WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 16 february 2019 (SPOILER WARNING!)



It’s my mc’s absolute first priority as without it he can never have an actual life, no many times he might kill the US president on live TV and whether he destroys the Farm or not.

The ray is my mc’s second priority. He does not accompany Ortega, as he will probably need his villain suit and persona to pull this one off successfully.

In any case looking forward to the parts where we get to the auction heist.

For my mc that one chance would be Herald, but he refuses to even contemplate giving in and taking that chance unless he can “fix” himself first and that start with getting rid of the body horror disfigurements hiding beneath his clothes.


Yes because I really hope we can see some villains there, and will be very nice to see them interact base on our choices like you deciding to rob villains could have extra security or some sort or you building a crime network will get you in for free. and I so can’t let Ortega bae be hurt…manly as Ortega for my MC being his one chance back to the light and away from the dark…and without her…the world will pay


If Ortega is at the auction a LOT can happen.

We may NOT be able to complete all objectives.


isnt the auction held by vilains for vilains to sell stolen stuff thoughs ? :thinking:


Doesn’t mean heroes can’t crash it if they know about it.


And what self-respecting villain would actually PAY for something the villain wanted?


Not sure if it has already been adressed. I’m too lazy to read all the comments.


first attempt at a sidestep fanfic


Out of curiosity what’s the difference between killing the civilians in the museum and not killing them?


Different stats and different reactions by npcs. Killing civilians means the hidden stat villainy will be higher. At minimum you will get the kill tag, if you blew up the museum with people in it you will get the massacre tag. Does that answer your question? I wasn’t actually sure what you were trying to figure out.


If you choose to tell Ortega about Argent attacking you, you say you didn’t tell Steel. Attack%20Pt2

But when you argue with Steel just before, you do mention it, even though you don’t really explain.Attack%20Pt1


In the Hero Hunter path the Handyman is still referred to as a Mod:

You didn’t take him seriously enough, he was just a vigilante without any visible powers and with cheap mods


I’m not surprised, given that the boost drug has like 95% failure rate and everyone knows it. For both him and his brother to take it together I assume they came from a bad situation and were willing to roll the dice to get out. One way or the other.


Now you’re making me feel even more sorry for poor Herald. :cry:

But like I said for my mc anything to do with Herald already is in the “it’s complicated” territory, my mc knowing this in-game would only move the needle a bit further into it.

My mc probably always imagined younger Herald being one of those highschool Alpha jocks he used to see on TV, once he even had TV. Naturally he hated those, mostly, like Herald, for being all of the things he could never, ever be.


Had some weirdness with Jake’s pronouns in Puppet/Ortega diner scene:

  "Hey, I know you!" Jake's voice, the hint of annoyance in it proof that she really does remember you. You suppose troublemakers are worth remembering in his line of work.

  You pick up your pace, pretending not to hear. Even if she does recognize you, it's no crime having a cup of coffee.


Little bug right after the fight with Argent, after choosing the option of talking to her and watching her walk away, this text appears.

But lady Argent doesn’t need to be saved, since I didn’t throw her off a bridge.


@velvereure Argent drops herself off the edge, into the ocean below. It happens after your discussion with her.


me when mc and ortega almost boned at that alley

also maybe

something i just noticed when trying the puppet's route after mc's therapy

not a bug though, but his dialogue is kinda repetitive in this part

if this is on purpose just ignore me lmao but this does feel kinda weird like the puppet is a broken record

also thank you Malin for the update!! Don’t overexert yourself okk


Found a little one.

" You have no idea where he got the idea "

(repeated 7 times due to different choices)

Repeated noun on chapter 12.


A class in puppeteering