WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 10 november (SPOILER WARNING!)





We all know if it was herald who suspected sidestep was still alive he would never have stopped looking and brought the special directive down himself lol


I kinda want to kill Herald in my civilian identity just to see the look of confusion in his eyes.


Spoiler: and /spoiler


Sidestep: It was me! It was me all along! (laughs maniacally)


Just look down at him with a cold smirk and pull the trigger and walk away. Or worse give him the gun and brute Force his mind to make him put it to his own head. “You want a lesson here it is. There’s no such thing as Heroes” BLAM


Any ideas as to who the black man in the suit is?


An agent of the government who knows what we’re up to and wants to ensure we accomplish what “they” want us to do.


lets hope not…

beside I doubt it…

maybe they are related to hollow ground ?

I pulled this from the code:

#“Let me know if he returns,” I say, as I pull the information from her mind.

*if not(jakeremember = “no”)
The memory shows what she describe, there was indeed a solitary visitor, a tall, well-built, black man in an expensive suit. He didn’t say much, and Savannah seems to have decided that he was a representative of one of the many security firms that keeps hounding you for a contract. That would be nothing unusual, except that the man feels familiar. Where have you seen him?

It takes you a moment as you dig deeper, capturing his face as she looks up at him, freezing it in time. Jake. That was the name. You met him at Joes, with Dr. Mortum. He was working for Hollow Ground at the time.

@E_RedMark’s right!


well It was a wild guess on my part lol


[spoiler]still barely remember who is this Jake :stuck_out_tongue:

But hollow ground is the only one that would make sense so far , cose you pretty much playing on their turf…no matter the goal you choose .

Just wait till Ortega hear about it! LOL gonna be a field day! :rofl:


I don’t think I’ve even met him, woops!

By the way your spoiler tag is not blurred :stuck_out_tongue:


yeah I know…fixed it . Dunno why it does that sometimes…


You meet him if you accept the drink offer from Dr.mortum…


Isn’t Jake asian, though? At least as far as I remember. It’s been a while since I last played.


don’t remember…

maybe its a mistake ? its still just a demo…


Minor typos:
You can feel his mind as you teach out and push your will against his. The Handyman is

That’s when you catch one of her stay thoughts, the Rat-King nudging you that your target is approaching FAST.

Doesn’t women have better color sense or something?”

(Also, Locus and Mortum. And Ortega? Time for more conspiracy theories.)

The stat-setting page sets Ortega_relationship to ‘friend’, but the conversation in Ch.12 checks for ortega_relationship = “friends
the variables galamortum and galaortega are not set.

Still going through the options, but so happy to see MC on the warpath!


I feel like he found something out probably that there are probably billions of the MC slightly different variations freaking him out so much that he couldn’t go on…or maybe Ortega was so heartbroken if you go down the secretly liked yet afraid of taking the first step approach that she was near…let’s say “joining” the MC


So on the choice of three who would you choose?

I know it’s too much work but I imagine if you

Go kill Handyman you end up facing the United rangers being a team blah blah kinda boring.

If you go kill lady Argent- Steel gets the military involved and now you’ve become the enemy of soldiers the city is under martial law etc.

If you kill steel-lady Argent basically becomes like Baldur from God of War mixed with Goku and Vegeta pride and love of fighting trying to kill you even if she has to destroy the city to do it. The rangers fall and Martial Law is declared.

So who would you kill?


But I don’t think we will be able to kill them . At worst , we can take them out of the game with a promise for them to come back for more later .

Hum…well that depand though , on who which mc I’m playing . For exemple : the martyr mc , would go for Steel hoping to die…

A vengeful mc would go for Lady argent…for that whole ‘Tear your team before I get to you Steel’’ .

And a reckless don’t care mc…would go for the Plumber…hum…I mean handy man lol …

where handy man seem like the easy boring choice of all three . There is something about him that…well…I don’t think he will turn out to be boring at all . Maybe he is more with the governement then Steel is . That would be a shock , the one who look like nothing…perferct cover . Right ? or he could be with Hollow ground…or even the farm (or has tie to them , like an informant…keeping an eye on the outside on any of those who run away) .

As for steel , why would he call the military ? Does he even has pull left ? and why call for them when its something he need to handle on his own . The team is his responsability . I think (as much as I cant stand him) , I can still think…he would only call that ressources if its really necessary . I like to think he has pride…I can stump…:stuck_out_tongue:

As if you kill steel…why would lady argent go on a rampage over someone who is suspicious of her ? if anything…that would be her cue to strike on her own and do whatever she want…yet pretend to be part of the team to use the ressources that are avaible to her . Hell…she could work for hollow ground…I think they be the type to take on someone with a long leash .

So yeah , its kinda a hard choice and kinda dissapointed Herald wasn’t on the list . Cose he be the 1st to take out…since I see him as the weakest of all .


I really need to learn how to do summary anyway.

Lady Argent wouldn’t be rampaging because of sentiment . She’s a rabid dog and Steel Is her leash she’s snarling and snapping but only her boss is keeping her from going full on collateral damage is fun. If Steel died she could do whatever she wanted without impunity. That’s what I meant by rampage.

Steel seems so military it hurts and reminds me of the commander from saint’s row 3 as such I imagine military forces coming in to contain the threat.
Handyman got his ass trounced he might be an agent for someone but killing him would be like killing Fitz from Agent’s of Shield. Not really a big loss.