WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 16 february 2019 (SPOILER WARNING!)



There is a way to beat Argent without her considering it cheating

  1. You need 80% in either subtle manipulation or strenght of mind
  2. You need the telepathy booster

If you have both of those, don’t use telepathy before, and then fight her, you’ll automatically win the fight and she’ll consider it to not be cheating


Just curious, how exactly do you get noticed as a telepath in rebirth again? Wondering for my future canon


Wow how did you get telepathy to 80. 75 is the most I get

Only once did I ever reach 80 but I don’t remember how. It was at the launchof the game

Also when you say don’t use telepathy do you mean I should not enter her mind at all or that I should not mind trap her


There is a pronoun error if you choose to threaten Rosie on the boat after the Argent fight. Also if you choose to have the terrifying suit it mentions how she’s “very afraid” of you, but this paragraph doesn’t sound like she really is?InkedPronoun%20Error%20(Rosie)_LI


Finally if you have the luxury building as your base, there is a line break that doesn’t look like it’s supposed to be there. It shows up regardless of what vice you chose.


A smallish update for the weekend 8 dec:

  • Added the Ortega/Puppet scene at the end of the shrink/nightmare section.
  • Fixed the bugs reported.
  • Adjusted Herald scene and Bar scene for continuity issues.

Now up to 287863 (263984) words, no change in playthrough length.


@malinryden I appreciate that you constantly and often update the game, even if it’s only minor bugs. It warms up my heart to see that project really alive and is developing! Sadly, a lot of good projects just gone out of my memory by now because of temporary (or not) hiatus. Just wanted you to know this, and I wish you inspiration, don’t stop to amaze us and most important - your own self! :hugs:


this…option is grayed out…normal ?

This explains the readouts I saw at the hospital


AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH you just made my day better!!!


Found a missing verb while reading code. So random.

“What? Did you still I’ll be living in squalor?” You give {him} a reproachful look. Maybe if {he} thinks you can make it on your own, {he} won't see you as such a charity case. Try to protect you. !{he} can’t. Not from the things that actually threaten you. “It’s been years. I actually have time to earn money now that I’m not out running around in tights.”

Should probably be:
“What? Did you still THINK I’ll be living in squalor?”


I think there might be an oversight regarding the new dinner scene with Ortega and the MC.

At the start of the playthrough, Ortega dumped MC for the Puppet (a little weird seeing how he/she was only flirting with the puppet and didn’t go to the gala with them or anything, but whatever) which was fine. However, when the actual dinner scene happened and MC gets annoyed with them flirting with the staff, he/she instead uses this to confess to crushing on the MC like the breakup never happened? I can’t help but feel this was for some other variation, like an MC who has a crush on them or something. I double checked to see if it might’ve just been a bug or something, but no, that’s what happens.


Lady Argent a romance?


YES! Thank the lords. Not in the demo currently though.


“I can’t do this anymore,” I say, pretending to be scared of him. “Don’t call me.”

Pronoun error in new scene (had female Ortega)


There is a reference to Mannequins in the new scene which i really didn’t understand until re-reading the first book, where the museum is in chaos and mannequins might have fallen on the floor.

Also it says
“this time there are no mannequins topped on the floor, but bodies”
But depending on your choices, there might have been real bodies at that museum.

I’m not sure if it’s either too obscure or that’s the effect you wanted :smiley: or if it means something else entirely.


I think the memory of mannequins are from the very beginning of book 1 where mc possessing Lady Argent crashes through a shop window and sent mannequins flying around :thinking:


honestly that one went over my head…I don’t recall it from book 1 at all :sweat_smile: I though it maybe a memory from the past at the farm…shrug


More Mannequins!

Book 1



But that doesn’t mean you are going to be stupid about it. While just walking over and destroying your mannequin would be satisfying, it would also give away all those clues you want to erase. So you will be smart and mask your intentions."

So Sidestep hates mirrors. And he also hates Mannequins… Hmm…


ohhhhhhhhhhh now i remember!!! From the choice ‘Destroy your past’’ …

well I guess it be changed in the futur , if you don’t pick that choice . But nice find :wink:


Isn’t that part solely about SIDESTEP’S MANNEQUIN tho xD not just… Any mannequins xD


well you can assume that the others figures in that gallery were made of manneqin and when the mc destroy their own…i mean…didnt we kick Herald into the rest ?