WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 16 february 2019 (SPOILER WARNING!)



Good spot, I had an or instead of an and. Will fix that.


Ahahahahhahahaohno. That was… an interesting update. Oops.

Unforseen consequences aside, spotted a pronoun error:

“I can take care of that back at the lab,” her voice has dropped in concern, but you want to get out of this body. You can’t do that around him.

Also, this:

*if (puppet_style = "aikido") #I try to throw him and run.

Should be ‘puppet_skill’ I think? The option does not show up correctly.


So, I’m usually around on Tumblr writing FH fanfic there… but I decided to officially join the forums just to say: HOLY FUDGE. If Sidestep is going to mess up, they should mess up in the worst way possible, and this update definitely showed that. Gee, although I don’t like my MC failing, there’s still this giddy sense of excitement when all hell breaks loose.


So we’ve got someone recognizing the Puppet, more precognitive shenanigans, the return of the Catastrofiend and Argent may or may not be pretending to be a Villain to steal the regeneration machine. Oooh Boy that’s a lot…


Oh shit that makes so much sense, didn’t even occur to me I was so preoccupied with everything else…


kingpin of San Francisco. Or Argent

Also it looks like CF is back. Now the real fun begins.


If you’re talking about Shroud, youintroduce yourself to her, that’s why she knows your name

It makes sense that Argent would want the regeneration machine maybe. Someone on tumblr suggested that her powers are burning her body up (which is why she has to eat all the time) so maybe it’s to save her life/keep her from getting ‘stranger’


No it’s the part when she keeps saying you’re very familiar and insists she’s meet you before. Then later she’ll get her assistant to attack you and try bring you to her


Ah yeah you’re right And the puppet’s body recognizes her too


And she’s not getting it! :angry: My mc needs it more, if he ever wants to have a life of his own (and Herald)! :persevere:


I can’t remember how to do spoiler tags, so I’ll try to be vague. Why do you think that the certain individual is the Antler villain in the update? I’ve gone through the auction a few times and I’ve kept failing to find stuff like that and whatever the huge surprise is that seems to be driving people insane on tumblr.


Hey if you dismantle the farm and government you won’t need to hide those markings!


if you are a fighter and/or have Argent as a rival, you recognize Oryx movements as ‘familiar’ and with it kind of being out of place she’s there in the first place, Argent just assuming some other villains identity to sneak in seems likely


I don’t think it works that way, at least not where having a social or love life is concerned. If that particular truth gets out you’d always be a despicable re-gene and very much not human. Whether or not we can or cannot take over the West Coast as our personal new state.


Thank you, I didn’t think those decisions would’ve impacted it. I’d guess if we visit the auction in our villain persona there’ll be more opportunities to confirm that theory since we’ll probably be fighting over the same object.

I think maybe Ortega is the only one who would react extremely negatively to the Re-Gene revelation. They’ve known and trusted us the longest so it would seem more like a betrayal to them than the other Rangers.

Steel has always suspected Sidestep of something, it would just be confirmation of his suspicions. Argent doesn’t seem like she would care very much about it, but would probably blow up if she finds out we’re responsible for possessing her.

Finally, Herald would be blindsided and very confused but as long as Sidestep isn’t aggressive about it, I think he’d be somewhat understanding. TBH I don’t think he knows what Re-Genes are.


But we’d still be a freak next to the perfection that is Herald. Also I think even that kid knows what re-genes are, that they aren’t “human” and most of all that they are very bad news. We know they keep him (and the other rangers, excepting maybe Steel) in the dark about a lot of things, but this sort of general info as well as how to “work with” the special directive and their puppet re-genes is something even Herald is likely to have been taught when he was signed as a Ranger.

Those two would likely capture the mc and deliver us right back to the Farm if they knew…

Best way to “prove” the mc is not a re-gene, as well as the only viable way to have a true social or sex life (I mean the mc gets nauseous at seeing the body horror hiding under their clothes, and frankly I don’t blame them) is if we can get that regeneration to work without anybody knowing.
After any reveal of that particular secret not even the best regeneration is going to make the mc human in the eyes of most actual humans anymore.


When Oryx goes to fight Shroud, you’ll mention how her movements while fighting are strangely familiar if you’re a fighter or have Argent as your rival. Then further along, if you’re streetwise, you’ll make note of how strangely Oryx is fighting because instead of using kicks like she was known to do it specifically mentions she is slashing at people with her claws. All that plus saying that she’s mysteriously showed up out of nowhere after like 6 months of being missing & at one point during the fight you’ll remark about how you “Don’t think it’s a coincidence” that she went for the one thing you needed…


All signs are pointing to Argent disguising as Oryx, which I can understand given the regeneration machine, her “disguise” covering her entire body, the fact she used “claws”, etc. The only thing I can’t wrap my mind around is the fact that in the scene, Oryx, while carrying a massive container on her shoulder, has a dozen bodies just lying around her. Here’s the actual quote:
“The chaos is centered around the stage. Oryx is hefting a massive container over one shoulder, carrying it as if it was nothing. Around her lie a like of bodies, you have no idea if they are dead or alive.”
I don’t know… I guess I can’t imagine Argent being okay with killing people, given her previous reactions to it when fighting Villian!Sidestep. Thoughts?


Ok, I normally just pay attention here to see what comes up, but I’m confused.

I’ve replayed the auction several times and I always end up running away with Mortum no matter what I choose. How do you get the scene of Oryx fighting Shroud and/or carrying that thing?


Is there anyway to out yourself and announce that your sidestep?