WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 10 november (SPOILER WARNING!)



There is also the fact that, in being limited by morals and emotions, such an MC will likely not be able to being themselves to be too cruel or merciless. Though this MC can’t cross such lines, other villains may not necessarily be. It won’t be much of a surprise that their villainous career will fall far short of these villains.


Ortega has been trying for the entirety of the first book. You can only string a person along for so long. One second you’re kissing Ortega and the next you’re pushing them away. Unless Ortega is a typical anime protagonist, I think finding out you’re a villian will push Ortega over the edge.


Let me dream a little…:smirk:


I’m dreaming for the same thing, mate.


…and some do it because they want to watch the world burn…

Side note: Anyone looking forward to seducing Lady Argent “Sidious-style”?
Would love to have her kill Herald or Dr. Mortum


That’s the main thing I’m looking forward to. Sowing the seeds of discord is on my agenda. Plus I always go for her type. We’d be unstoppable together.


“Tell me, have you heard the tragedy of Sidestep?
I thought not. It’s not a story that the Rangers would tell.”


Oh fuck no, I don’t trust Argent. I’m killing her as soon as I have an option. I’m going for Herald. Gonna seduce him to my side. Take their precious sunshine boy and have him on my beck and call… Maybe have him as my snitch for a while.


“Is it possible to learn this power?”

“Not from a Ranger.”


@MichaelCrank @HeroBoots
“Unlimited power!!!”


“It was told that he could read other people’s minds, turns out that in the end, he couldn’t protect his own mind. Isn’t it ironic? He was killed by another powerful telepath. A tragic fate indeed.”


Comes Unlimited Responsibility

Errrr??? I think he/she actually protect the mind , it was just that there was a chink in the mind armour, and Sidestep wasn’t killed :slight_smile: I wouldn’t think it was tragic, because in the end his/her power had been enhanced , and doing Great things now… not to mention meeting Lady Argent too …


My poor Ortega, people always writing about how thy gonna kill her


pfff won’t let that happen…Ortega is life! :kissing_heart:


Well, duh. Ortega is dangerous to us. They care too much about MC and won’t leave them no matter what. You either kill them or make them switch sides, there is no in-betweens. And I personally love some good ol’ angst and drama so ¯_(ツ)_/¯


This whole game is about in between’s. You play a walking moral grey area. There are always a lot more options than you think.


I am but a humble sadist. I can type more for each ranger.


Ohhhhhhh do one for Herald…he is the one I’m itching to kill !


Tbh. Writing Ortega dying almost put me to tears. Herald and his obvious idolization of the MC will be sad to write.


Oh Oh! Do one with you convincing Lady A to kill Herald :smile::smile: