WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 24 march 2019 (SPOILER WARNING!)


In my first playthrough of the update I openly attacked and went through the front doors. From there it took me straight to having the cylinder without really any explanation to what it may be or why we have it or even how I got it or anything. I also earlier agreed to help Mortum, but never got any chance to get her gun in this route. I’m not sure if this was intentional here.

In another playthrough I decided to go in as the villain to attend the auction. The only plot break here was already listed I believe with game going from grabbing the gun to repeating the auction stealing the cylinder. I also noticed in this route that the variable for having the gun "gotgun" only sets if you use nanavores on the mods.

I also noticed the variable "argentregenereveal " isn’t set anywhere despite having different checks for it during the interactions with Argent.

All that aside I love the new update, but I have no idea which route I want to stick with. Too many choices with too many giant consequences.



Saw the Argent path through code-diving, earnestly attempting to chart a course there through normal gameplay.
Couldn’t do it. My MC never got a chance to learn about the prototype at all…

General concerns about the time-space continuity:
(since I apparently wasn’t rich or extravagant enough to get invited, all queries are about the break-in path.)

Discontinuity error.

I went in without any knowledge of the prototype device, just to get the gun. Used a bomb to shut down security.
A couple of labels later, there is no mention of the gun, and I’m getting this:
Traced the code, and it seems all unsubtle break-ins eventually converge to [label:attackelevator], which is still applicable to my continuity. It then automatically directs to [label:stealmachine] without checking if I know about it or not.

Timeline and layout:

Just checking if I have everything correct.

The Casino has a general public level. From there, a private elevator connects to the Auction Hall level. The Auction Hall has a Front Stage where all the villains are and a Backstage where the stuff is during the auction. There is also a Storage area somewhere in there.

The items are in Storage before the auction, and brought out to the Backstage when auction starts . They are brought to the Front Stage when it is auctioned. The gun is auctioned before the prototype.

There are two things that basically determine our path. One is what we went in for (steal gun and/or prototype, or just to humiliate HG), the second is whether we sneakily take out the dampeners, or openly wreck security.

The quiet_presteal path (thief MC only) is going in before the auction even starts. Both items are in Storage. We automatically know about both of them, and get in and out without incident.

The quiet_stealgun path : disable dampeners, use telepathy to sneak to Auction Hall (front stage), cause a power-outage (somehow) precisely when the gun is being auctioned, and nab it during the confusion.
We leave without ever knowing the prototype or Oryx ever existed.

The quiet_stealboth path: After nabbing the gun from the Front stage, go Backstage for the prototype. Meet Oryx for the first time and maybe recognize her. She gets the prototype, and we… meekly walk away?

The quiet_stealprototype path. We refused to steal the gun and may or may not know about the prototype beforehand. Disable the dampeners and sneak into the auction hall, arriving after the gun is sold. Wait until the prototype is being auctioned, trigger the blackout, and nab it from the Front stage. Oryx finds us when we’re escaping.

Loud_Stealgun and loud_stealboth paths currently missing.

Loud_stealprototype: Go in when the prototype is being auctioned. Cut the power before going in, nanovore the elevator to get to the Auction Hall, nab the prototype from the Front Stage. Oryx finds us when we’re escaping.

When exactly do the dampeners go down?

I chose to go in quietly, during the auction, by controlling a security guard. When I picked my break-in entrance, I got this:
And subsequently started using my telepathy.

But then, a few pages later:
So, did the dampeners get turned off before or after I walked in the door?
(Also, is the power outage a side effect of taking out the dampeners?)



There is a pronoun error during the dinner with Ortega, I had the fashionable suits style and it uses the female pronouns even though Ortega was male in this playthrough Clothing%20Pronoun

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Waste of adamantium chief, some rope would do the same effect with how much of a lil wuss he is. ;p
I prefer he live and I just constantly break all his bones when he tries and fails to fight me but I can appreciate taking him out indefinitely with some…passion :slight_smile:



Also since I noticed talk of a few bugs i may wait a little bit for the update to get a hot fix or two.
Looking forward to being bombasticly taking everything that isn’t nailed down though :slight_smile:

Also ima have to try and figure out how to romance Argent since I tried only once and nothing came of it, I suppose though the update may have fixed that.



What are you referring to? I’m scared I may have missed something.



If you work with Argent to get the regeneration device you can unmask yourself to kiss her if your romancing her so far and show her your tattoos. She’ll also tell you her real name.



What choices do you make to work with her? I’ve romanced her and have a good, respectable relationship for both the MC and villain.

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I swear In the first game, in the beginning when your that silver woman(forgot her name/couldn’t care less about her) it says his powers are flight, strength, and invulnerability… so you shouldn’t be able to break his bones. Anyway torturing him is the only thing that will bring me peace in life, if he lives I will fail my life’s true purpose; killing herald slowly and painfully. MWA-HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

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Strength and invulnerability is Argent you goose.

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I swear on the devils soul that’s what it claimed his powers were.

I could reply it… but that’s a waste of my time so you do it.

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Go to the auction as the villain, when you get there don’t sneak in or attack right away, walk right inside. Browse the items on display you’ll then see Oryx and notice how familiar she is. Go straight up and talk to her then choose to work with her to get the device. Then follow her and choose I just wanna talk. You’ll get the scene where you agree to borrow and assemble the device and give it to her when your done using it. You can choose to unmask and kiss her, but not show your tattoos. If you show her your tattoos first you can unmask and kiss her too as well.



Holy shit!!! holy shit!!! THAT UPDATE… talk about escalation aaaAHAHHHH

first of all this ascii art is amazing: ᘛ⁐̤ᕐᐷᘛ⁐̤ᕐᐷᘛ⁐̤ᕐᐷ

And damnnnn Sidestep revealing themself to Argent!!!

I think there might be a bug somewhere though - I’m currently on the anarchist path hitting the auction. When I go quietly and just shut down the dampeners, I just go straight for Mortum’s gun with no mention of the prototype. But when I chose to shut down the whole security system, it looks like the prototype is suddenly mentioned out of nowhere and leads to the encounter with Argent?

The page that seems to break continuity starts with the following passage:
The nanovores work fast, devouring the floor and the ground beneath with as much speed as you’re able to coax out of them. You can’t trust the chaos to cover you for long, though it’s doing an admirable job so far.



Oh fuck, that reveal about the puppet and shroud was unexpected



My brain is tired, so it will be a few days before I get to fixing the issues you have found.

Thank you so much! A lot of them I suspected connected awkwardly, but it had just grown too big to see clearly where the issues were.

Thank you so much.



Hi Malin,

Made an account after following your updates, just wanted to say Fallen Hero is the most promising text game I’ve played since Cataphrak’s Infinity Saga games. Massive fan.

And yes, it was the Argent romance that lured me out! Absolutely love the interplay of violence and lust that goes on between a suitable MC and Argent, I do hope we see more of that! Argent ripping off the armour and having her way with the MC, now there’s a fantasy.

At least that’s how I’m seeing it, it does beg the question as to how you’ll have Argent’s feelings play out. I wonder if she kisses the MC in that moment because of the thrill of risk/danger, recognition of someone as good as if not better than her at fighting, or maybe she believes there is something for a kindred spirit underneath the MC’s armour. I do hope there’s an element of the latter, the secrets you can share with her seem so fitting given the circumstances. Well, that and her playful marking

Your emphasis on the dynamics of the relationships and emotions flying between the leading characters is what lends this game its hypnotic quality. That and it’s probably the only game that allows you to commit absolute atrocities, as a villain appropriately does!

While I am intrigued as to how you’re all tying it up, not least in this latest example of Argent and the MC being a reflection of each other, in both their capacity for utter savagery in battle and a ferocious desire to erase the past. I implore you to not fall back on an inevitable team up against the bigger bad type of villain like the Farm.

That the MC has held center stage as a true threat up until now has made your writing uniquely absorbing, and I cannot wait to see what triumphs, miseries and/or horrors you allow us to inflict on ourselves or the Rangers come the end!

Also…Herald is a well-written character, I hope the tryhards above aren’t causing any upset on that front. Keep going!



Hey, I said before and I’ll say it again: I don’t hate Herald… I just think he’s really punchable.



Found a bug. I’m gonna detail my specific choices, since the first time I played, I did a different path and things went well without this bug appearing.


These were my choices:
Attack the casino --> scanned the minds of key employees --> security guard will turn off dampeners --> The front door --> spread panic --> With the two mods any option will do --> Finally, here when I choose either the first option (attack) or the second one (follow) I get this:
and then it takes me back to the two mods, after which, once I deal with them, my MC gets the regeneration machine and slips away through the tunnels.

EDIT: This seems to also happen if you go in normally as Villain and decide to start the attack early to get Mortum’s device.

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On another note, if unmasking myself to Argent felt this good. Then I cannot wait to see how revealing myself to Ortega is gonna feel. I’m hyped af. 'Twas the best thing ever.



Ok despite what I said I did play it, romanced Argent and did as many different looting runs as possible on the casino and I like the variations, and the romance is quite cute with Argent if feeling a bit out of place and too soon at the beginning.

And despite the variations between the casino looting runs it seems that all the choices tend to give the same general results and different paths divurged into one.
This I imagine will be changed however.
Very nice update tho :slight_smile:

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