(WIP) Era of the Archdemons (Epic/Lovecraftian fantasy) CHAPTER 3 UPDATED 4/16/24

Behold my first IF.

The 3 archdemons are the first of their kind. That offers unique struggles as they face the unknown & the forbidden. And you are one of them. Asmodeus, of Order & Chaos. The kingdom of Sol houses an unknowable terror that only your kind can see. From your sister Abaddon’s century long journey in purgatory, the unknown was brought to bear. That revelation brought into question reality itself.

This is their burden, fore they are the only ones who are able know the silent end.

  • Customize your mortal form

  • Change the kingdom Sol for the better or worse

  • 4 different romances

  • Utilize your weapon or magic to greater efficiency

  • Companion development

  • Unique Synergy battles

  • Revive the 7 archdemons of old or use the fragments to empower yourself

Primordial forces in the shadows have begun to step into the light. Can you stop it as a mortal?


Isa: Wielder of the God Seed
Isa is a figure of great power and majesty though you’d be hard pressed to see it. She is the embodiment of a legacy as the scion of the first elf & goddess of magic; Eve. Her inheritance, the god seed, indicates an immense potential for change and power that could manifest in countless ways, linking her to the mystical and the divine.

Her role as princess & potential ruler within the Sol Kingdom is evidently one of significance, and it seems she carries not just the weight of her bloodline but also the responsibility of her kingdom’s prosperity and magical heritage.

Isa’s relationship with Jin is multifaceted and deep, marked by trust and a bond that transcends simple friendship to encompass elements of family and absolute reliance. Together, they stand as guardians against chaos, with Isa wielding powers that perhaps even she has yet to fully understand or control.

Jin: The Strongest Oathbreaker
Jin is someone who has been exciled from the divine but still upholds a form of justice, albeit darker and more ambiguous than his former paladin ways. With his oath-breaking background, the harnessing of dark magical and demonic power, and his sporadic alliance with Isa’s royal family, Jin is anything but simple.

Balancing his time between conducting exorcisms, taking on side jobs, and dealing with supernatural threats under Isa’s leadership, He keeps busy to ensure darkness can do better than the divine. His abilities to handle situations beyond the reach of normal warriors and mages set him apart as a formidable figure in the world of Eden. Whether seen as a fallen hero or a necessary darkness, Jin’s journey has no end.

Ariel: The Angel of Proclivity (Hidden Power)
Ariel’s path diverges from the traditional angel, marked by rebellion similar to that of Lucifer but with a distinct trajectory. Cast into a prison realm to suffer and contemplate amid the remnants of her kin, Ariel’s isolation has forged her into something more than what she was—an angel without grace, yet potentially more powerful than the highest of her former kind.

Her severance from grace symbolizes a profound self-reliance and reinvention. Ariel’s strength, which surpasses even the seraphim, speaks to the potency of her will and the depth of her latent power.
The appearance of the mysterious child, with his sun-like eyes, opens the next chapter in Ariel’s journey. This enigmatic figure, capable of reaching her in her solitude, presents her with a task—its nature and his reasons shrouded in secrecy. Ariel’s selection for this quest suggests her unique capabilities and the pivotal role she is yet to play, hinting at further depths to her evolving character as not just an angel but perhaps something more.

Theo: Alchemic Assassin
Theo is a member of the beastmen subrace known as Burrs. He was born in the Bo kingdom & sold to slavery as a baby. He became a valuable slave primarily due to his alter ego. A rare condition only Burrs have.

An appearance which Theo himself is afraid of. A beastly monster that feels no pain & bleeds acidic poison. Reth, he calls it. This got the attention of a spymaster, Zerek. He bought Theo to turn him into a special assassin for the secretive organization Syn, which wields death as a tool to balance the world. During this, Theo met Sia, a technomatic assassin in training.

Theo’s relationship with Sia under the tutelage of Zerek, forged them to be a formidable duo that tackles the most intricate of covert missions.



I like it :ok_hand:


Pretty good for an unfinished prologue. The writing is enjoyable and pace feels good so far for a prologue at least. But not much to go on, but that said the genre, concept and what you have here so far, have definitely captivated my attention. So I’ll be watching how this story fares.

SIDE Note: You might want watch out for whole page encompassing paragraphs. Because they can be a bit jarring. Saw a few typos nothing major, pretty normal demo stuff. Also this line repeats. Plus this scene is the one with all encompassing paragraph. So 2 or 3 spacing out would be good.

Otherwise great work, and looking forward to more demon backgrounds.


Very promising! Can’t wait to see all the arcdemons explored in depth


@Sylents, The idea is ambitious and intreguing I like it. The prologue is very good and I don’t see any bugs. I wil watching this. I very like it the story and the stile. I can’t talk about mechanichs yet. Keep going.


Time to enjoy :wink: :smiling_imp:


If all the Arcdemons got into a fight who would come out on top? I’m guessing the Arcdemon of war :skull:


pretty well done, excited to see where this goes

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Loved the prologue, a bit much to chew. But since it’s a prologue I believe it shall be forgiven. On that note of the prologue loved the unique twist of 4th wall breaking.

Saw some typos, here and there but nothing Super major. Otherwise I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes. Bookmarked and put on watch. Keep up the great work, but be sure not to burn yourself out too.


Ah gotcha :ok_hand:


Welcome to the reset.


looks good but sadly a bit to short to say much about , keeping a eye on it waiting for more like the idea tough


So Vergil’s katana?

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The weapons were conjured from extraordinary individuals. So yes.


This definitely has great potential will be keeping an eye on this!

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Must finish this this has the makings of one of the best wips I ever played or seen


So an update…

Chapter 2 part 1 will introduce Ariel & entail completing the initial mission alongside Isa & Jin with killing a sea serpent.

Chapter 2 part 2 will essentially be a long fight between Ariel & either Isa or you based on a misunderstanding. (Subject to change)

Chapter 3 will introduce the last companion. A shorter chapter than the rest.

Chapter 4 will be the longest. It’s the “explore” chapter. This is where the romance & character arcs begin.

Chapter 5 & beyond is the main plot. That’s right. You haven’t even gotten to the main story yet. LMAO


I don’t know what’s happening

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This feels like it was written by an AI. My advice would be to not rely to much on already existing concept. Make your own and make those that already exist as a stepping stone instead of copying them.

Enjoying it so far.

Stopped by an error:

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The only thing AI about it are the pictures