WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 24 march 2019 (SPOILER WARNING!)


This isn’t a bug report or anything, just something I found interesting. While looking at the code, I noticed that if you have at least 70 relationship between your villain and Lady Argent, then she doesn’t scar you when she initiates the kiss. However it doesn’t seem like it’s possible to do that in the current stage of the Alpha, as the max I’ve gotten before that point is 68 (been experimenting with different options for about an hour now). No doubt Malin simply hasn’t added in the additional options to get the relationship up higher before that point.

Either that or I’m an idiot and haven’t figured it out yet.



Has anyone noted if there is ever a mention to your persona being named Sidestep? I remember that being a big point in the first game



Depending on your dialogue choices Steel can mention it quicky at the Rangers place when you go there. Stuff like that I think goes to beta though :thinking:

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Herald Calls Sidestep an imposter while talking about him. And Steel literally twitches a little.

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There will be. Not everything is in this version. Malin is just writing plot stuff right now. There may be some but a lot of little details like that will be sprinkled in later.



Small bug to report. I do have to warn you that I doodled a quick ChargeStep scribble on the screenshot due to boredom last night… :sweat_smile:


Yes, Ricardo is plucking petals off a daisy while blushing a bit.

Also, shopping a couple days back on the 13th was such a trash panda mood.


The text embedded in the red heart reads Love Bandit. :rofl:



I demand more of this artwork. It is cute and warms the cockles of my heart



“Not bad,” she admits, shaking her hand back into shape. “But you’ll have to do better.” Her smile is all hungry shark as she moves in close, striking as you parry, moving like your shadow, impossible to shake.

“Still running away,” she taunts, not taking her eyes off you. “Not that it will help you.” Her smile is all hungry shark as she moves in close, striking as you parry, moving like your shadow, impossible to shake.

• Repeated sentence in both paragraphs


Oh… oh that was a thought she can’t have indented you’d catch.

• I thought the fact that our villain could do telepathy was still unknown? Or at least it could still be hidden, depending on our choices in the previous game. If that’s the case, then she wouldn’t intend for the villain to hear any of her thoughts, because she wouldn’t be aware of the possibility.


You can come and go as you like, and if the good doctor has time to be disturbed, he can usually be coaxed from his lab to his office, where the chairs are more comfortable, and you can have a drink without being undisturbed.

• Should be “can have a drink undisturbed” or “can have a drink without being disturbed”


You try not to sound too excited. “You could shoot a safe and then pop it back out somewhere safe? Practical.”

• Repetitive. Use something other than safe to describe the end location


Hope this is the kind of feedback you’re looking for.



You’re right that it is variable, since it can usually be found out by the end of book one whether the Rangers do know, or failed to guess the villain has telepathic abilities. In Argent’s case, whether she’s aware of the villain’s innate powers or not, everything we know about her so far suggests she likely doesn’t care if you can hear such thoughts coming from her. If anything, that simplifies the awkward stage of the relationship. She’s very much a bold, in your face kind of gal. Whether you include friendship, or “rivalmance” in the mix of your interactions or not.

Grammar/spelling isn’t the main concern at this stage of the alpha, but that first bug you pointed out with the repeated sentences is what I’d call an “output error” based entirely in the qualifiers that make the game spit the text out at you.

That’s the sort of thing that needs to be found, along with making sure the feel of the game flows naturally. Such as if a scene feels out of place, like it pushed you into an inexplicable moment that isn’t intentionally jarring, voicing the concern constructively is very much approved! An example of it being on purpose is this; you ran into Hollow Ground who was chatting up Shroud at a bar, that kinda jarring is 100% intentional if it were to happen.
Ultimately everything in the game itself will take time to phase out the “growing pains” of getting the backbone of the story built up… But then that’s the point of this discussion page; to provide helpful feedback.

@Nanachi Glad you seem to approve of my limited creative capabilities. I admit my hands are red in this, but this isn’t really the place to be posting fan-doodles. So unless I want to go though the song & dance of making a tumblr account (I really don’t) more “art” is not likely to happen here on the cog forums. Not unless we randomly get a “Fallen Hero: Renaissance” page to dump such things into, and that wouldn’t really be conducive to anything if we’re completely honest about it.



Hey I have a question, how do you start the romance with argent?

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Flirt with her during fights and you should be good. I don’t think it actually says “you’re flirting” or “She hates your guts” or anything like that in stats but the scenes will still trigger of you flirt and she likes you enough.



Basically when making your character choose that you beat Argent in a fair fight without using your powers. Then on the bridge flirt with her. At this point I’m not a 100% sure if it matters but if you ever get a choice that says something along the lines that she’s stuck on your mind or something pick that. Afterwards during the auction chase after her when she’s making her escape and choose to cooperate in getting the healing device working. She’ll want you to show why you need the machine at which point you can show her your face. Hopefully that answers your question.

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  • Added some detail to the character creator (can input your own stats)
  • Fixed some (not all) bugs.
  • And the biggest one is that I filled out the THIEF PATH THAT GOES IN EARLY, BEFORE THE AUCTION.

So if you want new content, make a thief character and choose to go in early and quiet, before the auction starts. That should give you the most new content, depending on how badly you mess up.



It is now confirmed that Malins superpower is writing at superhuman speed.



Aahhhhh!!! I just finished reading the previous update and I got this! Thank you so much!!!

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Oh dear. New and exciting ways to mess ourselves up. Although if we get captured can we meet HG?

Also, more symbiotic partnership with Rat King! :rat::rat::rat::rat::rat:
It can apparently puppet our body. Can it also puppet the suit? Both would have all kinds of practical applications.



There is a bug where despite whatever I type in on subtle manipulation it only increases strength of mind



Adding to this: attempting to switch the stats (putting the number you want for a high subtlety stat in the strength field instead) will evoke no changes oddly enough. If you had 60% in strength, and 78% in subtlety, only the strength would update on the stats page with the percentage you try to set for the subtlety stat, while the subtlety stat itself remains unchanged at 50% since that was a bare minimum to begin with.
So where they apply need to be switched, and one needs to be made applicable.

Well, brute force-ers have a workaround at least–just stick it in the subtlety field for now. :wink:

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FIXED THE STAT SHEET ERROR! Telepathy should now work as intended.

Perils of uploading before bed.



Now im Confused @malinryden


How does Cf sudenly see Lady Argent if you chose to hide from it. The marked sentence dosent make sence.???

Unless its based on a hidden stat how does Jake know an mc who is not an known telepath is a telepath?. And the mc dosent react to it. This scene is if mc uses the gurards to atack jake. And they are an unknown telepath. I think it ocurs to any kind of mc regardless.