WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 10 november (SPOILER WARNING!)



Ortega’s a cheater why I don’t like them. MCs been hurt enough.


well in game I mean…

who went with ortega to the party in the 1st book ? cose I always get the ‘break up’ with puppy in the demo when I tried .

@Cheion : ewww get away from meh Bieber ! LOL Thats still what I tell him…+ Spartah Kick!

@No_This_Is_Patrick : How ?


Oh, that.

Yeah, no, in the demo you can’t actually do that, I think?

@malinryden, pls, I beg of you, gimme dat angst. unless it’s a hassle to code, then please disregard my statement


Ortega is heavily biased towards MC… if he thinks he has a chance with MC (and their relationship is on the same level as with the puppet) he will dump the puppet without a second thought, party or no party



All y’all with your romances. Actually that’s what I like most about the WIP there is so little puppet I haven’t even thought about the creepy puppet mc stuff going the lone destroyer route.


its not confirmed…

you can’t Label someone a cheater without proof . I don’t consider Ortega a cheater , since my mc and Ortega were never a couple . They just flirted and that is not a relationship .


ey bro, don’t knock the romances, they’re a major part of why I follow the game.

like, the most major reason is because I don’t think there’s been a game that so accurately reflects the self-hatred I’ve felt while depressed.
the second reason is because I wanna tap dat Steel ass.
the third reason is the same except replace ‘Steel’ with literally any of the other character.
repeat until you’ve gone through all the romances.
the seventh reason is because i love superheros.

and in that order is why i love this game.


Well considering they would kiss MC behind the puppets back while dating them they kinda are to me.


you did that…not meh! :stuck_out_tongue:


Mah puppet is innocent like Bambi! and is friend with dr mortum . Only mc is dating Ortega . sort of…

@No_This_Is_Patrick : I,m with you on the ‘feel wrong’ . It doesn’t just feel wrong , in real life it is wrong on so many level .


I honestly hate using the puppet especially for romance feels incredibly wrong in my opinion.


The closest thing in this game I have to romance is the resident evil code Veronica Alexia Ashford as puppet Alfred Ashford as mc thing going on. Extremely creepy. But even that is like… Where’s the time and energy for sex when you’re trying to destroy the world and yourself by proxy.


Oh, you find the time.


Yeah but also is it worth the effort when we’re both women and I have to jump bodies to reciprocate? That’s just a lot of effort. Destroying the world is easier.


if I were bend on destroying the world like you (which I’m not)…feeling would make thing more delicious…since it would make that final KABOUM have more impact . The more you make ties…the heavier the world you are about to ruin feel like…

if you have a disconnection with said world…its like popping a balloon . Unfufilling…

at least to me…and no…I just have good imagination! I dont do evil! Lol stop looking at meh like that… :rofl:


I love this game for this very reason too! It has painted such a painfully realistic picture, with no exaggerations that some forms of media are so prone too.

And I hope my MCs relationship with Ortega will heal all those emotional scars. That medical device can help heal the physical ones but I want my MC to not feel like such a lonely outsider maybe because that’s what I wish for myself sometimes but maybe I’m projecting too much.

Precisely why I’ve avoided romancing anyone as my puppet. It doesn’t sit right with me to seduce someone while using a body that isn’t even mine.


I like to think its more then just depression…

Loneliness , not belonging , having none in the world…the outcast , the feeling of being dirty and not matter how much you scrub you just cant get ride of…the seeing death as a deliverance from all the pain…thats its so much…you can feel your soul hurting…not just your heart and body…the alienation of the outside world…the how the world see you…the inadequacy , the akwardness…the fakes smiles…the fake emotions you have to mimick so you don’t stand out , those who are never aknowledge , the pain that go unseen to the outside , the mouth that cannot scream…

hu…I just stop here , but thats what I get from the story…and its all of this and more…that connect with me personally . Thats why I love it…its create a portrait for the pain and misery…


My MC doesn’t believe she can come back. She just wants to destroy until someone stops her. She wants to “Suicide by Cop” but with Superheroes that are strong enough to bring her death. The weak ones will die. Which is why Herald is on my list. Rip out of the heart and the others will break their code.

I actually want to have a scene where Ortega is facing us unmasked in the rain . And s/he is trying to convince us it’s not too late for us and we’re having a mental break down.

Uhh... I tried writing something:

“Sidestep?” Ortega’s horrified voice is filled with denial and disbelief as your mask falls to the ground.

“Yes. It’s me.” You say, averting your gaze. You don’t want to see the judgement in his eyes. But when he steps forward and cups your chin in his hands, you’re surprised to see nothing but anguish and anger - not at you, but at what had been done to you.

“Why are you doing this?" he whispers quietly. "You’re a hero, I know you are. You worked with the Rangers. Why play the villain now?”

The words trigger something in you. Heroes? No, you can’t afford to let those emotions and memories lead to your downfall. Not again, never again. That part of you is dead. You have to get him to stop talking. He doesn’t need to know. It’s safer that way. It’s better that way.

“Why?” Ortega repeats, and something in you snaps.

“Because I have no choice!” you scream, clenching your fists by your side as you shove him away, your tightly-wrung emotions exploding in a flood of anger and bitterness. “Because I just want to be normal again, and I don’t trust any of you to help me!”

There is a tense silence.

“You don’t trust us? Me?” Ortega finally whispers. “I thought we were friends. Allies.”

You snort. Friends? Allies? You don’t think you know what those words mean anymore. Perhaps you never did. “I thought we were more than that,” you say, and a small part of you smiles as he flinches at the words.

“It’s not too late,” he says hesitantly, reaching out as if to grasp you. As if to save you from the black tide that had been suffocating you ever since you were marked all those years ago.

A bitter laugh escapes your throat. “It is. It had been once they did this to me."

You turn away from him and wrap your arms around the scars. You sigh, suddenly feeling terribly exhausted. “Why?” you whisper as you scrub your face. Your eyes are wet. It must be the rain right? That must be it. You can’t be crying. “Back then… Why didn’t you look hard enough? Why didn’t you find me?”

He doesn’t have an answer to that. He knows that ‘sorry’ isn’t enough.

With the silence growing between you, you turn away and hop off the rooftop, running off into the night. You will yourself not to turn back.

But when you are sufficiently far away, you do.

He’s still standing there, frozen in the same place as he was when you left. As far away as you are, you know that the glistening upon his face is not just because of the rain.

And as much as you don’t want to admit it, you know that the expression on his face mirrors your own.


Yes, I do like going down on the angst path. tumblr_inline_p7g7t16Qtm1qj1p1l_540