WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 16 february 2019 (SPOILER WARNING!)



No… this is not sidestep, this is my new persona “Faith” … Faith believe heaven brought him back to life for a higher purpose… to tell all mortals the truth , everyone must know the truth …that there is a Higher Power in Faith, Faith will show them all… will show them the truth of all sufferings , that they must reside in Faith for all their sufferings…

My “Crime Organisation” is called ROI - Residue Of The Innocent … simply because you will find whatever remain of your innocense in ROI :-):sunglasses:


Wait you mean like completly new character for fh word?


Shhhhhh. Listen to voice.He will find out the truth. He will never look at you the same way. There will be no love between you. Only tragedy. But it dosent have to be that way. Spare him the truth. Kill him . " I call it mercy"


He will join me. No need to kill him.


No… that is my villain character Faith… we need to insert his name right? Mine is Faith…

Faith is angry because no one believe in Faith anymore… so Faith must make people realise there is absolute power in Faith :slight_smile:


Then I am you’re sworn enemy. For there is no faith. Only emptiness, darkness. I will use my criminal organisation as a counter agent to youres.


I mean like. He’s your MC, yes but is he still ex-Sidestep or is he someone else completely and Sidestep is dead. Because that kinda sounds like the second option or maybe I’m just overinterpreting.
Like your own headcanon not in game.


He’s a hero. The oposite of al that you do. Will you mind controll him so that he joins you. Then he won’t be herald anymore .


I will seduce him to my side. I will train him and teach him to pick his battles. To think on his own. I will open his eyes.


Ahahahaha… that will be cool!!! It is like Shield vs Hydra :slight_smile:

@smuteczekbiczo… Faith is not sidestep anymore … because after Faith survive the Heartbreak incident and escape, In his delusional mind and state , Faith thought he saw the Light of Heaven that brought him back to life , so he had become obsess with his interpretation on why he survived … Faith had found a new strength in Faith, and he deems sidestep unworthy to preach the message , so he reinvent himself as Faith and aim to enlighten everyone of the power of Faith :-):heart_eyes:


More like a captain america controlled shield vs hydra


Gotcha :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand: kinda thought you created your own character and put him in the place of “our” MC.


In a way, i think it is logical… my MC didn’t kill anyone , even helping the evacuation of people in book 1 … beat up the Rangers without killing them , perhaps just to show that how vulnerable were their lives … when all hopes are lost, what should they do? They should reach out to their Faith so that i will spare them all :-):yum: and in book 2 , my choice was mainly against crime lords and very soon , Hollow Ground … to remind them of their sins :-):grin:

As for Lady Argent My MC haven’t decided whether Love is a sin , so he is still confuse of what to do with Lady Argent ahahaha :-):rofl:


Wow, cleansing of sins and shit??? I like that concept a lot :ok_hand::ok_hand:
my Jed’s just really fucked up and has split personality xD


I think my MC has tormented personality as well, with a delusional mind … the possessing of his puppet was with excuse that he heard the prayer of the puppet and “save” him from his missery , by interprating such possession is the offering of puppet to be his first deciple :-):stuck_out_tongue:

And puppet interaction with Ortega was a test whether Ortega is loyal to sidestep ? :-):thinking:



Another victim half lost to the light. What a tragedy. I guess we Al came out of hb differently. Just know that there is another universe where herald is defeated, broken , lonly, hopeless and ultimately killed.


If he’s… worth saving? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

@ReverseFlash I know. I wrote his fall myself. It’s just not my universe.


You meant the puppet? Of course… he help a lot especially deciding Ortega deserves a redemption chance
And herald idolising sidestep is not forbidden , but with a hope that he is stronger than sidestep and acknowledge it is Faith that spare him :slight_smile:


I guess I can kinda understand. Orteiga is a problem i cant avoid. Constantly bumping into her. But at least I know deep down that our song will end in a tragic tune. One witch humans will cry and despair over in the future.


I do love good angst ngl. I may not kill everyone in my route but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the drama ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Honestly I’m better at writing murder than romance xD