WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 16 february 2019 (SPOILER WARNING!)



Since I want to be the kingpin of the city, above and bellow. It’s highly unlikely


I still have Lady Argent… Ortega may not save me but Argent won’t want to lose her sparring partner… she will be lonely without me fighting her :-):stuck_out_tongue:

No chance for him in Book 2, i am already gunning for him … he is too dangerous but i am tempting to let him live just so i use him as a reason to team up with Argent

But everyone should has a weakness …because facing our weakness is the most thrilling experience of all time , only in fear that we can see how brave we are to overcome our fear … and to excel in a weakness will leave a good poem for the brad to sing upon :-):hugs:


She won’t be lonely if she’s dead xD


That’s why i will protect Lady Argent just so we can fight each other :-):stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
No one is allow to harm my sparring partner :-):grin:


Meh. I’m getting rid of her as soon as I have a chance.
UNLESS I CAN BRAINWASH HER TOO :thinking::thinking:


Zombie Argent is not cool at all … she is cute when she is angry , apparently i need to take some bullets for her :-):blush:


Cute??? Fucking where xD she’s annoying af at best xD


Why face it when you can avoid it entirely by adapting to new situations.

I think while hollow ground is more experienced than us. Hes not as powerful as us. Heartbreak might be the strongest. And it already gave us a massive boost. If mc and hg fight. Mc could use the acid mental effect of the hb incident by traping hgs mind inside that memory, to lower his defences


Good! Kill her if she dosent comply


That’s the plan.


Yeah Lady Argent is Lady Death

She is not annoying at all :wink:

Similar reason why we play bungee jump :-):sweat_smile:

I don’t mind sharing power with Hollow Ground … as long as he admit i am more superior , HG could be a useful first lieutenant :-):grin:


Might herald also be a part of you’re plan? It is imperative that he also dies.


Yeaaaah no. We have different concepts of “cute” I guess xD
But I agree about HG. A fine lieutenant indeed.

@ReverseFlash Nah nah dude I thought we already established that I’m not killing him.


But cutting the rope duering such a game would give you that fresh new exsiting experience of
Finnaly falling to the ground. With no strings atached :smiley::smiley::smiley:. And no you should totally not do it in real life.


You don’t have to kill him right away. start with broken legs and broken feelings and work you’re way to his death. It will be glorious!


Mmmmmm nah I would very much prefer him alive. I do not fuck corpses.


It would seem that futher indoctrination is required on my part. You will see the darkness eventually.


Ha good luck with that. Nothing can compare with the power of thirst and boy let me tell you I am thirsty af for Danny boy.


This is my MC " Faith "
May Faith has mercy on your soul…


Faith died seven years ago. There is only anger left. (are we doing dramatic speeches now??)