WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 10 november (SPOILER WARNING!)



No no no I didn’t mean OH NO I’M CHEATING ON ORTEGA I’M SO BAD BOO HOO :frowning:
I meant something more like WOW, FIRST ORTEGA NOW HERALD, YOU’RE A FUCKING IDIOT. KEEP GOING THIS IS FUN. and shit like that you know. Just something, really.

I’ll probably check it out by myself later this night or perhaps tomorrow and update if no one else knows ¯_(ツ)_/¯




Just did some code diving, here’s what happens if you go down the love triangle, plus some Mortum and rival flavor

Code excerpt

You are not standing here thinking that Herald is hot. Herald of all people.
*if herald_rival
He’s annoyed you for years! Except… didn’t you use to think you hated him? And now it is annoyance.
How did this happen? Why did this happen?

*if ((ortega_flirting_new) or (ortega_flirting_puppet))
Don’t you have enough to deal with when it comes to Ortega? Do you really need to make more trouble for yourself? Why is your brain intent on being like this?
*if mortum_flirting_puppet
And where does ${puppet_name} and Dr. Mortum come into things? Isn’t that enough of an emotional mess for you to handle? At least that one is playing with the heartstrings of your puppet, not your real body. Even if the mind is the same…

Not that it matters. This is stupid, you are stupid, and nothing is ever going to come of this.

You’ll make sure of it.


Ohh okay so that Ortega part doesn’t change if you’re “official”, then. I’m just flirting, too, and I got the same fragment. Thank you.



Hahahahahahahahaha. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yep, indeed there is:

And someone beat me to it!


Morteiga or argteiga. I keep struggling with that Al the time. decisions decisions. Who shall fall into my webbs of manipulatios. Who’s ears shall I devilishly wisper the three syllables “I love you”, only to stab them in the back when the sun goes down? Of course I can’t decide. Thats why i say screw it, and go for al the buttons like a true pupetmaster. And why should people call it cheating? How about defenceless againt love, against flirting? Morteiga in particular? Those two will never stop oogling you. And hey if things goes north whel margteiga! Everyone! If not I’ll just reveal myself to steel and ask him to beat me to death :astonished: :astonished:


OKAY I CAN’T ANYMORE I NEED TO ASK. WHERE did you get that “i” in Ortega’s surname from??? I keep thinking about it every time I see it???


I always for some, I dumo reason read/ pronounce ortega with an I. It makes her more special


Hey, any decent villian that is willing to help me out. I was wondering how to unlock the grayed option when you first encounter with Herald.



Decent villain here, if I remember correctly you have to choose that you lied and tell the rangers you lost all of your powers.


Thanks @Nazroth. You are now a decent villian. Don’t feel too bad about it.


Better than being a hero am I right?


Way funnier that’s for sure.


Pretend you aren’t a telepath anymore.


Update 11 November 2018:

  • Corrected and added variables. Now hopefully the beginning relationship scenes with Ortega should work properly if friends. Also added variables for if you make Argent kill a civilian, and tidied up the interactions with her when you visit the Rangers.

  • Added variable path if you don’t visit the shrink.

  • Added post-shrink scenes.

  • Added the first of the post-shrink paths. Right now Steel and Herald’s paths are done. Working on Ortega’s. Then I’ll move on to the puppet variants, Dr. Mortum and interacting with your team/henchmen. Note, that though you will have to make a choice which one to do here, you’ll get a chance to see slightly different variants at later dates.

255 415 with command lines
233 086 without command lines

28290 in an average playthrough.


Thank you for your hard work and perseverance @malinryden.

This is one story that continues to capture my imagination and your work always inspires and delights.

I’ll send you proper feedback as soon as I can set up a testing session as I have in the past.


You are so good and thoughtful and I am terrible at thanking people. So… THANK YOU!


I can’t seem to load my save file, nor create a character - the only option available to me is randomizing one :o


You can only create a randomized character now. Is that intentional? It kind of restricts what you can try out.