of course! Pick options that make you rich in the beginning. I steal from criminals



She here is my asisty. Who is a brave secretary knight keeping those heroes at bay



I think I chose stealing from corporations, but still don’t have it.



Yes it does! I posted something related to it in a post sometime ago:

@Phoenix_Wolf I believe you must have a luxurious base to get to that scene.



@Phoenix_Wolf there will come a time to chose if you are poor or rich. Before you pick a base

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I got that scene , never thought it will be Hollow Ground … hmmm he pay a visit before i hit him :slight_smile: