WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 10 november (SPOILER WARNING!)



locus seem to be a telepath . the doc is human normal…no powers . if anything , that would suggest that the doc…may have been more like the gadget dude…relying maybe on scientific tools to be a vilain or hero back in the days .


First off, I’m not the only one that got the ‘no balloon’ scene, right? That’s some serious theory fuel.

Second, the shrink part was incredibly immersive. The sheer amount of routes was fun to go through (aka, they all made me sad in some manner). I think it was pulled off really well. I didn’t have any errors that haven’t already been posted, everything went pretty smoothly.


To be fair MC also pretend to be a normal crazy human without power … so MC and the doctor could be 2 sides of the same coin :wink: It could be that both the doctor and MC are playing innocent :slight_smile:


I’m pretty sure a experienced telepath as mc is, would notice another telepath at such a close range specially a powerful one, unless they dwarf us on power, I guess they should at least have a Heartbreak level of power and control it for us not to notice, if there is a telepath we cannot detect without them using dampeners to hide themselves we might aswell retire lol.


Hahaha… the irony is that we keep telling the Rangers we had retired :-):laughing:

but you have your point … it was just pure speculation , nothing serious :slight_smile:


‘pretend’ , but isn’t though . where the Doc…our mc can navigate her mind and find out easely . So no , I think the doc if she has any powers…they are pretty well hidden .


Good news is i am assuming we don’t have to see her again , based on the description of the story… unless she came and look for us, that will be … interesting


lol if you blame her…you better run XD


1.Im sooo happy I thought this would one of those series that would never continue this is one of my favorite MCs(Named Mind Flayer)

2.The Shrink is by far the best scene so far and I hope for more sessions

3.Keep on doing what your doing man its great


It’s implied they cover the MC’s entire body to an extent, along with surgical scars, hence why the protagonist rarely wants to look at their own body.


Hmm so the shrink scene established that that the MCs escape wasn’t planned but circumstances let it happen. I’m getting the feeling that it’s not really a coincidence that we escaped :thinking:


So, about this new update…if I refuse to go see a doctor then there is nothing new for me???


There is a small herald scene at the rooftops. If you haven’t played it yet.


She’s not nice at al. She should be fired! Look what she made me do.

Don’t think she is locus. Because you can influence her mind.


I’d suggest putting those screenshots under a [details] tab, and indicate that it is a spoiler too, as there may be those who have yet to read that scene :slight_smile:


Thanks but i already know that. It was the fault of my ipad. Sometimes I just hate my ipad.


i think mine is a little bit different :wink:


More hopefull I asume


too bad i couldn’t tell her " I think i am feeling better every time i see you again " :-):rofl:


The rooftop scenes with herald … I have already played on last update.