WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 16 february 2019 (SPOILER WARNING!)



Yeah… I agree with your last paragraph.

I know maybe i’m overthinking it, but that’s the thing, the Heartbreak is the big mystery that starts the whole “Fallen” in the Fallen Hero.

So i like to think there’s some sort of Twist we might get to figure out at some point.


the romances are far from being perfect . If anything , they feel geniuny flawed like humans being . They suffered traumas , they work for a corrupt govrnement and are kept in the dark , they pay bills and have debts , they have to play a crappy game with the ‘public’ and ‘Media’ to keep getting a check…

did you play the revenge path ? choosing the ‘rival’ ? and the revenge path…the true revenge path isn’t against your romance . Its against those who truly killed you . aka. the farm .

also…just warning you , but you should edit your post instead of Multi-posting cose its considered a spam . shrug…so I was told .


if I recall correctly if revenge is your chosen path, the mc can have added scene with their chosen rival in book 2 demo where they think and can choose how satisfying the revenge will be toward that person (or themselves) so one could say path of revenge is for some players both toward the Farm and their rival :thinking:


My current theory is that Steel might have accidentally led the farm to the MC. I think he was maybe having some Government buddies dig into Sidestep’s past and the Farm caught wind of it and started putting the pieces together. They had to have known about what Heartbreak could do because they were Inside the “Kill-Yourself” zone and it’s said nothing about them being effected, so they must have brought dampeners or something to protect themselves and prepared beforehand and likely they followed it around waiting for the Rangers to be killed trying to take Heartbreak down or Sidestep themself so either way they’d be left vulnerable


I only tried Steel as rival…and Ortega and I got something like ‘It just a name on a long list of names’’ . But I like to think the big bad vilainy of vilain is the farm . right ?


Oh certainly I agree Farm is the Big Bad, but it seems to me like some mcs can have grudge toward their rivals too enough to want payback toward them.
I also remember mc can have option to question why they have such a grudge toward themselves or their rival in revenge path so unlike with Farm their revenge toward their rival possibly isn’t written on stone (I mean I’m guessing it probably depends more on what kind of mc you got)


or maybe the kill zone faded as soon as you plummed down ? I mean the time between the mc jumping from the window and Steel killing the HB…must have been short .


They could have been here for either HB or MC. HB is probably also one of the Farm’s experiments, maybe even in the same ‘series’ as the MC (both of them are powerful telepaths).


the farm most likely also has better precautions and defense against telepathy too (considering sidestep and most likely other regens have the ability), which is how they got so close. If they are behind Heartbreak it could be they underestimated what their experiment would produce


Love that Steel theory…

Yeah, obviously the farm is the big bad, but Sidestep’s reveal as Villains is to beat the Rangers senseless, as opposed to, IDK, mind control several famous people and have them spout truth about the farm all over the media.

If it’s just a case of misdirected rage then it looses a bit of oomph, but if we end up finding there is some truth (even if tiny, or marginal, or if the culprits didn’t really intend for it to happen) then you don’t need much more to go on the revenge path.

Or if the MC finds some way to completely lie to themselves about it being their fault…


I disagree with Sidestep being self-aware. I mean, they’re already detached from reality and even themselves, so being detached and self-aware is kind of weird combination. Even without the condition that the shrink said Sidestep suffered from, most people who think they’re self-aware aren’t usually self-aware. So, it could be that Sidestep’s whole perspective of reality is messed up and therefore, their perceptions of everyone else is also messed up.
Basically, I’m saying we shouldn’t trust Sidestep’s assessment of Ortega, Steel, or any of the Rangers for that matter.

And @Deanscig I definitely second your theory. There’s plenty of clues pointing to Steel not only being guilty, but also trying to search for something the government is hiding after Sidestep disappeared. Whether that means Steel has some sort of idea about the Heartbreak incident or not, that remains unseen.


Why would my mc apologize? To who? Ortega? The Rangers, he just did what he thought what right and what he had to do in order to maintain his masquerade.
He generally did what he had to do as a non-human fugitive on the run from the government trying to blend in.
Well…okay, Herald’s leg is my mc’s one exception to that. So you’re right, maybe in time. Definitely not ready to apologize for that right now, even if they are sort of dating now. :sweat_smile: :thinking:


Well in a healthy relationship your MC should apologize for the broken bones at the very least… :smiley: :smiling_imp::grinning:


I think that bit of roughhousing is covered by the whole, generic, superhero and villain thing. If you want safety and no physical harm you’re in the wrong line of work. If we start with that my mc would first have to apologize to every villain, thug and punk he might have hit a bit too hard back in those days as Sidestep.

In general my mc’s feelings for Danny boy are firmly in the “it’s complicated” territory. As while Herald, infuriatingly enough, turned out to be adorably cute and endearing most of the time my mc still has to fight the occasional urge to punch the kid too. :sweat_smile:

Bold of you to assume my mc is even remotely capable of “healthy” relationships. :grinning:


Honestly, where is the lie. That was SO not planned istg. But what ever goes according to plan… I should have known better by now ahhh.


I guess I should have explained better…

mc is self aware , as in…they know they don’t fit in reality . They are aware that maybe something is wrong with them . They are aware that they maybe paranoiad but they were caught in the past , they won’t let it happen . they are aware they can lie , they can pretend but it isn’t like before when they were a hero…when they were sidestep . it doesnt fit anymore , they cant sleep , they are exausted , and they can’t stop at this point .

self aware of their own pain , while the world is blind to it . That kind of self aware . You can be aware of being paranoiac…that it just your imagination . But you cant stop your reaction , the fast heartbeat , the checking what was that !!! .


First of all I loved the first game. Second of all I liked what you did in this one. This time we get to interact with all the rangers therefore making me feel more guilty when I have to whip their ass


Found a bug/glitch on my Thief and Robber walkthrough. I chose breaking and entering, dropped straight into the van, then leaped from the van when the projectile was fired at me, I pretended to be trapped to draw Handyman in, decided to lure him in even closer, and then this weird jump happened:


Found and inconsistency between the books.


Puppet/Ortega dialogue in : Rebirth.

“Experienced enough to know a mustache like that will give your identity away to anyone with eyes? At least try wearing some glasses or something, if you want to remain anonymous.”

“I wasn’t trying to hide….” He’s starting to look flustered. “It just never came up. Besides, I don’t need glasses.”

Puppet/Ortega dialogue in : Retribution

“I didn’t know you needed glasses,” you say, giving {him} a teasing smile over the rim of the menu. !{he} really has changed {his} body language, slouching in {his} chair with a decidedly non-heroic hunch.

“I wear them sometimes,” ${he} says, which you know is a lie. Ortega has always had perfect vision, laser surgery took care of that. The glasses are an affectation, nothing more. A disguise.

So which is it Ortega? Do you or do you not need glasses? HUH?! Puppet dumps Ortega throwing a drink at his face


The lies they tell our separate identities! :anger: