WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 16 february 2019 (SPOILER WARNING!)



I don’t really get the sense that Mortum likes Ortega. If you go on a date with Mortum at the gala they cursed and dragged you away when Ortega showed up; and now we know that they have also been keeping very close tabs on Charge’s mods and civilian life. It feels vaguely like “preparing to take Ortega down some day but don’t want them to die horribly” kind of attitude.

Remember HB? The farm has plenty of uses for telepaths arguably more horrific than making them into regenes. What I’m wondering is if they are also capturing telepaths as a silencing measure / safety precaution. They are very big on secrecy afterall, and telepathy is a unique advantage in uncovering truths.

Of course, predicting the future is a even more dangerous power. Our dear puppet is very far from any kind of safe.


yes I remember that scene…

but I believe they dragged you out because they didn’t want to be seen . and you know Ortega right ? she is like a dog…see something? run off and smell it…bark bark bark! wiggle tail , look at Mortum…look at puppet…turn head on the side with many ??? and it never end :rofl:

well of course they would . Mortum I mean , she made an armor that was to beat up the ranger . They have to know the ennemy …or the armor would’ve been made of Tin foil lolol we’ll be dooooomed .

No , I think dr.mortum like Ortega…and they are not crazy to go against ortega…cose taking on Ortega is taking on the ranger which also mean taking on the Governement . And she is happy where she is making toys for others . when you take on someone…you are ready to give up alot of things…like your full time job and Lab .

ohhhhhhhh the xfiles XD Sorry…lol hum…thats actually more terrifying . Since that mean , they could be using the telepath to know everything but also…silence anyone .

though…one thing popped in my head at the part about the telepath…was…’‘wouldn’t be kinda ironic…if we end up having to infiltrate back the farm with Ortega (or chosen Li)…to save Locus or the telepath ?’’


This update came when I was just feeling genuinely awful so honestly it couldn’t have come at a better time.

Besides the general adorableness (and wow!! there was a lot of adorableness!) the highlight for me was definitely the bit between Dr. Mortum and a trans MC. :sob: I wish I could articulate myself better ahh. But it means a lot to me that they’re trans, and it has since it was first implied in Rebirth. I just love Dr. Mortum so much, y’all. Every time we get more about them I grow stronger.

Gotta do the friendship route now too! :ok_hand:

Also!! I noticed a potential pronoun error?

I hope this is enough to easily find it, but here:

#"I need to know if Steel can beat ${chim}."

Should probably be “I need to know if Steel can beat them.” so the MC doesn’t accidentally gender themself if they have he/him or she/her pronouns, etc.


So now my head is drained. Think I emptied the last shreds of the inspiration bucket with yesterday’s update. Today is cleaning the entire house before my parents arrive tomorrow, and then there will be family time. Will still be available for asks and stuff on tumblr, but will try to do no writing until they return back home.

I need the rest.

I think the next step will to go back and fix all the continuity issues/path variant notes I have thanks to you people, because after that it’s diving into the auction chapter as we start our rollercoaster back up. So keep finding stuff, it might take some time for me to fix/update, but it is so very valuable.

And once again, thank you for being helpful and awesome, I could never do this on my own.


Okay, I looked back at the updates, and I’ve written 200 000 words in 6 months… that’s not bad.


200,000?! You’re a BEAST, malin :muscle:t2:

Looking forward to the auction, but good to hear you’re going to get a well-deserved break and enjoy your fam!


gonna wish you happy holidays! hope it be great and fun! :fireworks:

and to anyone who won’t be around (I will be , I don’t do festivity) , be safe outta there!


Oooh new update! Awesome as always!

Spotted a pronoun error in an older scene: “One Day You’ll Ask Him About That…” during Puppet/Mortum apartment scene (Had female Dr. Mortum).

Also this:
“Sentinel had done it more than once when she was in a hurry.” Sentinel was referred to by male pronouns in Rebirth, no?


Sentinel did have male pronouns… fixed.


Shouldn’t the character’s vice of choice get reflected in their drink options at the bar with Ortega?

Someone who is caffeine addicted would probably want an irish coffee or snow cap or something, and someone with a sweet tooth would probably want something more along the lines of “it comes with a little umbrella” sort of deal.


It would be understatement if I say the situation is complicated…

MC is romancing Ortega, Puppet is romancing good doctor, Villain (MC) is trying to romance Argent…:dizzy_face:


I spotted another error in the shrink scene, after this part:

You’re just a nobody to her, a blank slate she’s trying to fill in.

Trying to fix.

For the choice

#I'm not sure how to feel about that

Both the text tagged under villainy <70 and villainy <=30 are displayed in the same playthrough. I don’t think this was supposed to be the case? Since the texts seems to cater specifically to different MCs.

To illustrate more clearly…

For an MC of villainy below 30

This was what I saw in my playthrough:

Compared with the code:


Thank you so much! Oh the difference between and or an or.



The progress that you have made is just astounding to see. Nearly 200,000 words in 7 months. It made my eyes water to see how much you have done in such a relatively short amount of time. Great work. :smile:


Now that I think about it, this demo that the great god of Malin has shown us, has shown us our must prized heros…the hero’s some hate, the heros some love, and yet…now my mind wonders to the villains…what new up and comers, those villains that see the weakness of the much prized Rangers…oh lord I do wonder if we could put some…juicy non-lawful extreme beat downs upon them…because now with my love of Ortega is confirmed. I wonder…I wonder of these villains…what are they doing? How will we interact with them? Will we pursue them as we did back in the yee old days? Or will the player help them! Make them build their evil empire? Hmm, it’s a thought I’ve been having for I’ve been picturing the… Auction will most promising…with what I’ll presume and Ortega trying to bust it down…The player’s valid interest in it and with the great docter’s Ray for sell…oh I can’t wait to see the villains, see how Ortega reacts to our valid villain or anti-hero for anyway I can put it, I see a delicious…sport and a extra adding of revenge if one or more of our wanted objects is harmed…


yes they will be as we are. More strings to control and have fun with. A whole line of villains ready to server their new master.:smile::smile::smile::smile:


Lol, while you do that I’ll just be like the red hood…at least minus the guns and the Absolute killing of villains…I’ll just beat them worse then Steel would or could lol


Yep, the big auction will be interesting, my poor mc really needs that healing device if he ever wants to get anywhere at all with Herald. :worried:


Sidestep was soft, unprotected, got messed up but never backed down. A good inspiration for a scrawny, unhappy kid. Hashtag relatable.

Wait, wait, what!?! :astonished: The super-cute and awesome Herald was a scrawny unhappy kid, really?
Oh, boy that’s…almost unbelievable. If my mc actually knew and believed that one, well that might just be the start of him feeling bad about the merciless beat-down he gave the kid. :cry:
I mean it’s obviously not re-gene and farm-abuse levels of bad, but if there is one thing my mc can relate to it’s having been weak and (probably) scrawny and certainly unhappy.


So when you’re having Dinner with Ortega how do we get her/him to get into a “fight” with our mc. Sense the first playthrough I did I managed to have her/him apologize second time Ortega was talking about our puppet. I’m wondering how you can get the first option where Ortega apologizes to you.


I mean I’m heavily Ortega focused as per my love of the Ortega booty that just needs much attention and in this auction where ever if my Mc gets the precious regeneration stuff or not I believe won’t hamper the relationship with Ortega…though for quick “action” if you know what I mean I believe it will be wanted…though it’s on my third priority with the ray and Ortega being tied…