WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 24 march 2019 (SPOILER WARNING!)


I’m going to #maimkillburn Herald the next time I see him for the Evulz. Why? Because I can! Mwahahahaha!

Next thing you know, Herald ends up being a hidden badass and rekts us.



Now now, we all know that making up the impossible is a bad habit.



I’m new here. Hello everyone. I’ve only ever posted on the Dragoon Saga Thread (also a great CoG game and interactive fiction in general), but I thought I’d like to give my two cents on another favorite CoG game of mine so here I am.

I just wanted to say, stellar work @malinryden. The writing for this story is fantastic and the viewpoint of the MC is captivating. It’s not a stereotypical superhero story and I love that.

As far as my head canon goes, I tend to go full ruthless villain. My MC takes no half measures, yet is a master liar and manipulator as he fakes his way back into the lives of the Rangers. He only does so for his own benefit though: information, weaknesses, etc. He has big plans for every individual Ranger. His new self is in love with Argent, in a psychotic type of way, and hopes to corrupt her to his side. The only soft spot he has is Ortega. It’s very interesting seeing him be so hardened towards everyone, a killer, and yet he has a weakness there. His last shred of goodness lies with her.

Anyway, once again, stellar work and I cannot wait for Retribution.



As long as you break Heralds legs you will fit in @Rapid



Are you refering to the term called fusion dance?



Hey I’m new here. And so far I’ve been playing as I guy who’s trying to make the most of out of the shitty situation their in, who also understands that other people maybe also in the same situation.

However yes I have broken Heralds legs but he ain’t that bad so far and is also seems to be an easy to manipulate puppet.



Congrats you have gained free membership into the cult of AaKH (Cult of Abusing and Killing Herald)

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Such rudeness, we must be better people!!! :angry::angry::laughing:



I do break his legs, but only for the infamy and to literally cripple him and, therefore, the Rangers later on.



Morals and reasonings to do matter son, the action does!
And you have proved worthy.

I smell heresy coming from this one insinuating Herald has rights.



Will we have the opportunity to continue upgrading our suit, or do the upgrades we have is what we got? Also, will there be new, upgrades later on? Either in general or depending on choices, I’m looking at you Argent Trophy, that would be interesting. Would money affect that at all?



Being in good grace with the lovely Dr. will certainly help…

Btw… when I promise to torture the golden boy, the cult invited me for their dinner party.



Hey! Just wanted to point out a typo in this section: You want the public on your side, and that means getting the press on your side. As long as you’re not too abusive to the reporters, they won’t hold any personal grudges. And if you pepper your speech with discrete allusions that there are reasons why you turned to the villain path, perhaps they’ll make their articles more sympathetic to your cause. There will always be people who doesn’t benefit from the current system, and wants the people in power taken down a notch.

But, you only have five minutes. You can’t go on forever, and when you’ve said what you want to say, you end this by…

The bolded ‘doesn’t’ should be don’t. (Love it so far, though <3)

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The proofreading phase of this book’s development isn’t really gonna happen until after the closed beta portion of the writing process. Until then, we can consider Retribution a rough draft in which all contents are subject to change/alteration to better the overall feel of the final product before the proofreading can begin.

Not much sense in polishing something that might be scrapped altogether, so minor grammar fixes like this aren’t a top priority. Right now the main focus is continuity checking while the backbone of Retribution is being composed. That said, good eye for not simply glossing over it.



I smell someone who likes to harm little puppies Herald



What mental illnesses does the MC have? PTSD and depression of course. He/She isn’t a psychopath/sociopath because he/she does feel empathy and love for at least some people.


Also, why is Ortega so fascinated with people of the MC’s personality (aloof, distant, closed off)? She/He’s very good friends with Argent for example. Is she/he just that good of a person?



Broken, disturbed, mysterious and secretive people must be Ortega’s true fetish.



you can’t choose who you fall for…

add to that, from the demo at least, Ortega claim that mc never cared or treated her different ‘‘I’m just a normal asshole to her’’ . And considering her line of work , I can understand that she seek normality whenever she feel like it . Especially when you are a face as your job .



Aside from gramatical errors, it’s intriguing in a way different than the original. As the first was more of a beginning, so far this feels more interpersonal with the other characters.



The short sweet answer? Ortega has faced some very life-defining lessons long before they knew Sidestep. To Ortega, life is just too short, and pride the antithesis of opportunity.

This is why when they think you can be saved, they would get down on their knees and beg you to let them help.
This is why when they know you can’t be saved, they won’t hesitate to bring you down to protect the rest of those they care for.

Ortega is literally 100% meant to be your best friend, and also your worst enemy.