WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 24 march 2019 (SPOILER WARNING!)


No I’m just gushing, I found that quoted bit particularly sweet. It does sound kind of grim now that I look at it and read it though. Pretty sure that if anything did happen I’d probably actually cry



No, they are just a sweet pea trying to help the MC all the time. There is a possible fight with a big bad guy depending on your choices and one of the lines is like, the Rat King is terrified but not about to abandon you to fight alone :cry:

There was just a lot of fan art and sobbing on tumblr about our cute disembodied rat bro and Malin is tugging our heart strings.



Shit, I find real live rats and mice to be cute too. Dammit, that little guy better not get hurt.

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Did a different playthrough then i usually do and i got to say I enjoy the boneyard scene alot.



Hey I don’t know if this is what you want, but it seems like the fight with the mods is looped and when you order fish when going out with Orterga you get a Hamburger.

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Alternatively, you can blame it on the server being too smitten with Ortega to listen to what you ordered :kissing:



Hang on. What big bad guy?? I won’t let my boi rat king be bullied. I’d like to avoid it



Look, giving Malin ideas is generally great and all but FFS think first!



Don’t mess around with Dr. Mortum’s gun at the auction. There’s something already in there :zipper_mouth_face:

Way too late man. We’re compromised. She’s been seeing all our fanart and fanfic on tumblr. She already knows danger to the Rat King hurts us :cry:

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Yup. But we shouldn’t worry too hard, since I suspect no rats, dogs or other cute smol fluffy things will actually be harmed in the making of these books.

As for me, I’m still trying to guess at who the third party is…


Considering the–ah, features of Dr Mortum’s gun, I have to assume that the one who had it in their possession this entire time until now knew what they had in their hands.

I can’t imagine anyone with sufficient greed enough to take it in the first place not putting the gun to personal use otherwise… So the real question to be asked is; why now? What secret motives are at play in the background, and why did Dr Mortum not bring such a suspicious point up?

We all need to put our best thinking caps on for this one…

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I like your suspicious nature.

We know the gun was a joint project with another mad scientist, who kept the actual thing. At some point it was taken and used in a desperate attempt to ward off a very big very bad villain. I don’t think the person who used it survived. How HG got their hands on it and why they decided to sell it are my big points of interest. Did they know what the gun did and who was inside? Do they benefit somehow from the release of this villain, keeping the Rangers focused on that and not on them? :thinking:

I kinda suspect Ortega was getting into something HG didn’t want him to, and this was a way to keep Ortega out of her hair (and make a ton of money and destabilize any potential competition with the assumption the baddie would kill them before going on a rampage).



There is that, but my personal take is that HG, and even the Farm are just too obvious as scapegoats in this whole thing. What if it were a certain ex-ranger that has been getting frequent rumors made about them lately? If they were there at the battle, and personally saw what happened, who better than a flyer to take it and run, I wonder?



I suppose that could work though it’s a bit of a gamble. Said baddie is an absolute brute, sure, but it’s also very injured. If it were to get out Somewhere where it could be easily fought or some where not ideal (the middle of a certain highly secure auction attended by numerous criminal organizations and influential companies, for example), then it either wouldn’t be much use, or it’d do far more harm than good. I’m not sure the risk would be worth the reward here. There are many other, more reliable ways of causing a distraction. Hell, why not just let the new comer do it for them. They don’t even have to pay us and they get to judge how big a threat/asset we might be.

Personally I’m much more interested in Shroud. I wonder if she’ll be hanging around and sticking her nose where she ought not to be sticking it. Specifically investigating this “Ace” of hers.

Really I just wanna fight shroud villain-to-villain without anything getting in the way. I think it’d make an interesting scene. Not entirely sure if it’ll happen, though. Bigger fish to fry and all that.



As long as we don’t know “who dun it” every possible speculation made is fanon. This is why I could throw out an otherwise unknown character like Sentinel as a possible suspect for the return of Dr Mortum’s gun. Do I really think he did it? Well, that depends on my view’s current angle of suspicion, overall likelihood or not. :thinking:

I agree with ApplePi that HG has better ways of getting what they want.


HG is very much unknown outside of that one scene you read from the first book’s epilogue, and the rest of what we know is based on the MC’s secondhand knowledge of what HG has done in the past. What we can rely on to determine HG’s personality so far is that they take a more passive approach to things with a preference for low-risk, high-return gambles. Such that they might as well not be “gambles” at all, imo. HG is very much an “observe first, decide later” character.

Why damage their own reputation in the underworld territory that they are trying to control? More specifically; why do this after that attack on their own diner that most probably happens regardless of whether Ortega & the puppet are there to witness it or not? Damaging their own highest paying event–even with the express instructions that the winner of the gun is given–is far too great a personal risk.

This in itself could be a double-bluff on HG’s part, or it could be a fraction of the truth. The whole of which we will not learn until meeting HG in person. At any rate, I don’t–or rather have very little reason to–believe HG is responsible for the presence of Dr Mortum’s gun at the auction.



So in the first game I named my villain Sidestep because I wanted to have Herald as my nemesis and piss people off. Now in the second when you get the option to change your alias, the game completely blanks out the fact that you first called yourself Sidestep… It seems a bit off, like it never happened. I like the drama of it but I don’t really want to be called Sidestep throughout my whole villain carrier !
Edit : I replayed while still being named Sidestep and I have to admit the whole thing is kind of awkward sometimes. All these variables … I have no idea how you manage to keep it all sorted out !



The entire auction scene where you go as your villian persona seems a little odd continuity wise. Originally, you are going in there to screw things up to send Hallow ground a message, but if you go there and discover the regenerator, the text seems to indicate that stealing the regenerator was your goal all along, despite the fact that you only found out about the regenerator during the auction itself, which in turn creates a sort of recursive paradox where you have things planned in advanced to allow you to steal the regenerator, even though the first time you heard about the regenerator is right in the middle of the auction, where it’s too late to make any changes to your plans.

Additionally, the objective of your villain visiting the auction in person can be a little… nebulous. Ostensibly, it’s to send hollow ground a message, but it’s entirely possible for you to show up, buy the shrink ray, then proceed to cause a black out so you can… beat up a couple of mooks and run away. Which doesn’t really send much of a message.



Its odd because is still incomplete, she said so in the update, she will correct later.



Hi how do you get ortega to talk about the funeral? Ive been romancing ortega but i never read any convo abt funeral, might have missed that



It’s a new addition, and it’s a small section when Sidestep goes to see the rangers at the base after Argent attacks with the help of that motorcycle guy(forgot his name). When you are talking to Ortega in his private office he mentions a guy in a picture.



I had a similar experience where I was going there exclusively to snag Dr Mortum’s gun, but then the game seemed to forget that was my goal, and sent me after the Regenerator instead. There will be bugs to work through, but overall I’d say what we have of the auction so far is very nicely done.

Side note: Rat-King’s participation this time absolutely melts my heart! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

This next bit is more about how a certain older scene feels… Not going to fuss over it if a change would be too much work, though!


Also, this could just be me, but I’ve always personally felt like these two response options are a bit polarizing in this situation. Sidestep obviously didn’t have any strong feelings one way, or the other for an old hard-ass of an acquaintance, so I don’t really know why they would seem to fake a smile here, or ‘take it out on’ Ortega if they are feeling a little more on the grumpy side… It just seems that every time I come to this scene, I feel like I’m missing a more neutral response to the news about Owl’s life.