WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 16 february 2019 (SPOILER WARNING!)



Ah thank evil sirs. Argent here I come!


I think @ReverseFlash meant Book 1…
I suppose in Book 2 , we have the option of loading the save file :slight_smile:


In the name of science I DID IT. Another thing to ad to my cannon mc. Though it apears that I have to sacrifice my jett boosters. For strength. No more speed for me I guess! Dammit! Al of this trubble just for you argent! At least now I have a good reason to kill you. Hehe


Hmmm? I could swear you don’t need strenght booster… You just have to be a fighter and ambush her…? I dunno how exactly but I’m pretty sure I kicked her ass without exoskeleton at least once.


You don’t need strength to kick her ass (I do it with armor and speed), but you do need strength to get a hair sample from her, otherwise your little knife doesn’t work and it just springs back when you try and cut it.


Really?? Huh. Okay then, good to know :+1::+1:


Yeah you spelled it right. I’ve beaten argent without strength. But never had a piece of her before. Until now.


Shit I’ve never noticed that you’re not able to take a sample without strength… Because I’m always going for strenght/armor combo. Does the scene look v different or is it just like AW SHIT YOU CAN’T TAKE THE SAMPLE OH WELL WHATEVER ¯_(ツ)_/¯ and you leave her.


It’s like, you’re given the choice to take the sample, and if you don’t have strength, it’s like “you try but the dent you make in her hair bounces back” and then you’re like “shit okay” and leave and go to the van scene


Mc says something like it is interesting and that they should talk to mortum about it and make some upgrades for the future I think.

Also the hair leaves a mark in your armor when you try to pull it but fail to collect it.


On the 27 July update it reads " * Can now choose to have won against Argent in the past and taken sample."

So I asume that takeing her hair comes as default if you win against her.


My mc is wealthy but he lives a middle-class lifestyle masquerading as a repair guy for obscure tech and he lives in the apartment above the shop. While my mc’s villain persona being the anarchist that he is loves media attention my mc himself doesn’t. The most important reason for his current lifestyle though is keeping Ortega and the Rangers at bay and the more his lifestyle matches what he pretends to be, a retired jaded washout the less bothersome he figures Ortega and the Rangers are going to be.
If he was living as a bum in the sewers they might try to “help” him by finding him a nice apartment that is totally unsuitable as a lair and if he flaunts his wealth that would just raise a lot of uncomfortable questions and not just from the Rangers at that.

So for my mc (lower) “middle-class” jaded washout with a boring job in a boring part of town seems like the best way to go to fly under the radar for as long as possible.


My High Anonymity, High Caution, High Empathy MC uses her telepathic talents to scrounge up enough cash to scrape by. She’s living on the margins of society, so her home is in the sewers of Los Diablos. My paranoid anarchist MC prioritizes a lack of a paper trail since she’s been caught by the Farm once before and doesn’t want a repeat of that. Once bitten, twice shy, as it were. She also considers her villain persona her true self, and she’s so driven on undermining the power structures in place that she doesn’t consider her own comfort.

So my poor MC lives the life of an ascetic monk for the sake of pursuing her goals and assuaging her paranoia.


I never thought I’d enjoy hunting heroes as much as I do. I’m so calling myself Stain from here on out.


God…I will burn you with holy righteousness for these words demon!!!


Yes my friend !!! They will have to face our Sacred Wrath :-):grin:


Why kill, when you can control everyone and everything by takeing over. Just get those gunns blazing on the streets.


Why need to take over when my fans bow down to me willingly ? I don’t even have to forcefully take anything to become rich… my fans will just pay willingly to get my merchandises , i will give them a free autograph for the first 100 buyers :-):stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well yeah you have your fanbase alright, but what about the rest? You can always brainwash them into loving you if the, uh, traditional approach doesn’t work. More fans- more money. Not to mention having an army of puppets at your beck and call.
Speaking of which. If our Puppet is labeled as the “main” one do you think we can get more in the future? Maybe we could even control several bodies at the same time :v would be sick.


I think too many personality will make me “feeling uncomfortable” :slight_smile: Like sure we can go in and control another’s body but the operation of the organs and limbs will be different with respect to different body … and perhaps even the brain cells of different bodies will be different so i would think it is going to harm our essence/ soul in the long term :wink:

Brain wash them into loving us will be boring right ? Like we already knows how they are going to response , so it is kind of like playing puppets :-):stuck_out_tongue: