WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 24 march 2019 (SPOILER WARNING!)


I think there is also a way to do it down the “take a hostage path”



Nope in the hostage path, you kill them. She gets mad at you either way.

But the thing is, if Argent knows you are a killer, she will be more careful. If you’re not, you can take her by surprise.

EDIT: ANd this is just the alpha, I might add more possibilities before the beta, one seems pretty low.



So what you’re saying is… I need to be one of the villains who go, “Oh, I didn’t kill anyone. He/she did! Oh, I didn’t cause that massacre, they did.”

Oddly enough, that sounds like something I’d do.



Sounds like something I will do.



gives an entire armament’s worth of weaponry Failure is not an option.



99.99% civilian slave army casualty rate



Update 4th february 2019

  • Adjusted and filled in Argent romance path.
  • Finished the auction for people going there as the mc.
  • Added some new variables regarding killing among other things.
  • Various minor tweaks to content.

Note: The auction still has holes in it, but I will fill them out later. It is also VERY complicated, please let me know if you find things that doesn’t add up or flow. My head hurts, I am not responsible for that mess.

416 346 with command lines
383 221 without command lines
Around 36500 in a random playthrough



What’s that line in DMC3? Oh yeah!

Now I’m a little motivated! To the auction I go!

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I got an error saying there was an unknown variable for “helmetkiss” when fighting Argent on the bridge. Then, I couldn’t continue from there.



omg omg omg…every update…make my life complete…:hugs: thank you again!

so quick read up…not done with the new update…

So tried Ortega path again…since its my favorite and main…

there is this moment where she ask about her flirting . Then we also get the old scene with the ‘half mat’ comment . its kinda redundant , dont you think? an idea would be for the 2nd scene…we could be suspicious if she is flirting with the owner…whats her name…since she is an old vet and if really she eat there all time…y’know :sweat_smile:

got the argent scene with the choice of ‘showing tattoo&show your face’’ . I also looked at my stat…my mc in this run…has 0% friendship with argent . recommandation that those 2 options…the ‘show skin’ maybe for those who are friendly with her…and ‘show face’ for those who are romancing her ? .



Try restarting. A similar issue happened to me some time back. I think it’s just a bug that occasionally happens.

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Yeah have no stat locks yet since I have very few stat adds written in yet. Can’t check for stuff people can’t get.



Holy cow Malin this is amazing!

And uhhh I messed up in the auction (oh no) but ehh I should have expected that :joy: just didn’t expect it to mess up like this cause it’s so gonna mess up my MC even more.

And I can’t even decide what choice to make in the last Argent scene. I DIDNT EXPECT IT. AT ALL. Talk about hard decisions… probably the scariest thing my MC has ever done.

Incoherent ramble aside, I love this update so much and I can’t wait to check out how else I can mess up the other routes!

Something I spotted on my quick play through:

In the scene with Ortega where the MC talks about the therapist visit, there’s a wrong pronoun use for Ortega (circled).

These bug spotting stuff may contain spoilers!!!

In the meet with Orynx, after making the second choice of I’ll wait until she’s through the hole, then follow , I was led to this scene that felt incomplete:

Then after that, I was directed back to the stealmachine scene where the MC clashed with the two mods. But my MC had already taken them out earlier on.

Edit: I managed to get the gun previously but after I was looped back to this scene, the game assumed I didn’t get the gun yet.
Here’s the code if it helps!



Huh… I suddenly find myself liking Argent a lot more now.



Awesome update, just what I wanted to see!

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Hmm… been gone a while, over 100+ posts about herald.

Graphic Details About Torturing Herald

How about we kidnap him, tie him to a titanium chair welded to the ground, and shackle his limbs with titanium chains, then walk in to the room while one light is shining over his head, and rip his toenails off, then his fingernails, then we get to skinning his feet and hands, then his arms, after that his body, soon we will cut his fingers of inch by inch, if he still lives, then cut his arms and legs inch by inch, by then he should of had a very painful and long lasting death.

Oh, cutting his ears and nose of would also have some satisfying results, maybe scooping his eyes out and plucking each strand of hair on his body peace by peace. Or putting him in a gravity chamber and Turing it to high power then -10000 gravity, in rapid succession, he would be crushed then floating then be crushed again…

he surely deserves this for his idiotic tendency to act friendly and kind, wouldn’t you agree @LordNanachi?



First run. Went in quiet, puppet-hacked security, got the gun, got out before anyone knew I was there. It’s what my Cautious/Anonymous MC would have wanted, but I know I missed out on so much…



Love the update! Can’t wait for the next one.

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It’s official, Argent is now new best girl

Also, who else managed to find out her real name?



She will die. She will fall. She will not prevail. She will fail. Everyone she loves and cares about will die. I will not let her live. She must die. I will end her for her own sake.