WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 10 november (SPOILER WARNING!)



Ortega ftw and anyone who goes for anyone else is foolish and needs to see the light


I go for noone while making creepy suggestions about the puppet.


You need to be purged with holy angst light!!!


Do your worst my Darkness is impenetrable.


Reeeeee!!! prepares angst cannon


Up next: wifu/husbando wars angst edition…


I kinda wanna see it now ngl


Great question. My Sidestep’s priority will be the medical gadget, because she can’t escape the Directive without it. Next comes Mortum’s device, because miniaturizing and storing things is frickin sweet. Please install it in my suit ASAP. Hopefully Ortega’s crazy plan to confront Hollow Ground will work as a distraction. My MC will lie and tell him she doesn’t want to suit up but she’ll provide telepathic cover from a distance.

I’m also looking forward to Ortega finding out her identity, just because she’s running with a team of criminals and palling around with her lieutenant. I want Ortega to be only slightly fazed by the villain angle but SUPER PISSED that she’s part of a team now. “Bullshit, what the hell happened to ‘I work alone?’” :joy:


Kek…well obviously Ortega would be second and doc third… Because if he can fully regenerate those stuff off…then out MC can do what he wants…he will be allowed to not hold back with Ortega…


For my Mc it’s in clear first, whatever shenanigns Ortega pulls her into, she complains constantly about how reckless and impulsive he is but she’s ride or fucking die for him, then Mortum because she feels sympathy for her losing what she considers one of her greatest achievements-third the last thing :wink: because process of elimination lol. She kicked the rangers ass at the museum but she’s an awful villain


Replaying the original trying to get the suicide option I noticed “most would see me as male” and “most would see me as female” it’s a weird way for a normal human to describe themself. A Regene however…

Looking at yourself is not your favorite pastime; it is too easy to be reminded of who you used to be.

Being a woman…there are rules there you must follow if you don’t want to be noticed. If you want to fit in. Smile the right way. Move with the right grace. Don’t be too much. Be a nobody. You might not like these strictures, but they come in useful now and then, make people expect certain things of you

Doesn’t that sound suspicious in hindsight? ,



How do you find out that Oretega is going the hit the auction. Do you have to have a specific type of relationship with her?`


I agree though I gotta say the opportunity to do censored to Ortega is appealing at least to a story point of view Because we all know why the MC hasn’t gone further for Ortega…those tattoos…remove them and he should at least with my MC be…uplifted


Oh we have no confirmation of it happening yet! We’re just guessing that lol.


Lmao that’s a very fair point!! I’m just hoping that we won’t actually need it, honestly.


This is a gender pronoun disagreement with Dr. Mortum. I think I mentioned it earlier, but it is always easy to overlook things.

Basically, the highlighted bar at the bottom has ‘him’ when it should be ‘her’


It will be really cool if she shows up though. I’m just imagining the mc being super conflicted about what to do and whether to pursue their goal or help ortega.


“Pursue their goal or help ortega into a grave


Christ, y’all are so mean lol


thats why I don’t play with peoples…

its all kill! kill! kill!..

no fun at all!..

is killing herald in the corner Muahahahaha :smirk: