WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 10 november (SPOILER WARNING!)



thats Genius! Woo! Pweaaaaaaaaase! Lol


I was just joking with the story of Darth Plagueis when Sidious tells Anakin about it.
I find your lack of Star Wars disturbing @Eric_knight


Nothing more midochlorians won’t fix.


Oh i see i see… i thought it was the sidestep story … Lol :-):smiley:


Or! Or I have a better idea of joining here -V- since that’s obviously the best choice in all things


“My love is vengeance, that’s never free!”
In other words orteigra must die for the love they never cud have. After all she’s the greatest threat to my mc. Although I have always wondered if there might be a redemption arc maybe in book 3? I wonder if the mc might be unmasked in book 2? It would be so good to see orteigras reaction. Only to hopefully kill her after.

My mc suffers from paranoia like all mcs and hatred against the rangers. But unlike some mcs he in my case has no soft spot. And boy does he love the atensions . So redemption or going sidious on argent is out of the question .The rangers from his perspective abandoned him. So now he's coming to collect. Revenge is best served cold. I would love for the possibility to kill all of them over time. Especially that blond thing known as herald. With that annoying smile and that constantly annoying reminder of what could have been for my mc. Sorry herald fans but he needs to die, quickly, painfully and of core in front of the cameras. My mc is the one who deserves al that atension. And for that he must die!


I’m hoping for…a martyr route more personally . My mc…will show the truth…and their face…and if death is in the agenda…then I rather they die at the hand of Ortega then anyone else…

Maximum Angst! be still mah heart…


Orteigra would kill herself instead of killing them. All good for me. Hehe. But it would also be cool to have the whole I’ll be back again theme if you lose to them. But going vader style martyr is to good. In my opinion. I prefer to embrace the dark side and kill them all. It fits better with the whole paranoia and sense of loss that all mcs go trough.


I am back. For those who love Herald. Shield your eyes.


A sigh escapes my lips as soon as i hear his cape fluttering. I hate this guy.

“Sidestep, i’m here to stop you from hurting innocents and slandering the name of a beloved hero!”

I chuckle at his little outburst, a sound made terrifying by the distortion of my voice. The poster boy of the team. Everything i couldn’t be, everything that makes me despise the current generation of heroes.

“Ahhh, Herald. Have you finally come to die by my hands just like Charge did?”

I wince at my own words. It’s all so surreal, i actually killed Ortega. …No. I can’t think about this now; Herald is just a glorified fan boy, he should be the easiest one for me to kill. Time to cut him down to size.

“Don’t you dare speak about her like that!!”

I can practically feel his anger, his mind is open to me; Filled with nothing but rage and sorrow. Ortega died and here he is thinking about me, his hero; How i failed him and let his friend die. Too bad. She died and so will he.

“I’ll kill you before you can hurt anyone else!”

That’s it. I snap. I active my boosters and send him careening through a nearby building with a shoulder check. I’m not done with him. I follow the carnage to the crater he is in and grab his leg; a shortlived victory as he kicks my mask, sending me stumbling backward. Shit. That hurt. He launches himself at me, true to my name i sidestep his attack, grab his cape and slam him back into the ground.

Here he is. The loved hero being beaten by the feared villain. A nice story isn’t it? The only problem is that the heroes always win, not this time. I grab his leg once again and throw him through the roof, chasing after him with my boosters. As soon as i set foot onto the roof, i feel something slam into me causing alarms to go off in my armor.

“I won’t lose to you. This won’t be like last time.”

Such resolve but so little backing it up. My telepathic abilities do so much for me as i nudge his anger to an explosive level. He screams in rage and flies straight at me, it takes nothing for me to slam my fists onto his head, sending him back down to the ground. it doesn’t last for long as he flies straight back up at me, i dodge and hitch a ride into the sky. Activating my boosters, i lauch off of him but not before he lands a teeth rattling punch on my mask.

The look on his face was enough to tell me. Shit. It broke again. He bursts away from me, toward Steel i assume. But you aren’t getting away from me, Herald. I chase after him, my boosters pushed to their limit as i catch up to him, i descend and bring him down onto the rooftop of the same building he brought me to before. I grab his face and slam his head down repeatedly. I ignore his sputtering and his ragged coughs, i grab his leg and i crush it. His screams pierce the silence of the day.

“You shouldn’t have come alone, hero. If Ortega didn’t stand a chance against me, what made you think you could survive?”


My gloves covers his mouth. I don’t need to hear this. Not from Mr. Perfect. Not from anyone. He needs to stay quiet for once. I look at the nanovores. I had Mortem readjust their abilities again so that no heroes would be a problem. Ortega was too good to die like this but Herald…
I release the nanivores onto Herald’s leg and watch as they get to work. Herald’s screams get louder as they continue their rampage.

“AGHHHHHHHH. P-please, Cyrus. STOP.”

“Stop? Those are your last words? It’s too late for that now. You should’ve stayed down, let Steel or Argent do the work. Now you’ll die in a way befitting your idolization, by the hand of your hero and some of the memories from his past.”


I don’t let him get another word out. I just hold his mouth closed until the nanovores finish their job. By the end, it was like Herald was never there. Two down. Two to go.

“H-herald…Ca-…Can you hear me? HERALD!”

Huh. Guess he wasn’t as alone as i thought.

I pick up the microphone.

“Herald won’t be hearing you again.”

And i crush it.


I wish he would die without the blahblah lol I’m like…crush his head and be done with it :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh your god i almost feel bad for him

Why? Why do you insist on doing this?


but twas such angsty ride.


I respond to the masses. Herald was next… Now who shall die after him


Lady argent…

I rather see Steel for last…muahahahaha…watch ya whole team die…and being helpless to stop mc…muahahahahah…

uh…that :stuck_out_tongue:




Will you do mine next? I’m a fan of corrupting Argent so having her kill Herald or Ortega would be awesome. Especially Ortega and ESPECIALLY if she finds out you are Sidestep


Why are u guys so mean


That was so good. Now did you do one for steel ?


@Beaterxys love your fics! Kill Steel next,… save Argent, the best, for last :smirk:


Please no more! My precious heart bleeds…stup