WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 10 november (SPOILER WARNING!)



Hypothetical question, people.

The way this auction is going, if you have to choose between that thing you want, that thing Dr Mortum wants, and whatever crazyiness Ortega is probably going to drag you into, what would be your priorities?


your spoiler is acting up lol


I think you are understimating the Plumber .

Its peoples like him who could sniff the truth about our mc , and follow it all the way to the farm . Believe it or not…he could . He may not be impressive when it come to power or physic…

But if you recall , he is a ‘Detective’ like…thats more dangerous for someone like mc who ‘Secret and hiding’ is important for the long game they plan on playing .


put that in spoiler plz?

another hard question ? You peoples are full poweh tonight lol


Ahhh…choosing between ortega and dr.mortum gun!!!

Damn…forgive meh Ortega…but that gun is minemineminemine!

yeah I be going for dr mortum gun . then again…Ortega…sigh…I probably go for ortega…I mean my logic side say go do the job! but my heart say go for ortega…I’m weak…I listen to mah heart lol


It’s like this! :slight_smile:

[details=the summary] text here [/details]

will appear as

the summary

text here

I’m still thinking what my MC would do given those three options…


Not even going to consider the thing you need for yourself?


Am playing the herokiller soooo what thing do I want?

Personally I hope to get Ortega killed and a new upgrade to my armor from mortum though I’m going to have to kill Mortum soon because I can’t have the person who knows my weaknesses running around.


don’t play greedy characters much , and without informations…it shouldn’t even be a choice .


… did you get the spoiler scene?

It’s … not exactly about greed.


yeah I did…


wait…I though dr.mortum gun was the one who could help with…well the Big spoiler . Isn’t it ?


There’s a medical prototype with the ability to regenerate skin without scarring.

But I suppose your reaction does answer the question.


huh ? come again ? lol


I know @Cheion already answered you, but I’m just gonna drop a link to where all the other formatting commands are explained. :eyes:


Mortum’s gun and the ‘spoiler gun’ (I honestly can’t remember if it’s called anything in particular) are two separate items.
One is a teleportation/disintegration ray, the other one is medical/healing in nature, because it can heal skin without scarring.



damn…I must’ve missed it…

well damn…that still won’t make the decision any easier …because…


I’m a firm believer , that even if my mc get ride of the BIG spoiler…it won’t change much . The pain and misery will still be there . I mean sure its a step toward freedom…but there is no real guarantee that the BIG spoiler wouldnt grow back (see what I did there lol) , or that the mc get taken again and stumped with a new one…endless hell .

Hum…I gotta think about it more…I guess…but for now thats how I feel…


I know what you mean, if the MC succeeds in their plan, it’s not going to change the isolation/alienation they feel.

However, I also don’t think my MC is self-aware enough to know that. I mean…she’s romancing Ortega (twice, once as a puppet, once as herself) after pretending to be dead for god’s sake, my MC has zero self-control when it comes to her personal issues, lol.

She’s a hot mess and I love her, lol.



Probably also going for the spoiler treatment last, since I’m looking forward to a future (accidental or voluntary) reveal. Also, MC might one day make peace with her nature. I’m an optimist.

Still waffling between Ortega and Mortum though.


yeah self loathing isn’t easy to cure…

hatred isn’t easy to get ride of…

depression can become a home easely…

So yeah , I may pick that choice just to see it…but conflicted !! lol

and wait…you cheating on ortega with yourself ?? How dare Theee…LOL

teach me how to do it Sensei ! :smirk:


Ortega…of course…cose Ortega is life…:kissing_smiling_eyes:


Like, literally in the game? Or are you asking how I can handle that kind of angst? Because the answer to that second one is I have no self-control.

Also, please try not to double post so often? You can edit your last comment and add an @+the person’s screenname you’re trying to reply to. The system might assume all your quick comments are spam and not let them through if you do it too quickly. Plus, it eases up on the clutter for everyone. :slight_smile:


If this happens, I hope Herald pulls a YOU SHALL NOT PASS and steps protectively in front of the MC, while the MC is confusedly looking on and whispering “why do you care?”


On my canon playthrough Mortem is the current RO (of the puppet, MC has none), which slightly complicates things.

(Ortega just seem more ‘right’ as a best friend instead of an RO).