WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 16 february 2019 (SPOILER WARNING!)



Orteiga is my kryptoknite.


Lmao I don’t even have that beach scene xD only Ortega dumping Eden for Jed xD
I’m wondering. Can I break Rangers apart from the inside? Like Ortega is already in love and Herald will be soon… Make them jealous? Make them fight?


Sounds like you’re in for the anarchist path then


Nah I’m just wondering it that would be even an option. I’m still a hero hunter killing everyone that isn’t useful enough for me.


1 Mind controll steel
2 orteigra is already in love. Just need to push the right buttons
3 romance argent though villain personal
4 use puppet to romance mortun and herald.

Then reveal you’re true face. Go on about how you will push the death button unless they show how much they love you. Battle royal style. Thats how it would go for me


Puppet? Romancing Herald? Where did that come from xD


Hey who knows. Maybe we will meet the rest of the rangers though orteigra as puppet. And herald falls for pupet like orteigra does. If you allow it


Fuck no. No one touches him except for me.


Think about it. Herald would have a gullable puppet giving him that sweet love, that Mc can’t personafy. :joy::grin:. You want the best for herald don’t you? This might be the way


No way if I’m doing something with him I’m doing it myself xD


You’re loss :laughing:. Especially if there is an achievement atached with it


That’s why, my friend, I have multiple characters :wink:


But you can’t avoid the experience. I have one Mc that is in a love trio betweem orteigra and pupet, mc. Turns out that orteigra gets a mental breakdown . :laughing:. She’s unsure who to pick


Xd I have it’s complicated with Ortega, he already dumped Puppet for me and now I’m switching to Herald baby and I’m so fucking curious what will happen xD now I’m kinda scared that he’ll make a move before I even start properly flirting with Herald and I will have to turn him down and I don’t want to, I want the drama xD OR poly, if given the chance xD the more the merrier ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Herald isn’t the kind to put up a fist fight over love
Orteigra argent and steel, are a different story though. But who knows. Malin can be unpredictable and do it


I’m not saying they will fight and kick each other’s asses because of me… But jealousy is a feeling and a powerful one, too. Would be bad if, say, the already disfunctional team broke apart even more…


Luckily i won’t have such trouble with Lady Argent romance route :slight_smile:


Well at first it wasn’t complicated at all for me. Not my fault that this fucking twink is ruining my plans.


Make an unsteady leg mor unsteady? Nah . Might as wel break it apart at that point . Personaliy I’d rather mess with orteigra useing pupet and mc. Soo much funn😆. It’s like playing two fiddles at the same time.


Argent and Ortega for my universe are like good sisters , i won’t have to worry for Ortega be jealous of Argent anyway :slight_smile: