WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 16 february 2019 (SPOILER WARNING!)





Okay thanks, precognition is a hidden stat right?


The update… wow. That’s alot of ways to screw up.

not sure if this is an error?

I haven’t gotten this scene in my playthroughs yet, but it seems like ‘her’ here refers to the puppet? Though not all puppets are female.


Some small things I noticed:

1 Ortega being too handsy for their own good.
I think you’re missing a ${his}

2 #My body still have needs
has needs

3 You’ve been meaning to read up on the various costumed menaces that haven’t got in your way yet, a lot have changed since you were running with the Rangers.
a lot has changed.


anyone know how to get the ‘stay outside and watch’’ ? or the above what @cheion posted ?


Is there a way to raise the precognition stat?


Go gamble before the auction should be enough for The Mess Up. And I think Ortega/Puppet dinner does the thing too, if you want greyed out options available?


I did the Ortega/puppet then I gambled, I did a lot of replays… still greyed out :confused:
Doesn’t bother me that much, at least I punched Herald… so yeah


I think to try and be able to focus on your precognition power in the auction (I only got it once, so I’m not sure), you need to:

1. Have had a weird experience when Gambling at Joe.

2. Go have coffee with Ortega as the puppet. Stay at your seat and fidget. Weither you save your puppet, Ortega or both is up to you, but don’t repress the feeling.

3. Go to the tables during the auction.

At this point, you will notice that your puppet might be Boosted, and can actively try to use their power.


Hmmmm…I could see something happening in terms of the puppet and how you as a character acts

1. The puppet gains some sorta freedom, able to go around without the MC and tells the rangers or I.E Ortega what you have done
2. If the MC is being such a swell person then the anger, pain and utter hatred of people slowly gets pushed into the puppet until they are able to go free, where he somehow gains a portion of the powers of the MC and gets the bad ass suit and goes on a rampage of some sorts utterly ruining the decent name of your “villain”
3. If your such a prick the puppet gains freedom and does sorts the same thing up until he gets the suit and goes and utterly beats the MC down…



being able to sense upcoming danger , the puppet is mostly human with no others powers . Sidestep still can kick them to the curb .

add to that , beside some mumbling during the hospital visit…the puppet is still clinicly in a coma . otherwise we wouldnt be able to possess them at all .

the last issue , is IF the puppet were to wake up…and its a very important ‘tool’ to the mc , the choice of what to do become very small . Since they can be in a romance with the Dr. or Ortega or Both…and if you were to kill the puppet…they will be noticed missing . And ortega is a hound when that will happen . The only thing I can think of…is that to force the puppet back into a state of coma…(lose the tool) and advance the time table to reveal yourself…which therefor mean it wont matter if the puppet is revealed that was under your control .


True, but what I put out are three possibilities. Since for some reason I believe the puppet is more important then what we See in this story, the puppet is to simple of a character to be a simple tool…it has to be something more important…


On Tumblr she confirmed you can ditch using the puppet forever during Book 2.


of course the puppet is important , but in most playtrough its used as a Tool , a tool to romance Ortega because the mc can’t…a tool to deal with the Dr and fixing your armor…

it doesnt mean a Tool like a nobody , discarded (though you do have those options…I love mah puppet! :hugs:)…aaahem…anyway…thats what I mean :yum:


So I’m not sure what the trigger was to unlock the greyed out area in the auction… but after I started the demo over with a character with the strength and telepath upgrade, along with having met Jake at the bar. I managed to unlock the precognition option at the auction. Also something notable I didn’t choose to go to therapy and I also didn’t meet with Ortega or the Dr in my puppets body.


I think it would be interesting if the puppet were to wake up and go on a quest to take us down. They have the potential to become something similar to the old Sidestep, since they would be well versed in martial art, and able to predict their opponents movements. And a showdown between someone that can read minds and someone that can predict the future is bound to be fun.



that kinda inspired me …

imagine if the puppet make another duplicate of the mc armor…

we can be anywhereeeeeeeeee!!! screw the ranger mind beyond the telepathic abilities…muahahahaha :rofl:


That is what I’m talking about my dudes! I’ve been thinking if the puppet gain’s freedom, this could change the entire dynamic in your play through…


Be cool if we could somehow create a whole new personality for the dummy that you have determined so they would be loyal to you, know how to think like you, and operate separate from you


So I have learned from tumblr that there is a scene with sidestep and sharks at the farm. Could anyone direct me as to how I see this scene? I seem to have missed it on every replay.