WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 10 november (SPOILER WARNING!)



hey want some Herald doodles (and Eden and edgy Jed)
my tablet died and i’m stuck with traditional for now :disappointed: aaaand also i’m trying to bribe Malin to write some poly route for Herald and Ortega bc i can’t decide between those two so






Am I the only one who wondering if their is a super hero who is comparable to superman in this story like bring so powerful it is almost unbelievable.


I didn’t play the last update but from what i know Marshall Steel is said to be quite powerful if I remember correctly and Lady Argcontactually is, but no they aren’t on the level you’re saying. But if it happens well we have nanovore that could be reprogramate to actually eat their flesh even if that weapon would be a bit much to control and asking for a disaster to happen


Steel is damn near 100 percent technology. Considering the technology eating equipment we stole in the prologue. I doubt he’ll be a threat.


Really ? Damn I really nees to re-read it, i remember him using a technological armor to lessen the effect of telepathy but i didn’t remember where it is said that he rely mostly on those kind of thing


After this demo, I despair at the thought that a long wait is still needed to see this series to the end.

That said, I will patiently wait for the day my MC can have a happy ending with Ortega. :3


Yeah it will take time for this series to reach the end but I like that only really well made story can go through more than 2 or 3 books
And yeah my MC wish that too but he like being a villain so he feel torn inside to have to hurt her to achieve his goals


I’ll just leave this here. Ortega finding out the MCs secret. The worst scenario of my own creation. (Id like it if you guys gave me your opinions on it)


“…Shit”. That’s all i could say when my mask breaks against Ortega’s assault. All the memories of us come surging back as i realize that its all going to end. She knows too much now…doesn’t she?

I’m brought back to reality when i hear her calling out to me; Her usual brash, cheery tone gone. I’ve never felt so vulnerable, atleast not after escaping The Farm. My mask is gone, my lives are merging, I’m not Sidestep anymore; I’m neither a villain or a hero, right now i’m just…Cyrus.

“Cyrus? I-it can’t be.”

She sounds heartbroken, i don’t blame her; If our roles were reversed i’d feel the same. The person you love is also the person who has been endangering the lives of innocents, this person used to be a hero, a friend, a confidant, someone you could count on…right, Ortega?

Steel will be on his way soon, no doubt he already knew where she was headed. If it were him who broke my mask, If it were him to pause at seeing me…I would’ve taken him down then and there. …Shit, i can’t afford to waste time any longer, i may have won before but i can’t take the risk of Ortega revealing who I am.
I take my usual stance, Ortega breaking out of her stupor once she sees me move, she knows my moves just as well as I know hers, my telepathy doesn’t work on her, surprise attacks will have to do.

Her eyes widen when she sees the look on my face, partners for years, she knows this face is the one i make when i’m planning on how to handle our adversaries.

“Snap out of it Ortega, I want you at your best for this.”

I practically growl at her. I need to keep control of myself and the situation, one step ahead like always.

“Cyrus, please. You don’t need to do this. W-we can wait on Steel. Talk this out.”

What little she knows. I do need to do this. The Marshals are the only.obstacle between me and finding the whole truth. Like she knows what really goes on behind their backs, what the world is hiding, if i need to go through her to reveal the truth…I will. I need to toss Cyrus aside. Ortega is also an obstacle, if she goes Cyrus goes.

It’s just that simple. …Isn’t it?

“Cyrus, you can come back from this. Still be a hero.”

I stare at her, emotionless. She can’t be serious, she is about to die and she is still trying to save me. I feel a low guttural chuckle escape from my mouth. Morbid, I know. I’m going to kill my best friend and all i could do is laugh.


I feel a brush against my mind. Steel. I can’t let him catch me nor can i let Ortega tell him. I activate the boosters on my suit, removing their limiters. One bash, that’s all it would take. I won’t feel a thing from this. But that’s not true, is it? I won’t forget this, never.

I see the tears in her eyes as i fly closer to her. The surprise, the fear, the understanding that this was the end and there would be no going back.

Maximum speed, here we go.

I wake up gasping for breath, a sharp smell reaches my nose as i realize that i’m sleeping in my own vomit. That dream, it was so real. I gaze over at my armor and notice the broken mask and all the blood on the chestplate. I can’t breathe. I rush to the bathroom and notice the crimson tone in my hair, nausea overtakes me and i throw up again. I run out the bathroom, hands shaking.

I finally notice the light from the television. Marshal Charge, Dead; is plastered on every channel.

I did it. I did it. Ortega is dead now. Shit, Shit, Shit. I wanted her to stop me, didn’t I?! How could I?!

I could hear her saying my name. Her kind voice uttering that single word that meant nothing to me when anyone else said it but meant the world when she did. What was it again.

My name.

…What was it again?.



Ortegaaaaaaaaaaaaa! :kissing_heart:

Seriously dont scare peoples like that! lol


… my heart just broke. I imagine the MC would never, ever forgive themselves if that ever happens.

Now excuse me while I go off to cry some more :sob:


You… you monster

I like it.


I still have hopes for a scene where Ortega is romancing puppet and the villain is revealed as MC, and MC ‘kidnaps’ puppet and forces Ortega to choose until they break into hysterical laughter.


(someone get sidestep help pls)


Shit…still, “To make an omelette” am I right?


Noooooooooooooo!!! You shall not kill my Ortega! I demand that deleted for my poor feelings hurts (jk it’s fucking amazing)


Ohhh so I’m not the only one killing Ortega if they find out first! Cool cool. :ok_hand::ok_hand:
No one must know.


This is why rebirth is my favorite cog. Some people are willing to do more evil deeds to survive, while others will be held back by emotions or morals. I feel those who can’t go through with being full on evil, should see the end of their villian career sooner than others.


what ? why ?


The perfect example is if Ortega finds out your true persona. Do you think someone as righteous as them would not try to stop you? They’ll definitely reveal it to the rangers as well.


You be surprised . Ortega can keep it to herself , especially since she know Steel better then anyone and know he wont listen to her…if she try to go for ‘‘try to change mc mind’’ .

So no , I think Ortega can keep it to themself . Again , depand what you pick for how Ortega feel about the mc . If you pick ‘Ortega is ennemy to mc’’ …that may change something . Not sure…but I like to think Ortega would at least try . The history between Ortega and MC…isn’t something that will go away just cose the mc show themself to be a vilain .