WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 24 march 2019 (SPOILER WARNING!)


Ooo thank you!! Gonna replay the game again



OMG. This update has tickled my thirst for more argent romance fluff. :scream:

And I almost couldn’t believe that choice to remove my MC’s helmet. (how could I resist) How is Sidestep going to explain that scar to a romanced Ortega? Especially after that alley scene?



Hold on. How can you talk to Mortum as your villian persona? And at the auction? The only familiar face my MC saw was Argent/Oryx.



When meeting her as Puppet, don’t offer her help and instead tell her to buy the gun. Then when you go to the auction, she will be there and you can talk to her.



Easily. Just blame Ortega for it. It’s not like they were paying attention during the make-out session to see if they were being too rough or not. Now try figuring out an explanation without the alley scene. That’s where it’s going to be fun.

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Also how Lady Argent not realize the scar in the elevator



Is against the forum rules to ask stuff like this, specially answering straight to the author!

This game is on the alpha phase at the moment, which means Malin is building the bare bones of it, asking for a release date at this early stage doesn’t make much sense. Also, Malin will let us know when the game will be available as soon as they know.



She can bring it up if you remove your helmet in the auction scene. She thought it looked familiar but she wasn’t sure.

Depends on the individual MC. In my case, outlandish lies that are not intended to be believed (“I fought a superpowered dolphin. Don’t worry, I won.”) edit to add: like if really pushed Charlie would maintain she bit her lip on accident but that it was too boring to be believed. She is pursuing the regeneration device to remove her tattoos so what is one more little scar. Otherwise she would likely be more annoyed about it.

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But wouldn’t she be able to recognize it in the rangers office when you go to see Ortega

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I’m kind of confused, what scar are you talking about? The only scar I can think of is the one Argent can give us on the auction part. And if she gives us that scar then she obviously knows is us…

There is too many things in this game :joy:



MC probably used make up to cover the scar as much as possible, this sentence strongly suggests so:
“Stroking the scar she left on your cheek. It’s not covered, not now, not when you didn’t expect anyone to notice”

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I think it’s also mentioned at the end of book one. Book two is still a rough draft and not all little details are added. Like reminding the player that the MC is using makeup to hide a scar. But she says herself that she did see it and just wasn’t sure enough to bring it up especially when she wanted to avoid people.



In Book 1 it’s possible for Argent to leave a permanent reminder of the little spat at the end, and the build a character for this playtest includes an option to remember that as happening.



It’s minor but I’ve got an incidence of female Ortega getting misgendered here: “and having her show up in the middle of you doing something shady is far worse than having him just find the place.”

And another one where Ortega is supposed to be female: ““Don’t. I’m a new man.” You look down at your arms, your outfit was thoughtfully coordinated this morning, he might as well appreciate it.”

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When I play a wealthy, anarchist path MC with temp bases and a luxury apartment, I still can’t go to the auction as the MC’s villain persona. I took a peek at the code and it says that there are several conditions for going to the auction as the villain, one of which includes the MC owning a luxury apartment. Does anyone know if this is a glitch, or do I need to fulfill several other requirements before the option to go to the auction as a villain is available to my MC?



I think the author said it is just alpha, and lot of circumstances related to stats are yet to implement…
@malinryden just want us to test it for error or continous error , and whether certain scene is logical

Basically we couldn’t always pick an outcome based on our preference, whatever we get now , we just help to test it :slight_smile:

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How do you guys even check the code? I’m asking 'cause it’d make everything much easier for me. I’m kind of sick of playing through the first game all the time just because I made a single mistake

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@Kaoru It depends on the platform.



That looks to be a bug you found. The stats checks to enter the auction should to be correct. Specificially having a luxury aprtment or the variable if apartment = “a luxury apartment”.

However where that variable is set, it is created incorrectly set as “a luxurious apartment”

So until that bug is fixed you would need to fulfill one of the other requirements listed to enter the auction as the villain. Which are *if (((hgrep >= 50) or (base = “luxury”)) or (wealth = “rich”)))