WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 24 march 2019 (SPOILER WARNING!)


Pretty sure Lady Argent knows mob boss Sidestep has a team :thinking: On the bridge before we started fighting she said more or less “so you ready to dance with me? Or going to need help from your little friends?”

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If you use your psychic powers only in the sewers with Argent, does Ortega or anyone else know about them?



I think she said "shall we dance " but not "do you need your little friend " in my playtest just now :slight_smile:

But in that scene, there was an option to reply her " all these just to catch us " ? Hence it might be indicating Argent did research with handyman… and might know Mob boss have a team…

But if MC reply " i work better alone " , perhaps it is better for Argent to reply " what about your team "…



Lots of new commers here so listen up!!!


This is just an alpha to check for continuity errors, I haven’t even added stat checks to most things yet. If you can’t handle that, wait for the beta.

If people keep treating this as a beta rather than helping me with what I need I will make the alpha closed earlier than I planned.



Please no boss :frowning:



I hate letting something unfinished out of my sight in the first place. This thread is reliant on people understanding that it it is unfinished, I even added that in large capital letters at the end of the latest chapter.

The moment my annoyance levels with people treating this as a finished game exceeds the help I get from people finding continuity errors and pathing issues, I will drop this thread like hot coal. There are enough people that can help me with that off the grid.

I value my mental peace of mind more than speedy development.



Ok ;-;
(The little thing down below this is just to show that I understand that alphas are WIPs not an attempt at sass blasting by the way)

Well my only problems with the new update is that it’s still WIP, some scenes being a bit wacky, restrictive or simply not there, and needs fix ups and what nots but as you stated this is alpha so it’s not a big deal as that simply needs pointing out before you find time to fix it which with your track record is less of a if and more of a when since you are quite good at what you do.

And I would personally like to say that while many may have missed the point of the thread that there are also many others that truly do value this point of the month where your lovely project gets given to the public eye.

If you do wish to remove this however I do understand, since being sass blasted for reasons you shouldn’t or having numerous spelling mistake comments may get annoying.

So yeah up to you I suppose chief.

though if you need a beta tester I’m your man chief wink wink nudge nudge I love you sempai



So to be crystal clear, this is less about throwing our two cents on creative ideas and meant exclusively for ensuring that grammar, continuity, or spelling issues are spotted?

Not at all trying to be a smartass or anything. I just want to make sure I wasn’t overstepping my bounds and, if so, know where those bounds are.



Literally in the same post as link to alpha:



My boy that is quite literally the opposite of what he wants yah goose ;p
Continuity is probs good, though I forget what it means.

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At this point it is mostly for what was posted below, especially the continuity issues. Like My character knew this, but talked like they didn’t, or I have no idea who this is but my character acts like they do and so on.

No use for spelling or grammar, it will get rewritten anyway, this is not the final prose.

The problem with throwing out creative ideas is that a lot of the time they are things that are not added yet (and which I have repeatedly said would be added later). For example, there are very few stat checks or stat adds, most chapters do not have heartbreak scar effects, RO paths are not finished, nb paths are not there, a lot of the criminal style things are not there, effects for the look of your armor, the whole villainy and infamy levels… everything which I deem minor variables are not there yet.

This is just the plot spine. I need that to work before I can start decorating it. That is why it is not a beta, just an alpha.

A lot of the time things like that just makes me very frustrated because I feel the urge to go in and say ‘already planned, not just added yet’ and after enough time it just makes me tired and annoyed.



I’m still confused about that description. Is the character I’ve been playing a straight disaster? :thinking:

@malinryden Ya know, the prose isn’t at all what I’d call bad right right now, so good job on that.



Would it be easier to turn Argent if you remove glove or show face? Am not doing romance so that path is off the table.



I managed to kiss her. You need at leat 50+ relation with your villain. I kept 40 plus relationship with my MC aswell. You need to always be flirty and willing to fight head on. She enjoys fighting



Yeah, possibly? When I say that it’s just that I never planned to “romance” her, the gay just jumped out of me and hit that button. I don’t know if I’ll make it canon for this character (although maybe, it’s pretty funny).

She’s currently in a relationship with Ortega, which I find kinda funny in case he ever calls her out. “You like disastrous villains? Shit, me too”:



TRACKING! clicks in head There were a couple times that I noticed that in game but didn’t do much thought about it thinking (shocker) that it would be ironed out in the completed game. I brain not work gud lol

That is fair

That is also fair. I generally have garnered a bit of the “early demo access” view to WIPs. I’ll be sure to take my notifications more seriously when regarding this (and other similarly specified) games.

It seems to, for me, only trigger if I’ve gone into her mind and made her like my MC self. In my “normie” playthrough she never asks if I was the one to control her.

I will say that that scene was hot af. Very nice stuff and pure evidence that she surpasses all other ROs.

Showing a part of yourself is the only way she’ll let you keep the goober. I’m not sure about actually getting her to “turn to the darkside” though.

Thank you for that

Got it. Thanks.



Oh god the author is pissed I’m sorry (>_<")



There’s a slight scripting error in the auction scene where if you choose to enter the auction as your villain, don’t manage to contact argent before the lights go out, trigger the lights out early to get the gun, then go backstage for the regenerator, you’ll see argent trying to steal it and blow a hole in the floor. After that comes the option to follow her, but if you do that, you get shunted into a loop where you get popped back out into the fight against the two henchmen. I’m not quite sure if it’s an intentional placeholder or a legit bug, but I’m putting it up here just in case.

I would post the relevant code section, but I’m having trouble finding it in the massive document.



Found a couple things in the auction while talking to Mortum as the villain


June is not here. You must be quite aware of her thoughts." There’s a faint twitch to his hand. “And what he really feels about you. And me.”

The he here should be she in this case.

She does nothing but lie to you."

“I would trust her over you any day. Good day.”

“You are right, I do not,” he says, looking at his watch.

“You are right, I do not” comes immediately after Mortum says they’d rather trust the puppet, it feels like MC is missing a line.

Your gasp comes from shock as much as surprise when she kisses you.

This seems a bit redundant the way it’s worded right now

Edit: nvm someone else found the loop

Also extremely pedantic, but the choice “I feel the same, but now I’m afraid” seems a little odd to be be under the “I feel differently” choice. the feelings are still fundamentally the same so I don’t think I would have noticed that option if I didn’t have an mc with a larger difference in attraction.

closer to the beginning of the game

Part of you wonder if you would dare to remove the helmet and let people know who you really are.

This appears even if you are a boss and say they know your face.

But there’s no outside enemy, not this time. Just your hidden fears, and they can’t protect you from that.

But they try.

Ahhh! Tiny rat friend! :pleading_face: nooo my heaaaaart aaaaaahh



What? Does something happen to the Rat King that I’ve avoided thus far?