WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 16 february 2019 (SPOILER WARNING!)



I believe it’s if you go to the gala alone, then go find a quiet spot away from people. It’s just a real brief couple sentences.

Edit: doubting my memory on this now, will find you the proper answer in a minute if no one else answers

Double Edit: @sharknap I went and double checked, and it is indeed at the gala when you go alone, choose to go somewhere secluded.


@malinryden Thank you.

I haven’t been keeping up with my fave Hosted CoG here because school and life and everything has just been so busy and hectic. But finally having the chance to read the scene with with Steel and his dog Spoon and his reason for naming him I honestly teared up a bit. It’s been so hard and seeing characters who understand what I’m going through as a Spoonie myself… I honestly can’t explain how it made me feel.

So thank you. Please keep up the good work.


Idk if anyone else thought of this. My memory might be off about this as well. But could the puppet actually be Locus? If i remember right, Locus has been missing for a while and is also an alpha level telepath. Maybe something happened and Locus was put in the state Cyrus finds them in and is now slowly but surely stirring.


@Beaterxys given that Locus is canonically a black female, I don’t think so. (At least I believe she’s black. I know she’s female but I feel like I recall the description of purple (lips) on black skin)


Yh i couldnt remember right. It just hit me when it was with my puppet (female) and i couldnt help but think “Locus?”


To be fair, i only remembered because I played Rebirth again very recently. But yeah, since you can choose the sex and race of the puppet and Locus doesn’t change, I don’t think it’s possible. (also Malin confirmed the Rangers have worked with Locus and she was known before disappearing, I think Ortega would’ve recognized the puppet if that were the case)

What is curious is Heartbreak’s gender changes with the puppet’s…


You Liar.


? I’m pretty sure it does though? I’m almost certain when I played with a female puppet, Heartbreak was female and when I had a male puppet, they were male? I thought I saw people mention it, too…


Im not actually calling you a liar. just saying it in disbelief. I would be completely shocked and scream to the sky if heatbreak was closer to home than realized.


Oh okay, I didn’t get the tone in text lol. I have no theories on what it means, but there’s an observation to chew on at least


already chewing. things could have happened to prevent cyrus from actually seeing what heartbreak really looked like. Heartbreak might not have died and could have manipulated things to seem that way. Control a paramedic or whoever from afar and boom straight to the hospital or wherever Cyrus got the puppet from. also the italics. small detail and obviously could just detail the urgent thoughts but could also be heartbreak’s words. Need to replay rebirth and theorize more but if this is the case. i will throw my phone at some point.


Wasn’t HB a telepath though? And the puppet is a precog? Not saying it’s impossible for someone to be both, but MC’s been in puppet’s head for quite some time and if they are a telepath MC should be able to tell.


I don’t think the Puppet/Heartbreak gender thing means anything. I’m gonna guess its just meant to be a red herring to distract from whatever is up with the MC and Hollow Ground.


Not sure if having the same–or similar–powers as the one you pilot being easier to control/discover is a strict rule when it comes to using the powers of the individual being possessed, but it has been discussed previously when it was asked about. Less tangentially, I mean to say someone once asked about the ease with which the main character (or anyone with that sort of ability I suppose) might be able to use the powers of someone they have control over.

Sidestep also thought about it in the first part of book one when they try speaking to Herald through Lady Argent to get him to let his guard down.
“Fine motor skills”–as the mc put it–require the target being possessed to be closer to consciousness so that there is minimal notice anything like a possession was taking place. With Argent, they couldn’t risk letting her have that much mental freedom, because it seemed to have been taxing just to keep control over an unfamiliar body from that range.

In the case of the puppet? Something is happening behind the scenes with them whether the mc notices as much per play-through or not. :thinking:


Just to get this out of my head.
Our MC is a robot, created by the government to look like human, but escaped and lives under humans, even if they don’t feel like they belong. They have telepathy (somehow?) and can read other people minds and even control them. They were a superhero/vigilant who had an traumatizing experience from which they got psychological damage. And now they become obssesed to be a supervillain, have three personalities (Casual/puppet/supervillain) while potentially having romance and/or friendship with the heroes they try to destroy…
This is so much like a comic.
But it is still one of the best story’s so far that I have ever read.


You technically aren’t a robot. Your mind is artificial but your body is organically human. Have you played the first one, cause this is just a demo for the second game.


Yes I have played the first one and the demo. And I know the MC is not “just” a robot. But it was for a list simpler to say “robot”, than trying to discuss the complex topic of what is a robot, an artificial intelligence, synthetic being, or a human. Instead going down that rabbit hole i chose the simpler option to describe it.


Oh my bad sounded like you didn’t play the first and might miss some stuff.


What, and miss the great story!?! Never :wink:


I like @Moreau 's term “Myrmidon” to describe the kind of artificial human-derived construct the mc really is. Compared to the Myrmidon the process this version of the US government used to create the mc is more primitive and they of course deliberately stunt and mutilate their creations, whereas in the Myrmidon the mc is (near) flawless. But then in that game their template was carefully selected for excellence, I suppose. :sweat_smile: