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So is there no way for MC and Argent to work together in the heist?? I mean they want the same thing… so was hoping they will team up and steal the machine…then use the machine one after another…or is that machine useable only once?


More like it has to be assembled first, likely requiring a further series of heists and thefts to secure its components. What we’re stealing are the blueprints and research behind the device. The project was likely shut down before they even built a prototype, so we’re going to be prototyping untested technology with ourselves as the guinea pigs.
Argent can find her own plans, these are my mc’s. Though if he wins out against the government his shell corporation may become an actual one and actually built and sell the devices. I mean, super high-priced medical equipment, right? If they don’t already have it I’m willing to bet both the black market and the other nations of this world, such as the Soviet Union would be willing to pay top dollar for it.


Fallen hero: oceans 8?


they both value anonymite…


and unless you take the romance route with argent…(and even then!)…if its true she is dying…why would she hand it over for ?

hell…that may just break any romance lol…

mc: argent! if you love meh…you give it to meh! pretty pleaseee!
Argent: I knew it! you were just lying to get to this! Well I need it MOAR!!
(muahahaha)…totally evil scenario :sweat_smile:


Is that where they replaced all the cute guys with girls? No thanks, give me the one with young Damon and young-sih Pitt.


My name has been invoked enough times that the crypt seals have shattered and I walk this world once again.

To answer your question, I named my artificial lifeforms Myrmidons for the reason you’ve stated: They’re beings designed to do whatever is asked of them, without question. The original Myrmidons were made from a colony of ants (thus the name, which comes from the Greek word for ant: Myrmex). During the Trojan War, they fought under the direct command of Achilles, and were famed for following any order given, no matter how heinous or dishonourable.

Most words for synthetic beings emphasise the fact that they are compelled to do things for us. The word Robot comes from the Czech word robota, which means ‘forced labour’. The term comes from a play called Rossum’s Universal Robots, which describes a race of servants produced in a factory using organic components, describing organs grown in vats and blood vessels spun on reels.

Funnily enough, the word ‘android’ dates back to the early 18th Century, although there were precious few things to apply the title to back then…


I’ll just post this here and slowly walk away, think of it as a suggestion.


I didn’t mean it like that… what I mean is, if they both need that device, why not working together. You are already working with others on different projects… so it’s nothing new if you help Argent out as well…and after you get the machine you can both use it. S/he would not mind working with you and sharing the machine if you (Villain MC) have high enough relationship with her/him.


work together as a vilain ? or a hero?

as a hero…that mean revealing who you are…and thats bad . (Or too soon)


and as a vilain , you also need to have argent on your side and being able to trust her . You maybe willing to share , but NOTHING guarantee that argent would want to . After all , she may think her need is above yours . Add to that , if what she is doing is secret…teaming with anyone would probably put her on edge . if its find out , she could lose her spot with the ranger and who know what shady governement would wanna lock her up . After all…her past is unknown…and everyone in Los Diablos has skeleton and shady stuff they wanna hide .

Dont forget that for her to get the item , she has to crash a vilain party (and she is a Legal Hero) lol that alone gonna get her in trouble if its find out . Even let say YOU steal it ,…if the choice with a high romance with her work…Shrug…that probably will be in futur books . And for anyone who doesnt romance her…we probably get to fight her for it…and feel the endless guilt…Dun Dun…Argent die for loss of a cure…


Its isn’t confirmed that it’s even Argent that’s there.These are just peoples theories. The person is named Oryx and you notice the fighting style is familiar on Argent rival path but it isn’t a guarantee it’s her. Also the her being sick is just someone’s theory thats on Tumblr, not something Malin confirmed.


Going back a few posts just because I want to throw this out somewhere, my Hollow Ground powers theory centers around the way they’re associated with so much earth/ground imagery: like their name (obviously) and the way that their voice is described as a "gravely rumble.” That plus the fact that the setting of the game relies heavily upon earthquakes constantly ravaging the city makes me wildly speculate that HG may have some sort of earth/ground manipulation thing going on. How is that useful to a crime boss? I don’t know, but…word choice has to mean something, right?

I’m also suuuuper attached to the concept of Hollow Ground and the MC as clones, so I’d also be really interested when the inevitable showdown happens to see if HG could also possess a version of telepathy. If I recall correctly, we haven’t met another telepath in game yet, so I think a completely mental powered-based battle would be really cool.


What, you forgot the heart break incident so soon???


Because it would almost inevitably mean Argent finding out my mc’s big secret. When the whole point of obtaining the blueprints and building the thing is to not have people find that out, ever. (and to be able to look at themselves naked without vomiting / look sexy for Herald).


Err…do you really need to tell Argent why you need it??? Not really… s/he won’t ask you probably… and s/he will appreciate if you do the same…


you really think she wouldn’t ask ? when so far she tried to tear the mc apart ?


Yes… I know she is different… but she won’t ask if you fulfill my condition.


Now that you mention Mass Effect 2’s Grunt, who was created from the genes of the strongest and smartest Krogan…

Almost makes me wonder just who provides the Re-genes’ genetic strain. Do they all look alike in some manner? Have similar characteristics? I know that some are bred for combat, while others, like the MC are bred to assimilate in society. :thinking:


IMO, Fallen Hero has much much better writing. Amidst the neon lights has an interesting premise, but needs a whole lot more editing before it stands a chance in the play and app stores.


Some new ones I found

Latest spots on chapter 16

Auctions like this doesn’t happen often.
Auctions like this don’t happen often.

Dr. Mortum. $!{mhe} was viewing the auction objects. You’ll be safe there.
Or at least safer.
Too many safe. The word keeps popping up in your head like popcorns burning in the microwave
Not sure what this was supposed to mean. It repeats through choices.

#I step out if sight, but try to listen in
#I step out of sight, but try to listen in

so whatever was averted was averted.
repeated words. Repeats through choices

#We need to go now. Something is about to go wrong.
“Sounds fine with me,” you say, nervously looking around.
Shouldn’t Mortum be the one saying it’s fine with him?

you follow Dr. Mortum to get ${mhis} price


Some more on chapter 16:

grabs you and run

and then the floor do vibrate beneath you

I will wait her for a little, just in case