WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 16 february 2019 (SPOILER WARNING!)



I don’t want a harem. Besides he’s already mine. I marked him. I’m just collecting my property now


An harem just makes you more vulnerable to getting stabbed you know.


Just like your henchy


Whel in my case My character is a vag thursrsty character. So I don’t know how to explain.


Nah not if you are a tellepath


My character is thirsty for Argent’s bum. Specifically the bum. Anything else is icing ;p


Anyway is Argent like… ALL metal (insides and everything too) or only her skin? Xd eating metal ass… Not sure I’d want to try that xD

Lmao okay I’m going to sleep play nice guys xD


Different strokes for different folks sleep well :slight_smile:

And I’ll let you know if she’s all metal once I find out :wink:


Nighty night @smuteczekbiczo

How to break up with your RO



Ortega= Sayori
Yuri= Herald
Natsuki= Mortum
Argent= Monika


Wait a second, you mean to say herald is the true yandere here?

It makes sense I guess, with all his obsession, worshipping and need to make a connection with mc.


Creepy and obsessive? Yep! I bet he has a Sidestep blow up doll


He may have the Sidestep and Ortega collectible action figures, with Sidestep’s in an altar and Ortega’s filled with knives once he found out of our old relationship of flirting(if you choose that path).


He’s got the sidestep rule 34 poster on his wall.


I wouldn’t be surprised if he made it himself.


I wouldn’t be surprised if he kisses it every night before bed


Let’s just hope thats all he does with it, although we all know the truth.


Well the blow up doll is what he does everything else with.


You all will destroy everything you care about…you will be seen as a monster…you will prove them right…


We are a monster and only death shall free us . But we’ll make them earn it.