WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 16 february 2019 (SPOILER WARNING!)



I’ll protect what I care for by destroying everything and everyone that dares threatening those things, and that about proving them right, well they are right and I want to be seen as one, I even choose the terrifying armor so they can know about it.




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Then you are all foolish…I hope that you see the light…see your actions are foolish…


I know I haven’t been as active on this thread as I was for the first part, RL can be a bitch. But I still check in when I get the chance. After that last update I needed to post. I was quite pleased to see that the reveal seems to confirm one of my pet theories from part one. Some might remember that old conversation. Now if @malinryden confirms my theory that the puppet is starting to develop their own personality apart from the mc I’ll be 2 for 2.

With that in mind I’ve got a couple more rabbit holes to explore.

First, the little bit of info we get from Argent’s hair is giving me strong Venom vibes. Instead of symbiotic aliens we get nanovores . Not sure how that happens, but it does explain some of her physical and mental … quirks? If she turns out to be an embodiment of the second most traumatic event in our lives that would be deliciously angsty.

Secondly, anyone who has played through the first part as different mc’s has surly noticed that Hallowed Ground has the same physical attributes as mc. Originally I had suspected a twin or more likely clone situation. But then the mystery visitor at my lair also had the same description. Now I’ve only played through once so if everyone else was visited by a well dressed black man you can probably ignore this speculation. But if it was Hallowed Ground as I suspect then the physical similarity would have been obvious. So my new theory is that they are a different generation of the same experiment, mc 2.0 maybe? Either way if Hallowed Ground really is same/same as mc it makes you wonder whose minds they have been visiting, and who could be their puppet?




got a black man too but I do think he worked for hollow ground , so I don’t believe in this ‘hollow ground’ clone theorie . Homewhever , let me ask you this : If it’s true…how come they survived this long ? How come they never made a move against the farm ? and why would they have similar power as the mc ? and why would they need a puppet if they have a whole criminal organization ?

The obvious thing would be dr mortum . If I don’t romance dr mortum , she get a phone call in the end of book 1 . I suspect it’s from hollow ground . Why call if dr mortum can be taken over if hollow ground was a telepath too ?

I personally think that hollow ground is maybe an ex hero that the ranger know . How else they could’ve stayed under their radar this long ?


Reasons for Hollow MC to not go after The Farm.

  1. How many times have the mafia laud siege to the FBI or the military. Would Al Capone try to break into Area 51? That’s just crazy.

  2. If you control The Farm ( another possibility )why mess with them?

  3. If you’re an escaped experiment why get on their radar?


don’t do that…

use real life exemple for a game that has clone and weird powers .


why mess with them ? because the farm think all their escaped cuckoo are proprety ? if hollow ground has any tie to the farm…they are on the run too .

Again , if hollow ground is an escaped experiment…that would mean as long as the farm exist , no matter how many thug and merc they have…they are still at risk . Also they have to hide their identity . Never show their faces , not even to trusted second in command . And that get tiresome in the long run if you are running an illegal thing .

Also , if hollow ground is really like the mc…then one would assume they do everything for the mc to be ‘deleted’ so not to attract attention to them .

Yet so far , hollow ground has been untouched . Either by the farm or govenement or the military or even the rangers . So that beg the question as to why ? Why only kill a marshal once upon a time and stop there ?

who made sure the ranger never go after hollow ground ? why did they do that ?

why hollow ground is ‘needed’ anyway ?

thats one thing I love about this game , you always get more questions to think about .


never pick a fight you can’t win. That’s why Hollow Ground hasn’t gone After The Farm. And by keeping their identity secret The Farm hasn’t gone after them.


I already posted something like this before, but Hollow Ground might be where the genetic material for us was gathered so they might not be a cuckoo, not even a mod or a boost for that matter, in this case they wouldn’t have much of a motivation to go against the farm (not to metion the farm has re-genes who are pretty op to use as defense).

People might not go after Hollow Ground because they probably keep petty criminals in check, they may mantain some sort of balance where if they were removed all of these small fries will start chaos in the city and no one wants to deal with that and all the clean up after.



beware SPOILER!!!

Hollow ground…


is ARIA T’Loak! Ah! I knew it! :rofl:


there is only one rule in Los Diablos, dont. fuck. with. Hollow Ground. lol


Speculation about the Spoiler below:

I’ve played Book 1 several times with both male and female cis MCs. In my experience, Heartbreak is always the opposite gender of the MCs gender. Due to Heartbreak’s telepathic abilities and shared eye color/hair color of the MC, I think that Heartbreak was the contributor for at least one half of the MCs DNA, and likely the sole reason for the MCs powers. As for Hollow Ground, I think their age, their resemblance to the MC, and the fact that they are the same gender as the MC is good reason for them to be the other ‘parent’ of the MC.

Is Hollow Ground a ReGene, though? I don’t think so. I do think they work with the Farm. I think they also voluntarily gave their DNA to the Farm to create the MC.

This is the part where I put on my tinfoil hat: the MC is a ReGene, but not a clone. I think they were designed to be unique—the Farm wanted to create a powerful telepathic operative that they could control for their own ends.

TL;DR MC is a ReGene but not a clone, and HG + HB = MC, similarly to how R + L = J


As far as I know Heartbreak in the flashback always shares the gender of the puppet, that’s why in earlier posts I said that I had the theory of puppet being Heartbreak.


Ah, is that so? There goes my crackpot theory, haha!


Well, not entirely the mc could very well be created with dna from two men (as that allows for both XX and XY combinations), two women is admittedly harder to do if the mc themselves is male, but with very advanced genetic engineering to create a custom y chromosome in case of male mc not completely impossible either.

In any case it is a very nice crackpot theory. :+1:


So theoretically taking out Hollow Ground would probably cause an underworld power vacuum that the Rangers will have to clean up and the MC could take advantage of.

That sounds fun. :smiling_imp:


I think so, that is the tactic used by CIA in Sicario 2 … let the bad guys finished off one another when the main boss down, and the authority come in to clean up the left over :slight_smile:

So in this case, we could either take a break and watch the Royal Rumble or take the initiative and unify those who are willing to bear our banner :slight_smile:

Conclusion, Hollow Ground is going down for my route … unless he is willing to bow before me :slight_smile:


Alright my murderous Colleagues I have bad news from The Tumblr

We WON’T be able to kill a ranger in book 2 . So put away your knives and guns and Nanovores. Sigh

@Vacco_da_king looks like your little Ortega gets a reprieve… Until Book 3.