WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 24 march 2019 (SPOILER WARNING!)


Very interesting. The psychology behind Ortega is almost as interesting as the MC.

I can’t wait to see what Ortega does to the MC - whom she is in a relationship with and very attached to - when she finds out he is her nemesis, Retribution (or the MC’s villain name).

Also, can Ortega be a nemesis and be afraid of the villain? Or is it one or the other? Same questions for all the other Rangers.

(Disclaimer: I use the pronoun “she” for Ortega, and “he” for the MC because those are the pronouns they use in my playthrough. So if I use those, just know that’s where I’m coming from.)



Ortega is just a good boy that does good boy things.



The worst kind of person. And our character is a bad boy (or girl) who does bad boy (or girl) things. The best kind of person.

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My character is just a depressed as fuck grill that occasionally beats the fuck out of people and steals things before being depressed again.



Lol. Sounds like a fun time.



Do any you guys have a Sidestep with an (unrequited) crush on Mia Ochoa? Mine definitely does, lmao.

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Mine has unrequired crush on her bike



My puppet might, if he wasn’t so deeply involved with Mortum.

Also, I have a theory that some Big Bad will come along to take the lime light away from the villain/Mc (someone connected to his past or potentially a stronger telepath) that will force both the villain and Mc to help the rangers defeat the big bad. But I don’t know. A story just based around the Mc and his story alone is still pretty cool.



If something so bad happened that Sidestep has to work with the Rangers that would be really cool.
I would really enjoy that, even if its like a side story DLC or something.

Also I imagine that at some point in this story or the next plans will be halted to deal with “Farm Problems” especially since risky characters like my male Sidestep who basically go’s through everything on a whim and just get out 90% through luck The Farm would have noticed you already.
Actually I imagine if, well WHEN, Sidestep gets into a fight with Farm agents a possible strategy could be to drag them into the public eye and cause a fuck ton of damage or make them cause a fuck ton of it to draw the rangers and basically go “Your problem, bye” or actually help them. I imagine a proper fight in the suit though would be unlikely since from how fuck off scared Sidestep is I imagine they wouldn’t be dumb enough to let them get in a suit when they come to kidnap yah.

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If MC is forced to work with Rangers out of convenience or having a common enemy, then my Anti-villain status sure is gonna help. I might not actually be betrayed.



I imagine if someone’s Sidestep kills people = it will be less working with and more going after both. Unless the enemy is like a demigod and they have literally no options left.



“You guys are gonna put all those people I killed under the rug, right? …Ha, like all the people buried under the rubble of that gallery I blew up!”

stares of contempt

“…Tough crowd.”



My character would be too busy monologing about their sadness to do anything like that.



She will dance to my mcs tune. Thats for sure since she has a big part to play in his quest

Herald and Ortega can if you play it right. But only one Ranger can be a nemesiss Steel and Argent. No. They will never be afraid. At least for now.

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I’ve been replaying the demo, like twice everyday for the last two weeks and it is SO GOOD. I have to say I am really impressed by all the little variations you’ve added depanding on the choices, and the different scenarios based on your villain persona (hero hunter, mob boss, anarchist, thief…) are really interesting. I keep finding something new everyday, it’s a delight. My favourite so far that made me go “OOOOOOH” was when I searched Savannah’s mind instead of asking her to describe the person that came by like I usually did. This is more of a praise than constructive criticism. Also I’m in love with Herald, and Villain/Argent mmmmmm

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No not rival. Nemesis. There’s a difference in the stats. I don’t think Ortega or Herald can be afraid and a nemesis/hurt. But I still don’t know for sure.

Who’s Savannah? Psychiatrist?



I’m conflicted about going to see the Psychiatrist & here’s why.

  1. It gives us a chance to explore the MC’s psychological state further

  2. It gets Ortega off of our backs. (He or She just won’t take no or leave me alone for an answer)


  1. We’re potentially revealing information about ourselves that could reveal who & what we’re.


MC: So, you’re going to listen to my story now?
Steel: What excuse could you possibly have?
MC: It all started… when I was born.



Steel: Oh god I’ve made a terrible mistake.
They say Steel is still being subjected to the MCs monologue to this very day.



IIRC that’s a receptionist? you can interact with if you bought a luxury apartment as your base.