WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 16 february 2019 (SPOILER WARNING!)



seem like Ortega is valuing ‘anonimity’ more and more with age…

remember that the memory of sidestep , is years ago . when ortega was in their prime and enjoyed the spotlight . and maybe now…they are getting weary of it ? Or just changed more over the year…so it normal it come as a surprise .

to Ortega the puppet is a civilian…

to the mc , there is baggage there . The surprising part is how they lie and badly…and still think we dont see the lie lol


Well, it’s not like Ortega is thinking that is her/his most beloved crush, she probably is thinking that the puppet is nothing more then a civilian…


finding words that rhymes is such a pain…:sweat_smile:

Ortega want sidestep from the past
but alas nothing really last
the memories are all thats left
leaving them behind is best
there will be no request
taking the ranger down will be the test
but those from the farm will be put to rest
erasing them will be like finding the nest

cry cry little sidestep

you cant run from the nightmare
you cant turn from despair

you can only burn in the dark
you can only learn from the marks

you can’t run from this
you can’t scream in the abyss

turn around and pay them back
turn around and slash them back
turn around and take yourself back


ah though I try to make something about ‘heartbreak


the heart break and doesn’t mend
the body ache to the bitter end
the soul is overspent
all thats left is the whisper in your skull

you remember the kinship
you remember the blood drip
you remember the prayer slip

hands on you , carrying you
poison in your blood , lulling you
‘welcome home’ , shackles embracing you

but you remember her
but you felt her
but you dreamed her
but you were her

the heart break and doesn’t mend
the heartbreak will mend
the heart will break what cannot mend



Good poems, the rhyme is fine :slight_smile: ! But you reminded me of some stuff I had written that matches Fallen Hero’s themes, so I’ll do you one better… haikus!

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Silence of the Farm
dig this grave and burn these bones
there is no ghost here

the curtain falls to
the heroes who forgot their lines;
we all play a part.


whats a haiku? sound like a fancy drink! :joy:

I was trying to make something about Steel …and all I got was steel and spoon and a box of cheerios :rofl:

I started one about Lady Argent…but…urgh…its too hard XD

test your will , test your might
the nanosurge left its mark
there will always be a spark
for that body hide the shark


Haikus, in my opinion, are the easiest to work with (especially for beginning poets). They’re a Japanese form of poetry (three lines; first line has five syllables, second line has seven syllables, and third line has five syllables).

And Spoon and cheerios sounds like the definition of Steel!



I usually don’t like poetry lol cose its like abstract stuff…booring XD

I just like making words rhymes though :yum:

ok…a bit morbide…but here one about Steel .

make the steel weep , make the spoon swoon
take the steel will , take the spoon kill

hide from steel , he cannot know your deal
lie to steel , he will learn to kneel
kill the steel , and your world will heal

here something about Herald…

he who hold your torch in worship will feel the scorch of dishonor
he who hold your name in reverence will feel it’s absence
he who hold your image in lust will fall from disfavor

he whose name is herald
will learn to revive onself
you have to die first
you have to become dust
you have to be the worst
you have to lose the trust

only when you die, you can really breath
only when you die, you can really weep
only when you die, you can really sleep


I should really write a steel murder story. like i did herald and ortega. any survivors from that? :grinning:


Update 21 december!

  • No bugs or errors fixed.
  • Last post shrink scene added, you can now go and meet Dr. Mortum if you don’t have a frosty or business associate relationship.
  • So tired. Need sleep.

Total word count: 303801
Excluding code :279231


Awww thanx for the update! plz take care of yourself and get a good rest :hugs:


NOTE: This update is fking amazing. Mortum is almost alive.

Found these


Missing verb

[i]“There are more than one way of lightening a bad mood, ${title}.”

“We’ll see,” you can’t the smirk. “Expect me within the hour.”

[i]“Looking forward to it.” There’s the faintest sound of a kiss before ${mhe} hangs up on you.

You can’t ____ the smirk

And this might be a discrepancy or not…
Happens when Mortum are MC are lovers already
I’m reading and rereading and I think maybe the text in chapter 15 should say Mortum doesn’t trust MC around the lab proper, maybe he’s only allowed to see the bedroom and kitchen/living space that’s added to the lab but that isn’t Mortum’s actual home?
Here is it

Chapter 14
label loverstart

Over the last few months, Dr. Mortum’s lab have almost become like your second home.
*if puppet_individuality <= 40
No, not your home. {puppet_name}'s. You still haven't chided {mhim} for not showing you {mhis} apartment when you showed {mhim} yours, but you suspect this is far more private. It comes as no surprise that {mhe} spends most of {mhis} time here, at least enough that ${mhe} has a fully furnished bedroom. The bathroom is more industrial than you’d like, and what’s in the kitchen is not more than a microwave and a coffee machine, so you subsist mostly on frozen meals when you don’t head out for dinner.

The bedroom, however, is comfortable and the bed larger than needed. Have {mhe} brought other people here before? You wonder, you don't get the feeling that this is something {mhe}'s making a habit of.

Chapter 15

*if puppetmortum_relationship = “lovers”
“Is it okay if I drop by? I need to get out of this place.” You need company. A soft touch. A reminder that you are more than the shards of your past life. When ${mhe} touches you, they don’t feel quite as sharp.

[i]“Of course. I’ll let the network know you are incoming. Just make sure you don’t have any pests hanging around, I’d hate to make a mess. Out there anyway…” the soft chuckle makes you smile despite yourself.

“Really?” you say, trying to be stern. “Is this the time?”

[i]“There are more than one way of lightening a bad mood, ${title}.”

“We’ll see,” you can’t the smirk. “Expect me within the hour.”

[i]“Looking forward to it.” There’s the faintest sound of a kiss before ${mhe} hangs up on you.

It took a while before Dr. Mortum trusted you enough to get access to {mhis} lab. For months, you needed to be escorted in, and you found it amusing that {mhe} would trust you with {mhis} bed and {mhis} heart, but not the location of ${mhis} research.

Both are the lab, but one is the “Living quarters” of the lab, the other is where the funky test-tubes are. Just my toughts. The chapter 15 part seems to indicate Mc is trusted at Mortum’s home which is not the case according to chapter 14.


I haven’t gotten to the updated part yet but i found an error in chapter 15, the shrink scene.

My MC went from the outside vision scene to the revenge vision scene. I peeked at the code and I think the choice:

When did it stop? When did you start closing yourself off, not just from the world, but from people?

  #I know exactly when.

seems to be missing a *goto heartbreak tag.


My Eden: chillin, mindin her business
Mortum: have you like slept at all recently
Eden: :slightly_smiling_face:
Mortum: [… pulls her into a hug]
Eden: [shuddering inhale] uUgg gOD BABE toDay was AWFU L :sob::sob::sob:

The emphasis on touch when inside Eden is so, so visceral-- it’s why my Eden gets so caught up in the Doctor. It makes her immediately vulnerable which makes ME vulnerable so like DAMMIT

… thx for the feels


how about some blurr there guys , so we keep it safe for peoples…


Thanks for the early Christmas present!
Found no new bugs on my first try.

I did a new playthrough for this and maybe someone else mentioned it already, but the seagull scene with Ortega at the very beginning reads a little weird with an MC who has always been friends and nothing but friends with Ortega and decides to keep being friends. It feels like they’re both making a pretty big deal out of it and like there’s something more in the background when it’s really just the MC’s silent choice to stop pushing Ortega away all the time. I know it feels that way because it’s the same scene for a previously romantic or frosty relationship, but still, in my opinion it just doesn’t mesh very well with the consistent-friendship-route.


I started a new game just to make sure this wasn’t just a save-related error. I get this bug when I choose the new option and try to bail on Ortega after the Shrink scene:


OKAY ALSO as per the update

In the MC/Ortega route, who are Mortum’s informants and how do they know that A) Sidestep is ‘alive’, and B) seeing Ortega? Who is the leaky faucet here?

Almost want that scene with Steel in the park regarding Ortega’s runny mouth to have been foreshadowing, because the drama, but it also just doesn’t seem like something even they’d be discussing so openly. The leak must be someone close to home, or very invested in Sidestep… or both.

Herald? Heartbreak? Thoughts? :thinking:



More evidence that Mortum and Ortega have history. Doesn’t feel like the romantic kind, but does make one wonder.

Theories about the missing telepaths? The farm, probably, but why? Is it just resource collection, or is it extermination?



‘old friends’ , ‘old aquintance’ . remember that Dr.mortum before she become a full scientist , she was a vilain and is ‘retired’ . and ‘retired’ in that world doesn’t mean you don’t keep old contact , especially when your new ‘business’ is making weapons and tech to help kill peoples or rivals .

Although , if I recall…from book 1 . If your puppet isn’t on good terms with the dr. , I remember getting a slider where the dear Dr. is talking on the phone to ‘unknown’ and didn’t seem ‘happy talk’ and more like ‘coerced’ into something . I remember thinking that would be the Hollowground giving Mortum ‘some unpleasant directives’ in that route .

as for Ortega and Dr.Mortum . Have you tried making your puppet friend Ortega and go on a date with dr.mortum ? its hilariously akward at the hospital XD

I think Dr. mortum sympathize or respect Ortega from her old day as a vilains . Maybe she even had dealing with ‘charge’ and maybe ‘charge’ was too charming for her own good and let Mortum get away with a warning or something . Who knows…I’m just glad Mortum actually like Ortega .

the leak is much more closer then you think!!! THE BIEBER!! AKA HERALD has a BLOG! Thats what!! With sparkles and shit!!! Get himmmmmmmm! :rofl:

@sljzz or…a morbide though I had when I was reading the new updates . But…maybe they find out its cheaper to transform Telepath into regen then make them from scratch ? Or maybe they are kidnapping them , brainwash them with tech or something and using them to control the regen…like a remote control…thats a long line of puppetering…


So I’ve just finished playing it and now I’ve a problem: I want to romance Dr Mortum too. The good doctor’s just so caring and wonderful…
* sigh * Why must all the ROs be so lovely :joy:

A small error I found:

The part in the red box is repeated.