WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 10 november (SPOILER WARNING!)



See’s end of demo has a mini heart attack due to needing more gimme more :joy:


you get the greyed option if you pick ‘‘we had a thing’’ .


Yeah I was surprised by that too. Did we as the puppet give Sidestep’s real name to Dr. Mortum?


Oh my god that update. I know a lot of people other than me also called the entire “Sidestep is a Re-Gene” thing but oh my god it’s actually confirmed. I’m a mix of amazed and horrified - and slightly tempted to double down on my “Re-Genes are otherwise normal people created by cloning and brainwashed into being soldiers from birth (with a side helping of failed Re-Genes might be used for organ harvesting)” theory.

Also, two slight bug reports. As someone else already mentioned, when you talk to Mortum as the puppet right at the end of the demo, in the line “It’s a rare occasion when he/she uses your real name”, it uses Sidestep’s name, not the puppet’s. This seems to happen only if you’re friends with them? Also, you can mention Argent attacking you to Ortega in his office, even if that didn’t happen. I talked her down (I think I chose the “why are you bullying Herald” option followed by “I used to be the new kid”, so there was no attack), but I still had the option to tell Ortega I had been attacked by her.


no it happen if you are their gf-bf…as well…



I chose that we had a thing and I still couldnt get that option and I chose the option where we kissed at the hospital and it was complicated. Still couldnt get the greyed out option with Ortega. Any ideas?



I chose “we had a thing” and was able to choose it. If you say you kissed at the hospital it’s greyed out because he already knows you want something more



Thank you!


Mortum using the.wromg name is.a bug!


Just reporting something that I noticed:

So while making my character,
I keep choosing the choices that would indicate my PC as no longer capable of telepathy. But during the scene in the Rangers HQ especially that conversation with Steel,
my PC admitted being a telepath. Well of course they know before that PC is of low level, but I always insist in the choices that the power was gone after the Heartbreak and that no one knew she was still one. So I find it weird when my PC said “I am”.



Found this when my puppet was playing in bed with Dr. Mortum.

Same conversation:

“We can handle guards,” he protests.
“Even Modded ones? You know they’re not going to have just regular joes guarding expensive things like that.” You sigh. "I’m good, but I’m not good."


So uhh during the heartbreak incident I don’t remember a suicide by gun option was that a new scene?



I got the achievement for that like the second time I played. It was always there. (You put your gun in your mouth, Ortega stops you but you get away from him and throw yourself through the window instead, if you’re wondering)


There’s a few options I don’t recognize from the character Creator like gambling at Jake’s and was pure rage ways an option because I remember always choosing revenge but now anger is there too


But the MC is a telepath, still is … that’s why MC can invade the mind of lady argent, and the reason ortega request our help… and the armour we build later is related to our telepathy power


I believe what @qth meant is, you can pretend that you aren’t a telepath anymore so the Rangers aren’t aware that you still are a telepath. I recall that in Book 1, you can choose not to invade Lady Argent’s mind on the pretense that you lost your telepathic abilities

Then inn the demo, there’s an option where we can choose #No, nobody knows I am still a telepath

So, if this MC wants to keep the fact that they still are a telepath a secret, they would likely not reply “I am” when Steel offhandedly states that they are a telepath. :slight_smile:


So it seems that there are multiple psychic forces at work. The same force that is in Lady Argent could be the same force that prevents Herald from dropping you even if you want. Like the Entire team is someone’s puppets. Meanwhile something else spurred you to attempt suicide by making him drop you. Unless of course the force was like “you should make him drop you to your death” and then you try “psych he’s my bitch”


Good point…

Seems like Steel is a more powerful telepath himself…Lol :-):grinning:, we might never know…


Once we take his head we’ll know.


Lol… i don’t think so, his brain won’t function after his head was decapitalised :slight_smile: