WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 10 november (SPOILER WARNING!)



We’ll know he didn’t see it coming :wink:


You could just open up his forehead and examine his brain while he is still alive … like that Silo did in the Hero series…:wink:


Just because I’m an omnicidal maniac doesn’t mean I’m a sadist. The fact I’m a sadist means I’m a sadist. Jots that idea in a notepad

But seriously I’m hoping in Fallen Hero 2 I can kill at least one of the rangers. Ideally two if the second death can be done so the last thing they see as they die is my unmasked face


Why we want to kill the Rangers? We are the good guys :slight_smile:


This update took my breath away lol


sees update
the god emperor says there be spoilers
doesn’t find spoiler
scrolls through here in search
finds it
squeal like a little girl activated

Edit: made some slight mistakes for the third time


You are evil!!! Stop your madness of killing or I shall reeeee with my bleeding heart of hurt ;~;


If I remember correctly we can’t kill/capture/make them switch sides until book 3. There was an ask about that recently…
Found it!


Love the new update, and I found a couple pronoun issues (which is fine to report). Since they are single sentences, I won’t spoiler/hide them. Heh, and plenty others caught the wrong name scene.

1st One:
“Thank you.” She collects himself, you can almost see her brain shifting back into focus.

That ‘himself’ should be ‘herself’ if Dr. Mortuum is female.

2nd One:
“There’s not that many uses for a disintegration ray,” you point out, hoping to poke his scientific pride to life.

After ‘poke’, change ‘his’ to ‘her’ since in this play Mortuum was female.

Possible Continuity Suggestions:
@theredwoman already mentioned the attack scene, and pointed out sometimes there is no physical attack. Assuming you are tracking it, I think you could put “threatened” in place of “attacked” and it would work fine.

I think I mentioned this earlier, but if not @qth definitely has about the telepath/Steel thing. Depending on the scene, some simple changes could work.

Steel 1:
With this text/choice:
I’m curious, try to browse his mind.

Huh. Not anger. You stare at the slowly filling cup, leaning into Steels mind behind you, finding suspicion, yes, but also regret. Mostly regret.

In this part, I think there should be some flavor text on what Steel thinks of the MC and their telepathy being ‘gone’, even if just disbelief. You already mention suspicion, but that was there before.

Steel 2:
“I am.” You look straight into his eyes and smile. “Are you afraid I’m going to read your mind?”

“I have assumed that you already are.”

If the MC says their powers are gone, I think there should be some text where the player might emphasize it is gone.

Steel 3: More text from Part 2:
“You can do a lot more than that.”

“I’m not Locus, I’m nowhere near Alpha level.” That’s a lie, but he doesn’t know that.

“You don’t have to be that powerful to be dangerous.”

This one I would really recommend something to be added/changed if you state you have no powers now.

There might be a few other areas, but these were the ones that stood out with Steel.


I still didn’t see any spoilers.


Errr… thanks my friend, but i think you mistaken me as the author of this great game :-):relaxed:

@malinryden ,… Lys had found some error and suggestion about your Fallen Hero :slight_smile:
Perhaps you could have a look…?


I’m wondering, will there be an opportunity sometime this chapter to have Doctor Mortum re-spec our supersuit’s features?


Awesome update.
My favourite part was trying to make Herald kill me. That would have broken the poor boy.

And I’m not sure what I did wrong, but for some reason I got the conversation with Mortum twice? As soon as the first romance-focused version of it was finished, another less romantic, more friendly version started. Not sure what I did to cause this, because I didn’t get that during my first playthrough, and the only thing I changed for the second was going for the spoiler. All other options should have been the same. It looks like this:

“Hopefully, but they are a little crazy.” It feels strange to work that angle, but it’s useful to be seen as unpredictable and dangerous.

“That’s true,” Dr. Mortum agrees, “but they still need what everybody else in this town needs.”


“And favors.”

“And you built their armor.”

“I did,” she says with a thin smile. “And there are a lot of other things that I can do, if they need motivation.”

“I’ll make sure to sweeten the pot if needed,” you say, returning the smile.

“I’m sure you will.” The kiss she pulls you into is is deep and passionate.

Over the last few months, you’ve spent a lot of time with Dr. Mortum. Talking shop at Joes over a drink turned to invitations to her lab, something you were quick to accept. It’s a fascinating place, and regardless of your feelings, you love getting the chance to explore, and even tinker. Unlike Ortega, Dr. Mortum seems satisfied to give you your space if you need to, and you have to say it’s a bit of a relief.

You can come and go as you like, and if the good doctor has time to be disturbed, she can usually be coaxed from her lab to her office, where the chairs are more comfortable, and you can have a drink without being undisturbed. Even though Andrew doesn’t have the same sweet tooth as you do, you always bring a few snacks with you as well. Some habits are hard to break, and peanuts go well with scotch.

“What are you thinking about?” You sip your drink, leaning back in the comfortable leather chair. You had been critiquing hero outfit design choices when Dr. Mortum suddenly fell silent, a not uncommon occurrence when her mind starts to wander.



Changed the name Mortum uses.
Lots of Mortum pronoun fixes
Fixed the Steel non-telepath scene
Fixed the repeating Mortum scene

I thought I had fixed the not being attacked by argent selection thingy, if you still get it and have played from the start (old saves might lack that flag), please screenshot or copy some text from where it happens so I can try to hunt down the issue!


I think I found another bug. In this scene, after selecting #Ran into a bit of unexpected trouble, the dialogue immediately starts from this part:

But the part I’ve boxed up in red in the code is missing:


A small continuity thing: in the first game Jake is described as Asian, but when we see him again through Savannah’s memory he’s mentioned to be black.


What is the big reveal? I played through it and didn’t see anything that revealing.


Just a slight pronoun error.


Chapter 14 Friendly Relationship with Mortum Puppet individuality below forty.

Seems like either they should be merged or you are calling two different relationship by same coding value

Details here @malinryden

*if puppetmortum_relationship = “flirting”
You don’t mind, you like to flirt, but you also like your privacy.
*if puppetmortum_relationship = “flirting”
Driven people are never easy to have a relationship with, but since you both have your own agendas there is an understanding there.
Unlike Ortega, Dr. Mortum seems satisfied to give you your space if you need to, and you have to say it’s a bit of a relief.


You find out that the mc isn’t human, but they’re a Regene (I think their kind is called a cukoo) you get it by playing a suicidal and theiving sidestep who wants a better life I think ?