WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 16 february 2019 (SPOILER WARNING!)



Remember we can get our ass kicked in both books. You don’t get a guaranteed win fighting lady argent. We might be able to kill all the rangers and anyone else and survive. But we’re going to have to earn that slaughter.


unless its a fake death ? could be…

like make steel seem dead , meanwhile you deal with herald or lady argent . Then he come back to fight you in another book ?

I just don’t see the ranger keel over that fast . I know we kicked their butts (minus steel) in book 1 . But I don’t think they be easy to take down starting in book 2 .


Well… Lady Argent already manage to resist my telepathic attack and we fought to a draw in Book 2 :wink:

So you are right … :slight_smile:


yeah ,

it just seem the rangers won’t be easy to take down…

I mean they have been around for so long . I know some peoples are on the war path lol and so I’m too! But still…gonna be fun though!


Well , I don’t want kill them. I want grabbing Herald win money and fame . If they live or not. I don’t care I haven’t killed anyone and that.
I hope not all endings will be Gratuitous torture, pointless edgy and braindless slaughter. If I want that there are millions of terrible creppy paste of glorified violence fan fiction.


I’m sure it won’t be like that…

there is nothing in the story thats glorified violence anyway .


But honestly, i don’t feel Rangers as a threat now

Lady Argent is fond of me so she isn’t a threat at all… Herald is scared of my villain, i just need to shoo him off next time …Lol

I am now more worry about Hollow Ground, so my main focus will be him :slight_smile:


I don’t know all i read here is or torture , violence, dismembered fetish eat people and worse. If the game were made for fans I wouldnt want to read the project for all gold in the universe.

I just want point out to @malinryden that not all fans are focused in torture; violence and worse . Some people want a real dynamics relationship rivalry and a positive interactions with characters


depand on your mc…


I got the farm stuff at the end of book 1 . So that is coming…

as for hollow ground , not sure really . I know Ortega is obsessed with them , but the mc has no reason to , save if they decide to help ortega in any way (or picked a vilain background and stole from vilains ) .

I see herald as something to be stumped…Lady argent is someone to turn . Steel is a threath to my mc . Ortega is the Love of my life though lol .

@poison_mara well peoples can vent it in the thread .


It doesn’t mean the author gonna make it happen . Alot of peoples will talk about this and that . I mean look at Wayhaven thread , I see alot of peoples talking about Nate and Adam , should I freak out they gonna be dude ? when in my game all 4 vampires are female . See what I mean ? I think it’s just peoples talking and having fun with each others and what they planning to do . It doesn’t change your game or how you gonna play . And it certainly won’t change what the author has planned . I wouldn’t worry…:blush:


Sometimes is good remember that people posting here is not the entire fandom. So say not everyone is for Go torture team is necessary. Due 99% people is from that edgy club. So I bring balance to force lol :wink:


unless we convert you to the dark side…:sweat_smile:


I am at the dark side but the neutral evil lol. I want money power and fame. Not mindless killing also banging herald


there is a choice where we can choose to be more comfortable to deal with criminals so Hollow Ground is my pick…

And i do it to appease my fanclub … challenging Hollow Ground will gain more headline than fighting Rangers :slight_smile:

And Hollow ground match nicely with my villain “Faith”.
My campaign will title " To Fill the Hollow emptiness with Faith " :slight_smile:


Lol don’t tell me your character is called Faith and when you say fill the hollow…


Yeah… my Hero’s name is Faith, actually his costume is identical to DC 's Fate :slight_smile:

Hollow is emptiness right ? Like a vacumm… so this Hollow emptiness can only be fullfil by the power of Faith :wink: a poetic justice, don’t you think so :-):grin:


Yeah… yeah :roll_eyes: You want throttle through the hollow to fill it. I see you could be direct lol Like me totally saying that i want bang the Herald… no need subterfuge


Yeah… since my organisation is in a collison course with Hollow Ground a succesful propaganda campaign will gain me morale boast and even draw his followers to me …

I will ensure the underworld abandoning their fear of Hollow by embracing the True Faith :wink:


I being balance to the force! The Rangers must be kept alive…Ortega must be safe! The Farm must be exposed! It’s the only way!


In book three the world burns


And I will take you down with it