WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 24 march 2019 (SPOILER WARNING!)


Actually, why did the farm give cuckoos a functioning reproductive system? Well, “functioning” in that the parts work, but reproduction (should be) impossible because genetics are a bitch.


Sadism is fun :slight_smile:

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As far as I know, cuckoos are sterile. Their sexual parts work, but not their reproductive system.

And perhaps the objective of making them is to make them more human like, therefore, better at their cuckoo job.


Soooo… no Ortega xSidestep babies ?


I think it should be considered “child abuse” any combination of MC as a parent… :roll_eyes:

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Pff, what do mean my depressed suicidal alcoholic asshole MC won’t be a good parent?


IRK! I’m such a judgemental bitch! :yum:


So inconsiderate :frowning:


That’s what I said. Their parts work, but the don’t ‘work.’ But… why give them that to begin with? They can’t even have flings to potentially aid in infiltration due to the tattoos.

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I’m confused. Are you proposing we fake our death to evade the farm or have the villain ‘kidnap’ us to blackmail Ortega? Because they don’t really seem compatible.

Say the farm finds out that the MC is their escaped cuckoo. If we convincingly play dead then there would be nothing to blackmail Ortega with, and all you will get is the Rangers coming at you with vengeance. Also if the death is connected back to the villain in any way, the farm will probably pay extra attention to the villain, increasing chance of exposure.

If the rangers are getting too close and you want to kidnap yourself as blackmail, you’d first need to prove that your hostage is alive. Which would make the faking your death plan void.

If the farm is onto the MC and the rangers are close to catching the villain, it would probably be best to try to turn their attention on each other instead of painting a target on our own back. Either of our backs.


Really dark rooms.
And knives.
And you know. That whole “Fuck their brain so hard they taste purple” thing could probably make them hard to notice. I dunno. Clothed sex is still popular right?


Well you can say that since we have been given a human physiology it’s easier to go with the full model rather than createing new “models”. We aren’t machines we need internal organs and you know how delicately intricated are the interactions between all of them. If you start removing pieces you mess up many things you’ll have to compensate with new structures. Therefore it’s easier just to copy the “standard” model… I guess.


Maybe, but… well, I think MC is a clear demonstration what happens when you replicate human behavior TOO well.


I think it’s kinda the point of what they were trying to do. Cuz if you don’t replicate human behaviour the infiltration is easy to spot! Kinda like FO4 synts, you cannot tell real people from synts till u scavenge a bit in their skull looking for synt parts. If you find them YUP that was a synt… if you can’t find them… better start walking away nonchalantly! :shushing_face::roll_eyes:


Maybe the reproductive parts are remnants from whoever the genetic templates for the cuckoos are… if there is one, anyway. I’d assume there is.


I am proposing that we fake our death in order to evade the farm, and am also proposing a scenario which allows us to attain additional benefit from faking our death, and after we are successful with our blackmail then pretend to go back on your word and as the villain “kill” the mc.

and it would be pretty simple to prove your hostage is alive, simply take a picture of yourself in a dark room with handcuffs.


Considering how much of a paranoiac MC is, I don’t think the Farm would be fooled by a simple fake-death. They’ll want 100% undenible proof MC is dead before even thinking of suspending the search. Nothing short of seeing MC’s corpse and analyzing it just in case will satisfy them.


The main purpose of faking your death would be to break contact from the rangers, as being around them is insanely risky, as they would be prime targets to investigate if the farm wants to find sidestep, and like I said in a previous post, suddenly disappointing would raise too many questions and cause Ortega to investigate shit, it would be better to make your fate conclusive so their is nothing to investigate.


Wouldn’t it be insanely stupid to fake your death so soon after meeting the Rangers again? That’s 10/10 on the suspicious meter, and bound to cause far more trouble than it’s worth. Especially if you tell Ortega about your “enemies” in Book one, then you’re probably going to get at least half the Ranger trying to figure out wtf really happened. So congrats, you traded an issue you might be able to somewhat control (or at least prepare for) for an issue that is completely out of your control.


Why are you assuming your death be suspicious just because it happened to be timed a year or so after meeting again? That is completely within the realm of possibility, it would only be suspicious if you fake your death poorly and leave a lot of evidence behind, if you want to make it more believable than have show your tattoos to the rangers and frame your capture by the farm, as you being captured by the farm is definitively within the realm of possibility, and that way you you could set the rangers on the farm and allow your enemies to destroy each other.

I already made another response in regards as to whether it your death is believable that I will paste down below.