WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 16 february 2019 (SPOILER WARNING!)



is that a reference or something? how about you open it?


It’s disturbing how easily a former member of the Rangers can psychically control for information from cops in your area. I visited Ortega’s home this morning, after you’d left. I tried to play your life. I tried to taste the life of a simple Fallen Hero. It didn’t work out, so I took a souvenir…her pretty head



So while we are all hopefully and eagerly wating to kill herald and Co someday . Let’s talk money! So maybe this has been talked about before but I just want to know what lifestyle people live. Is you’re mc poor or rich? why? For me I’m rich. A kingpin needs the green in order to thrive. But I do make sure to be cautious about it. Makeing sure I’m not buying expensive thing in order to keep a low profile.


Rich because if you’re going to die destroying the world why not have some fun?


Still living in his old aparment (so i guess poor event tho he robbed gala), but there will be plenty of time for beachside property when the farm lies in ashes


Wealthy, but only because I steal from criminals because i feel the least bad about that.


I steal from criminals because fuck them I’m destroying everyone equally


wealthy and i have no idea how because i blew up the museum and now i’m a hero hunter so??? not that i’m complaining lol.


Maybe you Rob from criminals too


My MC will be pretty rich - she robs criminals and robbed the gala. All that money goes to her illegal schemes and covering them up. She doesn’t spend it on anything that would draw attention to her civilian persona.


Rich. My MC robbed the gala as a means to an end has continued to do so. She’s too cautious to draw unnecessary attention to herself, but as powerful as the people she’s gunning for are, she wants all the resources she can get.

My other build is comfortable but that’s because she’s an anarchist who goes around exposing people. She’s focused less on accumulating resources and more on slowly working her way up the food chain.


Poor. I was like: better be careful about it, I don’t want to stand out too much. It might draw unwanted attention…


My highly neurotic Mastermind lives full time in the sewers and tunnels beneath Los Diablos, only taking enough to survive via skimming, their vendetta against the Rangers and their high profile, theatrical style of villainy making them even more paranoid than before.

In those tunnels squatters warn of a vengeful phantom that nests among them. If you wander into an impeccably clean area and there’s discarded Butterfinger wrappers around, run.


My Mc is obviously just a rich person who robs villains due to their comfort in doing so for he…destroyed his past at the Gala…


Was this a scene in book 1? I don’t remember coming across a conversation with Argent and Herald.


Yeah you had to go alone to the gala and check out the exhibitions.


A little help here!

So how do I take a piece of argent at the end. In the tunnels?


Why you want to do that ?:wink:

for my case, i use telepathy to make Lady Argent Breathless … she will faint and drop into the river… here you will have a choice to pull her up and save her, then there will be option to take a piece of her hair I didn’t chose that option so i don’t know what purpose it serve :wink:


Currently in the WIP is NOT taking her hair even possible?


You need to choose the strenght upgrade, defeat her in the tunnels(I do it by ambushing her and use the telepathy I have more stats with) and pick her up when she is about to fall, there you should get the option to take a trophy or something like that.