WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 16 february 2019 (SPOILER WARNING!)



Heartbreak has the same gender as the puppet, but the eye color of the MC.

IIRC in the suicide route, Sidestep tried to kill themselves with a gun but were stopped by Ortega. Then they proceed to throw themselves out of the window. For the other routes, it proceeds directly to them going out of the window - but in either case, Sidestep was mind-controlled into killing themselves.

not at the moment I think!


Wait, wait, WHAT?! How did I never know Heartbreak’s gender was determined by the Puppet? O_O That’s scary news to me. I had assumed it was determined by the MC.


Yeah I always make my mc and puppet be the same gender and look as similar as possible. I haven’t played the first game in a while was the farm coming for Sidestep or were they coming to neutralize HB but just so happened to find Sidestep there? How did the farm know that Sidestep was one of their Re-Gene since Sidestep was always covered and didn’t really make public appearances?


Any thoughts on the Puppet sensing danger in the new update?


I would think that the most critical factor is that made the Farm know who exactly Sidestep was would be the vital role they played in stopping the nanosurge. I doubt there are many telepaths displaying the same powers and control around, so the Farm managed to put two and two together, determining that their missing regene and Sidestep were one and the same.


Oh that makes sense I had forgotten about the nanosurge. Thanks☺


I think the farm knew sidestep was one of their own because they had the only ambulance in the area thet sent to pickup hb. So naturally when sidestep falls down the.building they pick up the injured because again, they are pretending to be an ambulance and then SURPRISE they find the hero Sidestep is a regene with tattoos If they had found sooner they would have taken sidestep sooner or at least.contacted.em most likely. Dont think the hero career before hb had anything to do with it.


Who’s to say the farm didn’t make us a bit more cucku after our second capture. We are just an ai after al




Out of curiosity how many different endings were there for the first game?


The ending itself is pretty much the same, you show up, fool the rangers, ruin their party, escape. It’s your character that is completely different each time. BUT, and it’s a big one, this is an origin story for a villain, so it’s the main character that matters here.


Just wanted to know what you guys think about some little theories i can’t shake from my mind.

Here goes… pains me to do this.

Either Ortega or Steel have actively abandoned/betrayed the MC in some way.
I know, i know it sounds insane. But consider this. MC fell of the roof and was out of commission. We only have ORTEGA’s WORD that there was an explosion afterwards. and that Steel’s Mind Dampeners started to fail. An explosion that only Steel could have caused, because he’s the only one with weapons in there. Now again, let’s say there was an explosion. Did Steel get harmed ? Nope. Did Ortega get a scar ? Nope. Could Hearbreak affect Ortega ? Nope. Could he affect Steel? We don’t know for sure. What if… Instead all these nice fairy tales we’r told, Ortega just stopped Heartbreak, walked down the building, found MC smashed on the floor, realized he was a re-gene and Let the government take them ? Same goes for Steel.Perhaps there was an explosion, Ortega got incapacitated (again, no permanent damage), and Steel gave us to the government. Maybe the farm agents they told one of them (Or both) that only they could fix Sidestep. Which they did. Now you’r going to ask, then why would Ortega let us mind-dive into Argent’s mind… well, Being a re-gene doesn’t mean being a villain. Maybe Ortega thinks they can pretend nothing happened and we won’t notice they betrayed us. Same goes for Steel. We never got a chance to mind-dive into Steel’s memories. I Used to think they got manipulated by the farm because their versions of events don’t really add up… but this is another possibility.

Finally, one more HORRIBLE theory.

Ortega Abandoned the MC. Let’s pretend everything happened as Ortega said it did. No shenanigans there. Then again… Steel said he never thought things added up. And he started digging. And didn’t find us. Now… he wasn’t the Marshal, was he? Why did Steel think there was something suspicious while Ortega didn’t? Wasn’t Ortega our closest friend/fling for most MC’s? Why didn’t he follow up on Steel investigating and try get to the bottom of it? ORtega’s explanation about going full drunk after MC’s death is quite convenient.

A third final theory.

Ortega found the farm took MC (maybe not that they are a re-gene). And didn’t share it with Steel nor did they follow up. And Ortega plays the idiot because they don’t want to own up to it/feels terrible about it.

So i’m not really thinking these are true… tough they could be like a knife to the hearth for some players lol… But they are good and convenient to justify rping a vengeful paranoid MC who thinks EVERYONE betrayed them in some way. Maybe there is a small hint of these that is true (specially the second one) to justify a complete and total hatred of Ortega for the most vindictive MC’s.

I love the Ortega RO route… but I will also love the Ortega total vengeance route.


Maybe It’s just me, but I can’t picture any of your theories adding up to the story.
Maybe you can write a fanfic?


(English is not my native language, please bear with me and my possible mistakes)

I’m not sure Steel bombed the place himself ? I always assumed he called bombers or something. It would be very concerning for the MC if he truly had the power to make an entire building explode.

We never spoke about injuries with them, so we have no proof they were harmed. But in seven years, they apparently had time to accumulate new scars. I don’t think the MC would be able to differenciate a scar dating back to HB from another.

I honestly don’t think Ortega is aware that MC is a Re-Gene. They looked genuinely confused after we froze during the make-out session. And yes, they changed a lot after seven years, but I’m pretty sure we still know them enough that they cannot flat-out lie in our face. (They already looked so akward when they were talking about their ‘friend’ in the suspicious path, even if the MC didn’t pick up anything). Plus that and their insistence to understand why we are so messed up and how to fix us. They might know we are a villain in some paths, but as for our tattoos, they seem to have no clue.

Same for Steel, we didn’t interact a lot with him, but there are enough clues to point out he was also affected by Heartbreak. Ortega said in book one they had to channel their father to stop him from doing something drastic, and they both said the dampeners have been overheating. So far, they are telling the same story. No reasons to doubt them.

The reason why Ortega didn’t participate in Steel’s investigation is, I assume, because they had no idea there was an investigation going. Put it in Steel’s perspective: his friend saw their partner go through a window, and was told they died shortly afterward. They were so traumatized by this event they dropped their position as a Marshal, became a drunkard, and needed severe therapy. Now, there might be a chance that something fishy is going on, maybe even their partner might be alive. But what if he were wrong ? What if Sidestep was really dead after all, and it was just his paranoia talking ? I don’t think Steel had it in him to give hope to Ortega, just to watch them get crushed again. Ortega was probably a huge mess at that time, they couldn’t have taken another emotional hit lightly. And in the end, Steel didn’t find us after all.

Also take in account that when Ortega left and put Steel as the Marshal, they left him with a huge mess to deal with. There were four known Rangers before HB, unofficialy five: Anathema, Sentinel, Steel, Ortega and unofficially Sidestep. After HB, only Sentinel and Steel were left, and it looks like Sentinel retired not long after. So there was a time when there was only two Rangers to protect the city, maybe even a time when Steel was all alone to bear that burden before Ortega came back from retirement. He is still hiding something from us, but it is also true he was too busy trying to keep the Rangers from falling apart to properly investigate our case.

Mostly, I think the MC is mad at Ortega for not questionning further their role as hero in this society, which could have maybe saved us back then, or at least gave Ortega a clue as on to what was going on. When we speak from the heart during the showdown at the museum with our motivation being ‘I want to show the world the truth’, we say something in the line of “You were given the power to fight for what is right, and what do you use it for ? Doing exactly what they want. Like their loyal dogs.”. So basically, we might want to kill Ortega because they’re a moron, and because they let us down one too many time.


Steel and Ortega got harmed…dunno where you got the idea they didn’t . Ortega tell you ‘‘nobody got out of there without scar’’ .

Ortega is a bad liar . It has been pointed out many times . I only felt like she was geniune when she find you .

for the HORRIBLE theory

Ortega was told that your body was burned with every other civilian to avoid a plague or something . Steel only Saw the ambulance . Ortega didnt think it was suspicious because a) probably Steel didnt tell her of his suspicious…he never do !! and she though she was to blame for anathema and the mc death . So she was grieving and seeing a shrink . Steel probably encouraged her to focus on her mental state while he secretly was digging as much as the red tape allowed .

for third theory : ortega is an idiot lol she can’t pretend and she is a poor liar lol

thats what I though lol are you trying to find justification of some kind to tear the ranger or something ?

without EVIDENCE …it mere paranoia . And thats not justification :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I know its mostly paranoia but the Mc isnt the most healty individual :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head: so its a way their mind could see things. Also if you wear a villain suit and a mask and blow things up and kill people maybe logical debate isnt your forte.


true…but the mc come off self aware though . I suffer from paranoia , when it doesnt run away from you…it become your best defense . It make you hyper aware and super defensive which save you in the long run . Instead of paranoia that make you believe in conspiracy at every turn . The mc is more like the 1st kind of paranoia .

of course paranoiac peoples look for things that add to their suspicion and fears , they get alot of 'Ah I knew it! I wasn’t just me seeing thing ! ‘’ .

but who is really innocent in LOS DIABLO ? :smirk:




until we find out…he was the one riding the fridge and not Lady Argent:rofl:


Talking about the MC’s resentment towards Ortega, as far as i’m concerned, i’m pretty sure it stems from them (Ortega) not being there when it mattered, aka during the HBK mind-rape. And to add to that, they were there to save Steel, someone whom the MC can easily justify hating. Seen from the MC’s warped point of view, that must be a pretty huge betrayal already