WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 10 november (SPOILER WARNING!)




Can someone explain to me what you mean by “romantic feelings like Samara” because I’m not sure what you’re talking about (and I’ve played Mass Effect).

Do you mean unrequited feelings? Because I love unrequited feelings in fiction.

Mmyes, tell me that Chen has liked our MC all along but never did anything because he considers Ortega a friend and also because of the trust thing (kind of like a fucked up Batman/Catwoman thing) but mostly because they know Ortega has always had feelings for the MC and Chen would never swoop in like that against a friend, and maybe that’s why Chen had been extra mean to the MC this whole time, because what if he’s trying to keep them at arm’s length so he’s never tempted…?
Mmmmmfuckyes I want this desperately.



Yes unrequited like “In another life it could have been…but hold me in this moment”. As much as I don’t want them to suffer…MC and Ortega and Steel need like a break in life… But Fudge! I want this TROUBLE! Unrequited feelings canon for the win. haha.
I feel I need to share this song. It fits somehow with this story.


I didn’t know Samara since I haven’t played Mass Effect. :joy: Should have remove the Samara part in the quote. My headcanon would be that Steel thought my MC have feelings for Ortega and go through the things in what @impeccably-stressed said but when Book 3 rolls around, he was mistaken, my MC has a crush with Steel ever since she met him.


OH MY GOD YESSSS THAT’S MY HEADCANON TOO I LOVE IT SO MUCH T.T I’m a sucker for that kind of stuff ahhh.


This pretty much sums up how I view the Steel-MC dynamic evolving - it is so much more fun being Catwoman.


There is a de Vega (from Choice of Romance) feeling to this now. bwahahaha.


I also agree but my version is extremely cold and altered. He is a stupid untamed puppy who pisses on everything and acts all cute when he takes a shit (he messes up) and everybody forgives him because they think he is so damn adorable and everyone cleans it all up for him gives him a treat and a pat on the head. I feel it’s not fair he gets so lucky and I feel he has never actually earned anything
( Sorry herald lovers ) and he is so damn lucky the MC actually has to work SO hard to achieve his mission because he is not as privileged as herald. I feel like his luck is just too much and I wanna wipe that stupid winning smile of his face and be the one time he didn’t get lucky.

Sorry for the rambling. I just hate herald. Like a lot.
Just my stupid opinion I feel bad in the (probably) minority of herald haters vs herald lovers.


Gosh i love all the updates abt Steel and Herald’s interactions. Will there be any sex-related scenes or something?


This may have already been pointed out, but if not:
There is a pronoun problem with one section. It occurs if you are in a romance with Dr. Mortum, but didn’t sleep with them.

Here is a mass of text at the start. This part is fine:
“I can’t believe that.” You can’t help but smile because the notion of Dr. Mortum not being able to read people is a bit ridiculous. Then again, the way she reacted when she thought you had ties to the Special Directive is telling. She has been betrayed before.

The next line, which you click to go to the next screen, has a male pronoun when in this playthrough Dr. Mortum is female:
One day you’ll ask him about that…


Me:Wow my MC is really starting to open u-
My mind: Ruin all of the relationships.
My mind: Do it for the plot.


My poor Mc, I have her split 4 different ways. She wants revenge, but she likes being around Ortega again. Then there’s her puppet that gives back her confidence she once had; and the lines are blurring between her and the puppet. On of that, she can’t get out of the mental shadow of Sidestep (Herald is a good guy, but fuck him for bringing that up).


Damn. This demo makes me want more lol


I think there is another pronoun mismatch. The lines are between the MC and Ortega. The problem lies in the second one. Where it is ‘man’, that should be woman since the MC is female in the playthrough.
“That’s fatalistic.”
“Says the man that was talking about how age gets to us all.”
“This haven’t changed, though.”


Mc: 9f19daa464029cd55f194608c4c1591f--simpsons-quotes-los-simpsons


Im still a little confused as to how you get the Ortega “I know how she wants more” option is it still in progress?


It shouldn’t be…? You can’t kiss them in hospital if I remember correctly? Or just be friends and have crush on Ortega but never told them or something like that? One of those I think? I might be wrong tho, I don’t remember perfectly I’ve done this path like once maybe.


if you pick 'We kissed in the hospital ’ then you should get the option ‘we kissed , there is no turning back’ .

If you pick ’ we had a thing’ , then you get the option of 'she want more or maybe I do too ’ . That will initiate the romance flashback with her .


Just finished the first game, and it was fantastic excited for the future of this series.


By “romance flashback” what do you mean? I tried everything, but it’s always just kissing. Can we actually have had intercourse or something?


well that ‘kissing’ is the flashback . The whole thing (notice how the text form change)…is a flashback .

No , the sequel is still a WIP . so in the demo…thats all you get with Ortega .

But hopefully…we get something once its released :stuck_out_tongue: