WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 10 november (SPOILER WARNING!)



@Unknown_Player I believe you get it by playing as a Sidestep who wants a better life . The scene appears sometime after your talk with Herald.


Eeeeeee!!! I got it! Omfg!!! It’s amazing!! squeals like a little girl getting a puppy


My character isn’t a thief but highly suicidal and angry and I never got it. I guess if you want to burn the world it doesn’t matter who you used to be.


Yup, what you have to do is want to a better life, any of the other motivations don’t get the scene.

I’m also not sure if it’s dependent on any career, because I always play as an anarchist and I still got it.


I’m just a herokiller, raging, suicidal, sadist :stuck_out_tongue:


I only found the revelation because my curious nature got better of me and I looked at the spoiler xD though I already had my suspicions
I assume for other players the spoiler will be revealed at some other point :thinking:


If your going to get down and dirty


I didn’t even realize it was a spoiler. I thought it was pretty spelled out during the warehouse heist in the first game.


Since we’re a regene what if our evil villainy isn’t actually our own but an outside force controlling us what if we’re not actually Sidestep. Conspiracy theories!


aHHHHHHHA it was such a joy to come back from a stressful week to this glorious update! My suspicions about the spoiler have been confirmed and I am wickedly pleased. And damn… orange barcodes… that really is rough, MC… at least black barcodes would have looked more badass and would pair better with clothing/hair colors :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s always fascinating to see how you build up the game layer by layer. All the pieces fit together so organically that I hardly even stopped to think about if what I was seeing was new content or not, since I was so wrapped up in the story and world.

That being said, now for the proofreading~!

I’m still getting some weirdness in the Steel talk. MC only said “going up?” in the elevator to Argent before staying with Herald, yet I’m still getting the following:

“Sorry” you say, just in case. You’re here to build bridges, not break them. “I’m not here to complain about Argent. In fact, I gave her a talk about teamwork earlier.”

Also, the whole Argent elevator conversation/confrontation is still odd - even though it’s possible to just talk with her without her attacking, it seems like the choke tag is always marked true at the beginning of *label atalk and only marked false if the MC actually physically dodges her grab. Otherwise the story still thinks MC got attacked, even if all Argent did was a take a somewhat threatening step before talking with MC for a bit.


I’d like to think this was what Sidestep was trying to break free from when they first became a hero. When they made the decision to escape, to forge the path and identity for themselves .

That said, my headcanon is that Sidestep resents how the Rangers never seemed to accept nor trust them and how they failed to find them and prevent what was done. This just builds up on their belief that if even heroes could fail so badly, there isn’t a point in being one anymore.

All in all… can poor Sidestep have a hug?


I thought sidestep got a kiss from Lady Argent in Book 2 , so i am happy :slight_smile:


Or We were the Android sent by Cyberlife to work with the Rangers as a Regene and because we got special strings pulled to get us on the team they never knew they had a mole in their midst


Or the Nanosurge thingy made him too well known especially with his extordinary abbilities since there must of been millions if not billions of those tiny things


That’s what I think! Personally I believe that after nanosurge the special directive got wind of sidestep being a telepath- they waited to make their move to allay suspicion and then they were the ones who engineered heartbreak to get sidestep back


Probably…plus it makes sense with it being including into the story


Indeed! It can also explain the high level of security clearance needed to find out what happened during HB, so much so that even the Rangers do not know the truth.

I really wonder what it was Steel found that made him stop looking for Sidestep…

So many questions. So much angst.
I like it.


I thought Steel who went looking for Sidestep?


oh yeah I love the drama lmao


Woops yes it was! Thanks! It’s too early here and my brain is still asleep :joy: