WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 16 february 2019 (SPOILER WARNING!)



Issues with killing civilians doesn’t necessarily mean issues with killing villains/henchmen. Or it could be just pure desperation and need overriding any moral qualms.

Hehe, you’re probably right that he does know what they are in theory, but I don’t know that if he just sees the MC’s markings he’d be able to identify them. Reaction-wise, He just seems so… harmless I guess would be the closest word? Like it seems like it would take harming the Rangers, civilians, his family, or Sidestep, to make him furious or react very negatively.

That’s very possible, but I’m assuming that the MC at least has a friendly/respectful or romantic relationship with them if they are revealing themselves as a Re-Gene. If the Re-Gene revelation is accompanied with more explanation on HB and what happened to Sidestep afterwards, I highly doubt Steel would turn the MC over to the Farm without a second thought. He may, foolishly, want to go through the proper chain of command about it, but I think it would be a very big crisis of faith and a character defining moment. Does he value his friends and allies or his country more, sort of thing.

As for Argent, if we disclose the possession and are entirely unrepentant about it, then yeah I could see that happening. She’s already the loose cannon of the Rangers though, an impressive feat considering Ortega, so I doubt she would jump straight to following the rules and directives of a secret government organization without hesitation. She can already be attracted to a massacring villain, I don’t think being a Re-Gene is a relationship-ender in her book. She seems value a person’s actions and abilities more than their background.


These all seem to assume it is the mc doing the revealing to them in private and of their own volition, which mine would never even contemplate doing. Being exposed, particularly by the media would prompt far more negative reactions I’m sure.

Maybe, but then my mc does not want Herald to know he ever had them in the first place. He very much aims to construct a regeneration device before taking the relationship with Herald to the next level.

My mc does not want to find out. While it might prompt a great personal crisis for Steel for the mc never falling in the hands of the Farm again is an existential crisis. They’ve escaped twice now, I don’t think they’re going to let the mc get away a third time, not with the extent their powers seem to be growing.

But my mc is mostly unrepentant about it. I mean he needed to do that break-in and he couldn’t chance to possess Steel due to old history and Herald seemed unsuitable. He might be starting to feel just a tiny bit guilty about what he did to poor Herald, but Argent came away without significant damage.


Very fair. As with all secrets, learning about one through the media or secondhand is very different than the person working up the courage to disclose their secret firsthand. Media vs private reveal seems to be the difference between a leap of faith in a relationship and pretty much the ultimate sign that the MC trusts the other person, and just screwing up badly enough to be outed.

That definitely seems to be the more happy outcome, but I still think the MC will be unhappy even if they erase their scars because their relationships will still be built upon lies and deceit even if they aren’t anymore.

In complete agreement about Steel not being easy to trust when it comes to possible recapture by the Farm. Out of all the Rangers, I would trust Steel the least when it comes to a reveal. The main reason I think he may support the MC is because he was already very suspicious after HB. If an MC plays their cards right, I think that they could shatter Steel’s faith in the government.

We go down different paths when it comes to Argent. My MC also came to the conclusion that he had no other recourse but to possess her to steal the nanovores and didn’t feel too bad about it initially. After getting to know her a little better through Rebirth and some therapy though, he starts to feel guilty about it. More than anyone, Sidestep should know the lasting trauma that can happen when a telepath decides to screw with you and my empathetic MC is realizing he essentially did to Argent what HB did to himself.


So that’s what people are talking about. Hi.

Also, any one getting the feel that HG/someone totally set the machine up as some kind of bait? Considering the type of people that would be most desperate to have it, and the bunch of people who actually came to get it.

At long last, we start getting clues about the puppet’s past!

Also getting a feel that the puppet’s personality has significantly diverged from both MC and villain. I wonder how long before we lose control.

Does Steel have faith in the government right now? After the latest few interactions it feels like he already knows his employer is shady af, he’s more loyal to his duty and the work the Rangers do than to the government itself. MC always had the impression that Steel was a government loyalist, but do we have any evidence to support that?

some minor bugs

Unfinished sentences:


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So how exactly do you get other options like “Stay and look” during the auction scene?

Also, I can’t wait for the villain version


Any particular option you’re trying to choose?


So I was trying to explore the Precog stuff in the update, and I think I found a bug.

I was trying to pick the “If I focus, can I sense disaster before it strikes?”, but it was always greyed out. Looking through the code it says I need precognition >= 20, which I should have.

I believe the reason is that in the statsetting section at the bottom where you put your not needed yet variables you have redtwelve set to false again.


I chose to go to the roulette table, not to run away from shroud, keep an eye on anyone who might cause a disturbance and don’t go from the building right after acquiring the weapon
I’m not sure which one triggers the scene however I think keeping an eye on others juust before and during auction might be it and I’m too tired to make sense from source code right now, so I just listed every choice i think could make a difference. Hope it helped

Also, so many things are going on in this update, I love it


Oh my god what an update.

Couple things I noticed in my first playthrough:


Some of the text seems to have disappeared here. In the earlier versions it was fine, but now skips the dialogue about mentioning the puppet’s boss.

There’s a number of continuity issues throughout this part. Sometimes I knew Oryx’s name, next paragraph she would be described as the unknown woman with horns. Here Shroud is not someone I’ve met before. There was a woman with bandages mentioned but that’s it. I also shouldn’t know that’s a regeneration machine. If it helps I played as a streetwise tactician and went to look at the items for sale.

God dang I love this game.


Shroud: Offers to shake hand


Goddamn, she scary as hell.


Like dr. House used to say “everybody lies.” That, coincidentally might also be one of my mc’s favourite expressions. So what do a couple of little white lies to Herald matter if it allows for the building of a worthwhile (romantic/sexual) relationship? Those lies are sure to be a better foundation then the truth “By the way I’m not human, never was and my body is covered in horribly ugly tattoos apart from my hands, wrists, and face. Oh and by the way I’m also the supervillain who beat you up, put you in the hospital and crippled your leg.”
I don’t see the “truth” working out very well as a basis for a good relationship between Herald and my mc either. :frowning:
Besides I’m sure Herald might not like to remember his own youth too much too, assuming that it was bad/awful enough it drove him him and his brother to a near suicide pact where they decided to obtain and risk the boost drug together. I mean wealthy, happy people don’t take a gamble on a drug with a 95% guaranteed fatality rate.


omg life is back to normal ! anyone has a manual how that work ? I forgot with all these festivitie lol

The moment Herald lets you go, you turn, as fast as you ever did in your active days, and delivers a right hook right in his face. Your fist hits him straight in the nose, and with enough force to knock him over flat on his back. A foot from the ground, his powers kick in, leaving him hovering awkwardly in a prone position. If you hadn’t already turned and walked away, he would have been the perfect target for a kick but you want out of here.


So sad, the fact that it requires Eden and not my main dude makes the update not apply to me…so I I’ll wait for I need to experience with story continuity :sob:


I absolutely love herald’s new status oh no he’s hot.


Does anyone know how to get the option to try and use your powers to since what’s up with the crowd while in your puppets body at the auction? I’ve replayed it several times and it’s always greyed out for me.


I can’t wait for this game,but i can’t play demo because that would spoil story,but i can play first part again lol


You gave me something to read after my work :sob::heart_eyes: Thank you so much


You need a high enough precognition score for your puppet. If you’ve used your power enough prior to that point you should be able to use your abilities at that time.


Okay thanks, precognition is a hidden stat right?