WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 10 november (SPOILER WARNING!)



Update September 10

  • Can now choose heartbreak scar.
  • Added content related to this and some prepwork for the next update (shrinktime!)
  • Potential big bloody reveal, so BEWARE BACKGROUND SPOILERS! One truth will be out there.
  • More content, about a third of a chapter. Dr. Mortum!

Current stats for 10 September:
Total words: 187690
Total with no code: 169924
Average Playthrough: 22500

I really can’t stress enough that from now you can’t keep playtesting and not risk be spoiled. I ask you to keep the truth about SIdestep to yourself and not talk about it outside the playtest thread. Seriously. Don’t.

Also, you as the reader might not learn the truth right now, it depends on your choices.


shit shit shit, i should be getting ready for classssssss but fuck I wanna read so bad.




I’ve gone through I think every iteration of it and I’m losing my godamn mind I can’t believe it.Oh my godddd


Oh my god I don’t want to just post a bunch of wig snatched gifs but…

Malin just now


Time to go adjust my head canons!


Oh god what a mood. I’m literally grinning like a fool while typing this, this update got me S H O O K.


Hiding in the bathroom at work like
thank you so much malin the doctor was needed today


Can someone help a bit with the choices needed to get the twist/grand reveal, just in a spoiler-free way? Kind of stumped on this one, though I’m doing my best at trying the different variables and outcomes!


small thing I would like to see. (hidden, as to not ruin the fun for those who just scroll by.)

maybe it is not possible because of lore, and sidesteps model has orange marks, but maybe we, as the player, could choose the color of the barcode-tattoo


I think I triggered it by MC being self-hating, and lowkey suicidal? I also had choice of being a robber and cautious, if that effected it at all.

You’ll definitely know it when you see it.


anyone remember…


the jack thing? I don’t remember who is that


I’m going to put it under spoiler blur just in case. This is just how to unlock the reveal, not what it is.

Play a Sidestep whose motivation is to get their life back - it shows up when you plan the heist against HG’s auction.

edit: @E_RedMark It’s Jake, and I think he was Hollow Ground’s guy who was gambling with Rosie in the bar that one time. He was fighting with some other goon who was losing, you had the option to break it up as your puppet and to do a little gambling of your own.


So that’s it. I knew it all along. Shouldn’t be a surprise everything considered


Ahhhhhh…now I remember! Thanx !


does it count if you don’t gamble ? My puppet went back to the Dr…I mean , the choice is ‘Something weird happen’’ …do you get that if you gamble ? damn…now I outta play book 1 again lol


Just out of curiousity, when exactly does “the reveal” happen? Cause I simply continued from my last save, which was around the elevator bit with Argent and onwards. Does it happen earlier?


No, after. If Sidestep’s motivation is to have a normal life, when you are planning the heist to rob Hollow Ground’s auction, Sidestep will think about a particular gadget they want, and why.


It happens after, need to have ‘normal life’ motivation. :slight_smile:


Isn’t Dr. Mortum supposed to say the puppet’s name here instead of MC’s? Because there’s no way he could know Cyrus’ name already.


if the blur doesn’t work…you can use ‘Hide details’ instead…


Is there a way to get the greyed out option with Ortega?